Thursday, November 30, 2006

and she went blah blah blah, pause, blah blah blah...

I must warn u...this post may not make much sense.

It's 1:37 am. i should be asleep and dreaming right now, part 2 of last night's dream would be nice... i hate incomplete dreams, they suck!
i made pineapple souffle! it didn't come out great though... not sweet enough. so my friend is visiting from india. I'm super excited...the whole going to the airport to pick up your friend coming all the way from India. It's been so long since i talked to one of u guys and ended the conversation with k, ill see ya tomorrow then... but i got to do it today with A :)
So u guys must've heard that Dada's back in the team. If we were in Bangalore we would've gone out to hanging out in Airlines for some 3 hours straight...ooh ooh it's Pri's first month blogging anniversary! yayyyyy!!! its sorta weird though... i guess i'm not sure yet how honest i want to be... its not the safest place u know...but i think ill get first i was very concerned with how i sounded. u know there are all these people with their super smart blogs with discussions on politics and technology and ooh i dunno poverty elimination...i feel like i sound like a twelve year old! i do, don't i?
so my mum leaves for India tomorrow...for two months!!! so it's going to be just me, all alone...well after my friend leaves and my aunt and uncle tolg...
i'm going to pretend its my penthouse apartment in New York.
its almost December. i cant believe this year is over. i know we say this every year but honestly this year just flew by. i don't think i liked it very much to be honest. i think i was less confused about wgat i wanted to do at the beginning of the year.
i wish i was still 17
i haven't heard from C in a while. i hope she's okay. i guess i could call her.. she'd be at work right now though.
so anyway wats with them naming vvs vice captain? i mean till dravid got injured he wasn't even in the team...
did ull like my pic of vvs? big enough for u? heeeeeeeeeeee yes yes wat can i say. the man is hot!
i went shopping for a gift for my dad today. bought him some Burberry perfume. is it okay to say perfume if its for a guy?
i'm in a weird mood right now. can u tell?
i know its time i should go to bed when my contact lenses start behaving like they're behaving right now.
so we lost again today huh? ndtv says its an improvement though.. only by 80 runs or was it 70? wat have we come to?

Dada's back!!! Vvs vice captain???

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh thank God!

I don't get why this man isn't a permanent member in the Indian team. I feel the exact same way about Kumble. The excuse given is that their fielding isn't up to the mark but honestly they more than make up for it with what they do best: batting and bowling. Vvs is my favourite batsman and Kumble my favourite bowler so yes my opinion is highly biased but honestly not letting Vvs bat deprives everyone of one of the most beautiful sights in World cricket. For India's sake i hope he makes full use of this opportunity and gets into the World cup team. A month ago i was thrilled when i heard the news of Kumble and Zak making a come back and they've both done pretty well so far, now all we need is Dada. I know were playing terribly at the moment but get the right team together and we'll make it work in the West Indies.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I hate...(List #1)

I hate people who say the obvious, I’d rather u stay silent than say something so bloody obvious.
I hate diet talk, people who have nothing else to talk about than the latest diet they’re on...especially when it doesn't quite look like it’s been working on them.
I hate fake accents. I realise after living in a place for a while you can’t help but pick up some sort of an accent, but the really fake ones are obvious. So don’t do it. You sound incredibly stupid.
I hate it when my computer automatically changes my s’s to z’s. It’s not my fault if you’ve been programmed to spell wrong.
I hate it when it looks all sunny and you walk out and it’s freezing cold.
I hate public displays of affection. I know I sound like the Shiv Sena but honestly is it really necessary to make out when you’re waiting in line at the post office? And I’m not talking about the quick hug or peck on the cheek no no, I’m talking about the excessive rubbing and kissing complete with sound effects.
I hate desi wives who affectionately call their husbands ‘honey jaan’. WTF?
I hate the guy at the Indian store who feels it is his duty to inform me of the latest Himesh Reshamiya album. “Madame, Killer, Gangster, Murder… verrry nice. Mast songs”
I hate people who mispronounce ‘career’… “I’ve heard it’s a good ‘curry er’ option.” Ughh!!!
I hate people who ask you a question and then give you options to choose from. What is this? KBC? "So did you have a good thanksgiving? Cooked a big meal huh? Had lots of people over? or did you go to someones place? Oh wait, do you even celebrate Thanksgiving? They don't celebrate it in India do they?" Why do people assume it's one of the above? I mean maybe i celebrated Thanksgiving at the roadside dumpster, or maybe i ordered a pizza and watched tv at home, maybe i fasted and meditated all day. Maybe i'm vegetarian and i think killing turkeys is a horrible thing to do. Those weren't on the list! I mean how do you have a conversation with such people?
I hate people who smell. You don’t have to take a bath if you don’t want to but do something about that smell. It’s unfair to the rest of us… especially the ones with super sensitive noses.
I hate Greg Chappell [just thought I’d throw that one in there]
I hate it when people ask me what I’m gonna do with my degree. What makes you think I know?
I hate people with the over sized sun glasses. If it covers more than 60% of your face or makes you look like a mosquito, or both, don’t do it. This does not mean you should go with the really dark just enough to cover your eye ball look either. If you have terrible taste get someone else's opinion, and no don’t ask your ‘honey jaan’.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This guy said it best...

Random childhood memories...

Being pushed into a six foot well by a 6 year old… a strong six year old. Pri was 10 at the time. Pri’s dad rushed out when he heard the splash and saved drowning Pri...followed by a tight slap. After which Pri bawled and complained to mummy that daddy had hit her. She didn’t jump in voluntarily you know…Dad felt bad later and took Pri shopping which delighted Pri!

The bee stinging episode… I was at this picnic with a bunch of old people at Tippagondanahalli. Suddenly were surrounded by bees. This one old lady gets stung and later throws up and out come a couple of her teeth… or so I heard. I didn’t actually witness this thankfully.

Boy comes to ‘see’ akka for marriage purposes. Kids giggling: “Do you like him ka?”
Akka: “um He’s a little fat no? But otherwise ok.”

Being dragged to random parties with mum and dad, parties I hated going to and being made to sing songs for the aunty/uncles present who would applaud and pinch my cheeks as soon as I was done. I was the annoying kid asking the silly riddles. “Uncle, Constantinople is a very big word. Can you spell it?” and of course silly uncle pretending to not know the joke makes fake attempt to misspell the word which amuses Pri, “Nooooooooooo, it’s spelled I T, it, you know cause I asked you if you could spell it? Heeeeeeeeeeee”
Pri now feeling super smart: “Uncle what is black and white and red all over?”
Uncle:”um a zebra with chicken pox?”
Pri in peals of laughter “Nooooooooooooooo, a newspaper. (Read all over, not red all over)

Yeah that was me. I don’t know how my parents didn’t throw me in front of a train or something!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why isn't she married yet? Poor girl. Something must be wrong with her!

So I was reading this post on someone’s blog today and it got me thinking...why is marriage the highlight of people's lives? Most women tend to think of their lives in two parts: 'before marriage' and 'after marriage'. I've heard the "before marriage I used to care about how I look, after marriage things change" line so often. Why? I mean I realise there is all this pressure to be married but honestly I don't understand why it's the freaking highlight of people's lives. If you look at the lives of most Indian people part 1 of their life is dedicated to getting an education not necessarily to work and support oneself but to also get good 'offers' for marriage. I cringe every time I hear this word and I hear it a lot...from my own friends...girls I grew up with, went to school/college with. When I think about it though, my family isn't very different. I mean my dad expects me to be married in about two or three years. He doesn't talk about it a lot but when the topic comes up I laugh it off and say "Pa you have to wait another ten fifteen years." He of course thinks I'm joking. I mean after all which Indian girl is single at 38 right? But what's wrong if I'm 38 when I finally decide to get married? Oh well the question of children comes up. How will you have kids at such an age? Um hello there are tons of different ways to have kids at any age. Are you actually suggesting I marry the next qualified dad approved candidate just so I can contribute to the world's population? And so what if I don't get married? The world's not going to end. Yeah society will talk. Who gives a flying eff what some random uncle/aunty thinks? This doesn't mean I don't want to ever be married. I think it's great if you marry for the right reason. If you are lucky enough to find the right person (who you love and who loves you) to spend your life with then that's fantabulous but making this the sole reason for your existence is pretty lame. And why do you have to change everything after this 'marriage' has taken place. Yes you now live in a different place and with a different person but you don't have to change everything. I mean you just live together now. And yes you go places together and do stuff together. But do you have to do everything together? Yes sacrifices have to be made but not life altering sacrifices especially when it's often the women doing the sacrificing. You suddenly see this smart girl who worked really hard to get all her degrees (Because we Indians like our degrees, don’t we? The more you have the better) and make a decent career suddenly give it all up to stay home and raise little Guddu, Bubbly, Pinky. I can't see myself doing this. I mean I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Someone else being around constantly giving his opinion on everything is out of the question. Any idiot can get married but it takes a lot of maturity to stay married and stay happy and not just for the sake of the kids/dog etc...

In the US it's surprisingly not very different. If any Tom/Dick/Harry proposes she'll say yes and the wedding preparations start, months in advance. The whole focus is on the wedding not the marriage. I just don't get it. I think its perfectly okay if you end up being that 85 year old lady with the 7 long as you've lived your life on your own terms and you've done all the things you've wanted to, and you've been happy. If marriage is what's going to make you happy then go for it...but do it for the right reason. At the risk of sounding it for love!

Entertainment Update!

So Asha Bhosle has a new album featuring Brett Lee, Urmila and Sanjay Dutt! wtf? Did she just pull random celebrity names out of a hat?

I know this is lame but I watch Nach Baliye. What was with the drama in the last episode? Swetha and everyone else weeping. You'd think her husband was dying of some strange disease or something. He's just been advised rest for a month! So Hiten and Gauri survived another week. Those two can't dance for nuts seriously it's unbelievable how bad they are. When i was in India I'd be so upset that i couldn't vote for American Idol 'Voting for residents of USA only' and now it's worse. I watch Nach Baliye and it says 'Voting in India only'! Yes like i said I'm lame.

And on 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki' they actually took the trouble to explain why Parvati still looks young. Plastic surgery anthe..for no rhyme or reason.

Oh and the city on 'Heroes' which is supposedly 'Madras' looks like some scientific experiment gone very very wrong. Lots of Tibetian looking people and Hispani people and the occasional lady with the ginormous Bindi roam around with blank expressions on their faces... the streets are filled with surma wearing flower sellers?? I crack up everytime they show ahem 'Madras University'!

I watched 'Nacho Libre' last weekend. Pretty funny. Not to miss the love letter with the big kiss little kiss big hug little hug. Jack Black was awesome and his weird boxing partner reminded me of that alien monkey from Lord of the Rings!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Why do things have to change?

So I have these really adorable Winnie the Pooh checks. I've had them since I first opened my checking account. I wasn't listening when the personal banker explained all the technical stuff to me cause I was fascinated with the book of check designs. Anyway I haven't changed them since I’ve gotten them but today when I opened my new box of checks they looked different. I mean they were still Winnie the Pooh & Friends but something was different. You know...sort of dull and the characters looked more mature or something...almost sober. They're still cute and all but it's sort of upsetting. I miss old Pooh and Eeyore and Tigger and Piglet. Have you noticed that Piglet is like the only female character in the series? She's like their whore or something. So anyway I thought about returning them had but decided to keep them. Maybe this is some sort of sign that I need to grow up...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Things about Pri you didn't know [and after you're done reading this you'll wish you never knew]

Bishen Singh Bedi’s son is a model and he also hosts a cookery show . I realise this isn't in any which way related to me but i still think it's important you know.

When I was in the theatre watching ‘Hum aapke hain kaun’ there was a bomb hoax during the interval. [Yes yes isn’t it incredible how much brave little Pri had to go through at the tender age of 11?]
The first time my mum saw my dad she thought he was the plumber.
I have never watched Sholay from beginning to end and I don’t care.
Anil Kumble is the only man with a moustache I have ever found good looking.
I have been pulled over 4 times since being in this country and have gotten tickets only twice.
There actually exists a Doordarshan for NRIs and I get it.
I hated going to ‘Doctrine’ class in school because the ‘Moral Science’ class for non Catholic studens was wayyy more interesting. [They had cool debates on controversial topics and lots of free hours......the whole time i was being taught the seven Holy sacraments by the evil Mallu nuns.]
I win lots of radio contests. My recommendation on this one radio contest helped to singlehandedly increase sales at the Bangalore planetarium by 50%. [I have no actual proof of the stats I just quoted.]
I think Waheeda Rehman is the most beautiful Indian actress ever.
I dreamt that Rajeev Gandhi had died a day before he actually died [I’m not lying I promise.]
Some of my career choices in no particular order were teacher, first female cricket commentator [before that West Indian b*t*h beat me to it], sports writer, Miss India, advertising genius, actress.
At the one and only children’s summer camp I ever attended they taught us Yoga, Calligraphy, Tai Chi, Bhajans and Philosophy.
I learnt the Gayatri Mantra from watching Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi.
I found out about Sushmita Sen winning Miss Universe while watching TV at an Iyengar Bakery in Chickmanglur where my cousin and i were waiting to pick up our tutee fruity bread.
Ooty Chocolates are my favourite chocolates in the world.
My Spanish teacher looked like Tom Selleck.
My grandfather believed my mum was a reincarnation of her aunt.
I have a niece who is part American, Finnish, African American, Burmese and Srilankan. My computer thinks I spelled Srilankan wrong,
Barkha Dutt makes me feel incredibly stupid but I love her.
I fall in love with random famous people as soon as I’ve watched them on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.
I was bitten by my own dog and he then died………..of rabies. [No. This isnt why im such a bitch.]
I love white carnations ooh and pink ones and sometimes yellow ones.
I learnt Bharatanatyam for six years.
I made friends with a duck my parents had brought home and then one day it was missing…….I didn’t know I had eaten it the previous day for Easter.
The first poem I ever wrote was about Chennai.
I insisted my mum make the exact same outfit Juhi Chawla wore in ‘Jaadu teri nazar’ for me.
I don’t throw up……like ever.
I absolutely love break chocolate and crackel [I think that’s how it’s spelled] from the kaaka angdi near my house.
I cried when Saakshi’s dad in Kanyadaan [this soap I used to watch on Sony] died.
I wrote this entire list while watching Sooraj Bharjatiya talk about his last five movies in detail……….in great detail on MTV Desi………. Did you know that he was the brain behind the ‘chi chi chu chi chi chu’ line in the ‘Wah Wah Ramji’ song???????????? Huh? Huh? Well now you know!

:) This was very enjoyable for me and I’m so sorry you had to read all of it :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Conversations outside a Delivery room

and by delivery room i mean a hospital delivery room know... where babies are born... except i'm not sure if that is where the delivery will take place cause the last time i was in there they were just getting ready to do some sort of um inspection.... so i left and now i'm not quite sure what to do with myself so anyhoo i've found this nice little break room where i'm setting up my laptop and getting ready to do my homework... after i check my email and orkut messages of course.
Ooo super looks like the hospital does have wireless connection although i wonder if using it to orkut is okay...hmm.. oh well it's too late... a few minutes later i feel a tap on my shoulder and S1, S2 and auntyjee walk in.... "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! so what's happening?"
Pri:"umm i'm not really sure.. they're doing an inspection but the doctor said it was almost delivery time..."
S1: "Oh wow!!! so where's T?"
Pri:"He's inside too..."
S2:"hee hee i hope he doesn't faint this time..."
Auntyjee:"kya hua? doctor ne kya bola?"
Pri:"sab kuch theek hain aunty.. don't worry"
Auntyjee:"I was soooo worried u know beta.. from morning..i can't see her in pain..."
S1:"Yaar khaane mein kya hain?"
S2:"Abe andar bechaari baccha paida kar rahi hain aur tumhe abhi khaana hain?...vaise mein Chipotle se kuch leke aaya hu aur daroo ka stock bhi hain.."
S1:"to de na yaar...Priya, tum kya homework kar rahi ho?"
Pri:"i dont really think i can get anything done...i just brought it with me you know... in case were still here and it's morning...but i think i'll just go home and do it"
S2:"Kya homework hain? Can i see?"
Pri:"Sure, i have to do some sorta critical analysis of what this one philosopher thinks of this other dude's theory of what caused dinosaurs to become extinct... feel free to help"
S2:"Aren't you doing Finance?"
Pri:"Yes... but i need a bunch of non business classes in order to graduate."
S2:"Oh! This is harder than Ms also. hehe hee"
Pri:"So did you guys bring anything for entertainment purposes? This could be an all night thing you know..."
S2:"Entertainment purposes? hmmm hey you want to learn French? There's this new website where they teach you.. it's cool"
Pri:"um sure.. we have nothing better to do anyway..." looks over at auntyjee...."Aap theek hain aunty?"
Nervous looking aunty:"Haan.. pata nahi kya ho raha hain andar..."
Pri shakes her head....wonders if she should hold aunty's hand.......decides against it...
S1:"Chal yaar moo to meetha kar sakte hain.." looks longingly at week old Indian sweets....
Pri:"hee hee eat eat...even though it's a bit early"
nurse enters delivery room......comes out......goes in again.....second nurse enters....
Pri:"hmm there are like 3 or 4 nurses in there now..."
S1:"Wooow did u see that? nurse ek chota sa weighing machine leke gayi andar...You guys think delivery is over aa?"
Auntyjee closes eyes tight..starts praying...
S2 sniggering....mouth still full of sweets
S1:"Hey looks like nurse hamaare liye darwaaza thoda khula rakhi hain.. chal sunthe hain"
We walk towards the door and can actually hear mommy to be screaming....Pri doesn't think she should be listening to this...auntyjee starts chanting....S1 rubs S2's shoulders....receives strange look from Pri
10 minutes later screaming gets louder...aunty is now furiously chanting....everyone looks nervous.....S1 claims he has heard a baby screaming...
Pri:"Dude that didn't sound like a new must've been some other random kid"
10 minutes later we do hear a baby cry... Pri feels like she's part of a movie set....
Auntyjee's eyes fill with tears. lots of cheering and badhai hos and then shouts of shhh i want to hear what the doctor is saying..
5 pounds 11 ounces... 19 and a 1/2 inches long.... has her mum's eyes...
Proud dad comes out looking a bit dazed. "Guys, i can't believe what i just saw"
Lots of hugging takes place...
Auntyjee wants to go in so is taken in while the three of us wait for our turn
S2:"Chal yaar, champagne kholte hain.."
Pri:"yes yes"
S2 opens bottle carefully as S1 warns him not to aim at microwave..
S2 opens bottle and pours three glasses.
S1:"Arre where are the bubbles yaar?"
S2:"hmm i dunno... i think you get bubbles only if you shake it a lot before opening"
S1:"No no, you get some bubbles atleast in your glass"
Pri:looking at label on bottle"um guys this isn't champagne......S1 why have you bought cognac? heeeeeee heeeeeeee"
S1:"Oh my god! really? no wonder no bubbles....hmm how to drink this? chal lets open the wine"
20 minutes later were allowed to go see the mum and baby.... They both look great...The baby is being monitored and there are some random numbers that keep blinking......
S1:"Aich. Why is her weight going on increasing so fast? Is it the air or the more she breathes her weight goes up aa?"
S2:"abe stooopid it's the time!!!"
S1:"oh hee hee"
S1 to baby's mummy "So are you ready for next one now?"
Baby's mummy glaring:"Will someone get this idiot out of here?"
T:"After what i saw today i think we have to wait a while before the next one.."
Baby's mum:"After what you saw???? What about me???? What about what i went through????"
S1 S2 gulping down more wine.....looking at Pri "So who's next now? "
Pri:"Hmmm first find me my cricketer chef orphan boy...and then wait 15 years..."
S1 S2:"Oh my god... this is never going to happen...looking at baby's mummy "I guess it's gonna be you again"
Baby's mummy:"TTTTTTTT take these two out of here NOW!!!"

hmmm Good times :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Do this. It's fun!

Check this out and add your short story...

She knew he wouldn't approve. So why did Visalakshi go ahead and do it anyway?

Pri said:

He hated surprises. Entering the room that evening he almost jumped out of his skin when he heard "SURPRISE!!!"

Oh great! All these happy people. What are they so happy about anyway....the fact that 27 years ago i was born? He smiled at everyone.... pretending to be delighted......glaring at Visalakshi who grinned back "Sorry anna but this isn't your last surprise for tonight."

"uh huh? i can't wait!"

more glaring.....

"Anna look over there" sis points to random girl in denim jacket.

Oh wait but that isn't some random girl.....that's her. This isn't possible.....when did she get back to India? He had tried to forget about her for the last ten years......and there she was standing in the corner with a (what she drinks now?????) in her hand... smiling nervously....he could tell she was as uncomfortable as he was......but he knew that smile and those twinkling eyes....he walked towards her.....


So I was at work today reading the latest taaza khabar ... u know Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce (by the by why does everyone hate the poor guy so much????????) So anyhoo this old lady walks in and right then I realise my computer is being super slow and further research shows it’s in some weird backup mode so I inform her… nicely at that. “umm it looks like our computers are down at the moment but I can give you a hand written receipt which I will stamp for you and I can still give you your cash…it will post to your account as soon as were back up so really your money should still be available to you tomorrow cause technically there is no difference if I posted it now or later this afternoon…..”
Long pause
Old lady: Strange look
Pri: Sweet smile
Old lady:”hmmmmm how are you going to do all this? I mean….”
Pri: “I can still verify your signature and your account balance and everything so really there is no problem.”
Old lady: “I don’t know………I don’t like this…….when do you think your computers will work?”
Pri:”umm I’m not sure but hopefully it should be up in a couple of hours……”
Old lady: “Couple of hours??????????????????????????”
Pri:”I really can’t predict when it will be up but like I said if I post this anytime before 7pm today it would still go through as today’s business”
Old lady: “Well ok fine…. just do it….. But make sure you give me your card and everything cause I don’t even know you…….I mean you must be new or something…….I’ve been coming here for over 40 years.”
Pri: still smiling sweetly (dreams of bitch slapping old lady…ughhh lady I wasn’t even born then…. I can’t help quit bugging me)
Old lady: “You know there’s all this fraud going on these days and you can never trust computers…….I have lots of kids who work with computers and they’ve told me nothing is safe.”
Pri: “Yeah…..I know……” (What’s your point muduki?)
Pri: "So would you like me to mail you your receipt then?”
Old lady:” WHAT????????? Nooooooooooo what if it gets stolen in the mail or something?”
Oh for cryin out loud it’s just a piece of paper exactly like the one I just gave you except that it’s printed not hand written with an amount on it. Of what use is it going to be to anyone???????????????????? Pri: “Thank you. Have a great day!”
Old lady starts to leave still staring at receipt ……….”So what I’m just supposed to remember you name? What is it Prayah?”
Pri: thu why can’t she tolg from her?
Pri:”um actually it’s pronounced preeyaa.”
Old lady:”Peeyaa?”
Pri:”Yeah except with the R and you don’t have to memorize it….its on your receipt.”
Old lady:”Oh! Okay.” Lady tolgs….
Pri: Oh thank god!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ahem Ahem...

So let me get this straight. Dada and Laxman's future in Indian cricket now depends on Raina and Kaif failing. I don't even know where to begin.....
Why is it that people like Venkatpathy Raju (who played what 2 and a half matches for India?) get to make such statements?????
By the by why are they picking on Kaif? He is one of the few Indian batsmen currently not out of form...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Conversations with daddy

Spoke to dad today...the usual sunday night phone call. i hit the tv record button as soon as i heard the phone ringing (i think lynnett gets shot on tonight's episode of DH)........
dad "hi ma? what ur doing?"
pri "hi daddy, watching tv"
dad "how much tv u watch?"
pri "hee hee, what did u do yesterday?"
dad "aiyyo, i ate nice biryani, then i thought oh ill watch good match today. they were playing well in the beginning, those fellows were belting the aussie bowlers u know. ..the way that Gayle was batting i thought they'll reach off some 350 - 400..then suddenly they all started getting out one after the other"
pri: "heee heee....then what else u did pa?"
dad: "oh did i tell u that day i bought two small turtles....i had put in the pond u know.......first few days they were swimming nicely"
dad: "but now i see and they're missing.....i mean i dunno where they went ma... they cannot climb the wall to escape also no.....i dunno maybe they are hiding behind the rocks or something........oh and the fish no they have become so fat....heh hehe"
pri:"heeeeeeeee fat? they've become fat? the fish?"
dad:"ya actually if they were in an aquarium they would look so nice.......but why all that.....who will clean and all? extra work....."
dad:"u want anything from here ma?"
pri:"why pa? what you bought?"
dad:"actually i had bought one tee shirt u know with that bcci round symbol and one more with jammy"
pri:"with jammy? u mean it has his face on it aa?"
dad:"no ma, just at the bottom it has his signature"
pri:"heee oh ok......i dont like jammy anymore pa. send ganguly tee shirt"
dad:"aaha that eediot's tee shirt u want? so silly u are."
pri:"hee hee, ok pa send it."
dad:"aah ok ok. go study now aa.. be a good girl"
pri:"ok. bye daddy"
dad:"bye ma"

u'd think i was twelve......i guess for my dad 23 or 12 no difference.....:)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Week

Let’s see what I’ve accomplished this week. Hmmmmmm absolutely nothing really………

This lady at work got fired. Me thinks it was about 6 years too late……….. So we all went out to celebrate (yes I know were evil but if you’d met her you’d get it)

Ooh what else? I ran out of gas on my way to class the other day (I know…… Who does that?) It’s never happened to me before though…………….which is surprising since I’m my dad’s daughter. He has been known to do that all the time…Anyway I was late for class and was convinced I could make it to Boulder with just my sheer will power and mind controlling techniques (I should’ve known better considering it didn’t work on Irfan and Munaf last weekend) …………I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry when my car started to slow down right in the middle of the freeway… I looked around sheepishly and this nice old man was kind enough to help push my car to the side of the road so I wouldn’t you know get run over. And he told me to go to the fire department which was {very conveniently for me} right across the street. They supposedly always have a ready supply of gas for silly people like me. He asked me to turn my emergency lights on which of course he had to ahem locate for me. I kept turning my wipers on (It’s funny now but I was super embarrassed then) ughhhh I hate being the damsel in distress…so anyway I walked over there and I had no idea how to get into the blessed building so I walked around until I came back to the same spot and voila there was a door bell right there with a big sign (please ring only once) and so I did………only once…..and this incredibly cute guy and this other dude (I don’t remember what he looked like) opened the door and I explained my um situation to them. They were like “oh, no problem” … so 'other dude’ went to get the can while cute boy chatted with me about umm gas heeeeeeee and then the conversation moved on to India cause he wanted to know where I was from and then he wanted to know how I spoke English so he was given a crash course on the education system in India and he was amazed they taught English in school when we had all these other languages to learn and so I told him how it was Rajyotsava today and explained to him how Bangalore was now Bengaluru….then ‘other dude’ came back with the can interrupting our wonderful conversation although he did help me fill my car and then he even waited until it started. The weird part though was the whole time I kept thinking of how I could go home and blog about this.?????? I guess it’s cause I’m still so new to blogging…..I really don’t want to turn into this person who stops using her brain in critical situations cause in her head she’s already writing about it………

Hmm what else happened? They killed off Ekko on LOST…… Pri really liked him :(

I made my khatarnaak pepper chicken on Friday………

I found my favourite nail polish in Beauty Brands the other day. I was super thrilled cause it had been out of stock for so long. (‘midnight at linkin park’ I think is what it’s called)

I spoke to two of my friends in Bangalore after a really long time…….one conversation was happy :) and the other sad :(

I told this one guy that I sorta had a crush on him….which is a huge achievement for me (does 00AA11Z ring a bell? No? See me for any clarifications)

So I guess that was my week….. apart from the usual monotonous college and work routine of course…..


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

Dad's will be dad's......constantly worrying about their daughters...
I was 16 years old when i went to my first concert. It was ahem a Bryan Adams i said i was 16 and i absolutely loved 'please forgive me' and that other super mushy song from Robin hood... anyway i remember going to my dad a week before the concert and saying "Daddy, there's this concert i want to go to.......with my friends"
Dad:"For what?"
Pri: "Pa, it's a Bryan Adams concert. He's never come to Bangalore before."
Dad:"Some eediots and all will come to sing and ull want to go. No need, go help ure mother or something"
Pri: making sad face "ure so mean"
Dad: "aa aa ok ok how much is the ticket?"
Pri: "umm 500 rupees......i think"
Dad:"Why so much? My gaad. aa ok ok.. take. now go study or something"

During the week this was all i talked about... how we were all going to have such a cool time, how we were going to be out after sunset (the concert was scheduled to start at 7pm and pri being out of the house alone after 6 was a rarity), how we were going to memorize all the songs we didn't already know word for word, what we were gonna wear.....what were we gonna wear???????? So pri went to dad again,
Pri: "Daddy, i need money to go shopping"
Daddy: "for what?"
Pri: "for the concert pa.........i told u nooo........"
Daddy:"oho why they wont permit u inside if ure not wearing new clothes is it?"
Pri: "No pa, chumma i need no"
Daddy:"hmm ok take, now go cut cucumber and bring for me go"

So we all went shopping the next day and ended up buying the same freakin top from Benetton in different shades. It was this V neck top with three fourth length sleeves (very Rachel from friends) by the by mine was pink..........
A few days before the concert i could hear them testing the speakers.... u see i lived pretty close to palace grounds where the concert was going to be held. The first time i heard it i remember calling my friend "Soupie can u hear anything? It's music!!! and it's coming from palace grounds!!!" a few squeals later i went back to my room and fell asleep listening to the random Kannada music they were playing............

The day of the concert i remember getting ready hours in advance...but after all the excitement it turned out to be quite blah. Well after all it was Bryan Adams singing like he had something stuck in his throat....."please forgive me.....i know not what i do...........please forgive me .........i can't stop loving u...........dont deny me...........this pain im going through........please forgive me yada yada yada............" ughhhhhhh
Anyhoo it was still pretty fun checking out all the cute boys and watching one of my friends who was slightly high (she claimed it was from inhaling the smoke from guys smoking pot next to us) make a fool out of herself and of course not to miss the lalle hodifying couples holding each other swaying to the music.....Barf!!!
Anyhoo when i got home it was past 11 o'clock and i expected my dad to be fuming but he wasn't.
Dad:"How was it ma? U had fun aa?"
Pri: "Ya pa. It was nice."
Dad:So did they serve any snacks or refreshments?"
Pri:"It was a concert pa....i mean there was food but u had to pay for it"
Dad:"How silly, 500 rupees they took i thought atleast they would've given u some snacks....anyway i hope atleast u got good seats"
Pri:"Pa! It was a concert. There r no seating arrangements. U have to stand"
Dad:"OH MY GOD!!! what a waste of money"

Pri (sniggering) goes to scope for food in the kitchen........
A few minutes later on NDTV they're showing a little bit of the concert coverage... Dad yells from the other room "Priyamma!!! what is this? so much crowd! people are falling on top of each other.......i hope you were not in the middle of all this"
Pri:"No daddy, my section was very um well behaved!"

So that was my first dad story.......lots more to come.
heeeeeeeeee My dad's a riot!!!