Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'm realizing more and more what a loner i've become.

i went to vegas recently with a group of friends and yet the happiest moments from the trip were the ones i spent by myself. right before midnight on my birthday i had a dessert craving. the room service menu wasn't exciting enough for me so i called the crepe place at the hotel and the fools had just closed. there was one restaurant at the hotel that was open 24 hours so i got out of my pajamas and walked downstairs. i was on the phone the whole time with one of my best friends so maybe it doesn't really count as a moment by myself. it was around 11:55 when i got there and it turned out there was a long ass line to the place. i asked the hostess for takeaway and sat down at the fake park bench under the fake sky inside fake paris and waited for my tiramisu. when i got off the phone and looked at the time it was midnight and at that moment i was genuinely happy. i was beaming actually. the people in line must have thought i was drunk.

this is what my surroundings looked like. this picture will always make me happy.

if i had to list my other favourite moments from the trip it would be drinking wine in the hotel room out of my new leak proof super cool metallic water bottle [they were taking forever to bring up glasses to the room] getting the most awesome swedish message and watching the water/light show from the top of the fake eiffel tower. for two out of these three things i was by myself. see what i mean? i don't enjoy other people's company anymore! or do i just not know enough awesome people? this is not good.

also may i please suggest everyone check out this website if they haven't already.

p.s. it's weird. i write this post and a couple of hours later i read chamko rani.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

conversations with old people.

I just ended the longest conversation i have ever had with another human being ever. The old man and i [mainly the old man] covered such topics as social security, social security supplements, medicare, medicaid, prescription drugs, ordering prescriptions from Canada, his tv, tiger woods on his tv, the big black hole that occasionally pops up on his tv, his antenna, how much high definition TVs cost, how much they used to cost, how much they'll cost just after thanksgiving, how much flatter TVs have gotten over the years, hiding money in safe deposit boxes at various banks so the government cant see it, occasionally spending some of it on a new porch, evil termites, dead termites and various other fun and somewhat related topics. Thankfully my phone rang just as i was about to shoot myself and i lived to tell the tale.
Also i just turned 26 y'all. That's still a cool age right?