Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So I was at work today reading the latest taaza khabar ... u know Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce (by the by why does everyone hate the poor guy so much????????) So anyhoo this old lady walks in and right then I realise my computer is being super slow and further research shows it’s in some weird backup mode so I inform her… nicely at that. “umm it looks like our computers are down at the moment but I can give you a hand written receipt which I will stamp for you and I can still give you your cash…it will post to your account as soon as were back up so really your money should still be available to you tomorrow cause technically there is no difference if I posted it now or later this afternoon…..”
Long pause
Old lady: Strange look
Pri: Sweet smile
Old lady:”hmmmmm how are you going to do all this? I mean….”
Pri: “I can still verify your signature and your account balance and everything so really there is no problem.”
Old lady: “I don’t know………I don’t like this…….when do you think your computers will work?”
Pri:”umm I’m not sure but hopefully it should be up in a couple of hours……”
Old lady: “Couple of hours??????????????????????????”
Pri:”I really can’t predict when it will be up but like I said if I post this anytime before 7pm today it would still go through as today’s business”
Old lady: “Well ok fine…. just do it….. But make sure you give me your card and everything cause I don’t even know you…….I mean you must be new or something…….I’ve been coming here for over 40 years.”
Pri: still smiling sweetly (dreams of bitch slapping old lady…ughhh lady I wasn’t even born then…. I can’t help quit bugging me)
Old lady: “You know there’s all this fraud going on these days and you can never trust computers…….I have lots of kids who work with computers and they’ve told me nothing is safe.”
Pri: “Yeah…..I know……” (What’s your point muduki?)
Pri: "So would you like me to mail you your receipt then?”
Old lady:” WHAT????????? Nooooooooooo what if it gets stolen in the mail or something?”
Oh for cryin out loud it’s just a piece of paper exactly like the one I just gave you except that it’s printed not hand written with an amount on it. Of what use is it going to be to anyone???????????????????? Pri: “Thank you. Have a great day!”
Old lady starts to leave still staring at receipt ……….”So what I’m just supposed to remember you name? What is it Prayah?”
Pri: thu why can’t she tolg from her?
Pri:”um actually it’s pronounced preeyaa.”
Old lady:”Peeyaa?”
Pri:”Yeah except with the R and you don’t have to memorize it….its on your receipt.”
Old lady:”Oh! Okay.” Lady tolgs….
Pri: Oh thank god!!!

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siddarth said...

so ur job has its challenges... n if comps in a bank r down... ppl will freak out. u wud too...