Saturday, February 28, 2009

mausam ke sargam

a long long time ago in the 7th std this used to be my most favourite song in the whole wide world. anyone know what happened to this kid? no one has seen her since khamoshi came out. i think they cloned her just for the movie.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's my half birthday today and no one wished me and even after i told them they didnt seem to think it was a big deal. it is. it's my half birthday!

watch this sort of related video to commemorate my title. i don't know. people be smoking weed in the garage area and the air be coming over here. people = my older sibling.

awww y'all watch anoop dawg tonight? super adorable! also adorable are mr and mrs desai. i have removed drishti for the entire family not to worry. today also marked the first time i voted for someone on tv and considering how much tv i watch this is rather shocking. anyway i have made up for it by voting from all the three available phones in the house. the stupid landline is down due to im thinking the rain? what is this? bangalore?

my only deal with anoop is the hair. my god if there were any more he would be blagojevic. chop it up boy. give it some shape. and dont listen to the judges. sing old songs if you like. just keep em soulful.

in other news i watched coraline and now im terrified of buttons.

in random product discovery of the week i recommend this spanish hand & body cream available at your local cvs pharmacy. it has leches which i'm told is not lychees and it's only 2.99 and it feels incredibly soft, like whipped cream only with a better smell. i would tell you the name right now except that would mean having to go upstairs. so tomorrow?

in urgent news we need to start some type of blogger revival movement. any ideas?

UPDATED: sniff. noopy didn't make the cut.
who picks the butcher over big brown dopey eyes? apparently 20,000 people. now we gotta hope for the wildcard round. if the internet is to be believed the 4th highest vote getter from each week [and that would be noopy for this week] automatically qualify for the wildcard auditions where the judges pick three more to join the top 12. i say the boy will be back. hopefully this time he will leave his beige taper pants that are at least a couple of inches too short for him at home. also was it just me or did he seem like he had absolutely no idea what the lyrics were to the group song tonight? he looked very lost wandering about the stage in his silly pants but every time they let him speak he just grows more and more adorable. makes you want to pinch his cheeks and feed him a besan ladoo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

apologies for being mia for so long. i was simply lazy. also tv's pretty good this time of the year. and i've had

the sundance channel for free for the longest time. they realized their mistake a couple of days ago and took it away. sniff.

in happy news i had some excellent bread today. mother and i were just discussing how awesome this particular loaf of bread was. we're saving its name and we're going to try to go back to the store every tuesday around 5 ish to look for this wonderful bread. we really really like this bread. it's our discovery of the week when it comes to food products. also it helped that i ate it with real butter today. not margarine. not i can't believe it's not butter. real butter. after the longest time too. most excellent it was.

you know who makes delicious bread and butter? koshys in bangalore. they make their own bread and their slices are very generous and they cut off the sides so you don't have to. also they have delicious ketchup. do you find that you go to places just for the condiments? like wendys here for example has good ketchup. that and they're thoughtful enough to have the little pumps so u don't have to struggle to open the damn packets. plus half the ketchup remains inside the packet anyway because u don't want to get it all over your fingers. i had this friend in bangalore who would go to kfc on brigade road [it used to be the only one in the city back then] just to eat their ketchup. we don't talk anymore this friend and i but back then we got really excited together about a lot of really stupid things. things that almost nobody else got. our favourite thing to discuss for example was this one c grade movie starring fardeen khan and this actress whose name i can't remember. the acting was just so bad we truly believed there had been a huge mistake and that somehow the wrong copy had been released. it seemed like all the scenes were first takes. many hours were spent giggling about said movie. we hadn't even watched it together so the moment we discovered our mutual fascination for the movie it was just incredible. i believe the moment happened during one of bandopadhya aka sofa pant's lectures on whateverthefuck it was he taught us. business material or something really random and useless. my friend would finish with her toi crossword and me with the bangalore times. then we'd hide under our gigantic ledger books and discuss how strange the movie was followed by theories on where they'd found this week's chandrika face of the week.

in entertainment news i watched he's just not that into you and it's very fun. also pink panther is kinda fun too. i can listen to steve martin's fake french accent all day. i wish they'd find someone to dub for aishwarya though. i think it would make her appear less annoying.

anyone watch dev d yet? it's not showing here. i cant believe it. i've checked every possible theater.

also my hottie wyatt cenac is starring in a new movie. see see.

and it looks like our anoop desai made it to top 36 on idol. yay for him. they didn't show much of him today but from what i saw i think he was wearing a white kurta and a very sad looking scarf. boy needs makeover pronto. call me. plus with this frieda pinto showing up everywhere looking fabulous the standards have been raised for desi people everywhere. yes we can people.

in work news they laid off a bunch of people. remember r? yeah that will not be necessary anymore. disco and i wish him luck in his future endeavours. good thing he was a full time banker/part time hooker. i kid. i kid.

in commuter watching do u check people out in traffic? i do. everyday. not in a i hope to meet the future love of my life at one of these lights kind of way. i just think it's interesting to watch peoples' expressions on their way back from work. lots of yawny stretchy people. way too many zombie looking people and if you're lucky the occasional head bobber. i like when there's hand movement along with the head bobbing to music i cannot hear but can totally imagine. i like the evening people way better than the morning people. morning people be crazy. also most mornings i'm running late so i don't have time to be checking people out. i have lip gloss to locate in gigantic purse. also appropriate cd to locate based on current mood and weather conditions. i multitask at signals in the morning. also i'm generally in a better mood on the way back home than on the way to work and maybe everyone else is too so it's a funner exercise that time of the day.

alright i feel the need for more delicious bread. this is so weird. i hate bread. muah.