Saturday, December 30, 2006


Wtf is with Asad Rauf? I mean how many times can one get it wrong in the same effing match? Every Lbw that should have been given out was not and every Lbw given was not out. And the crucial series levelling last wicket was given to a ball that brushed the batsman's shirt! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so mad right now!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard # 2?

So guess what? We might be having another blizzard. I mean wtf? These things are supposed to happen like once a decade so I was confident I wouldn’t have to see another one. (You didn’t think I was gonna live in Colorado for the next ten years did ya?) So everyone’s terrified after last week’s blizzard so gas stations are crowded and all the milk is sold out at grocery stores. People are preparing for a major disaster! I think the thought actually excites quite a few people. This is the event they will get to talk about for the rest of their lives. I decided I’m not gonna attempt to drive anywhere if we do get the predicted amount of snow so I’m temporarily living with some friends. Were stocked up on movies (one of which is ‘Little miss Sunshine’ which I’ve been dying to see like forever) so I think were good to go! :)
I’m hoping for more snow holidays. It’s only fair considering what we have to go through.

P.S. Do me a favour and pray for bad weather the next couple of days in Durban. We can’t afford to let go of the 1 – 0 lead we have.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ghane Baalon ka Raaz

I oiled my hair today after like a decade. My mum will be so proud! This whole oiling the hair thing isn't done in the Amreeka you know and so the only hair oil available is our very own Parachute coconut oil sold exclusively in the Indian store, probably manufactured sometime in the early nineties. But you know the one I'm talking about....the one in the dark blue bottle that smells gross. That's what i smell of right now and its extremely nostalgic. My mum and dad would insist on my hair being oiled at least once a week. I simply hated it. But it happened every Friday evening and then Saturday would be the 'head bath' day. I loved 'head bath' days. It was also the sleep late day and go to cousin's house with ajji day. So much fun. We'd play cricket in the street with the neighbourhood kids and play 'kalla police' until one cousin always ended up crying and ruining the game for us cause by then of course aunty or uncle would demand we play something else. By around 4pm aunty would make us all go inside and wash our faces. Then we'd all line up for Horlicks or Bournvita and sit on the chaape ready to watch the weekend movie on Doordarshan. And then dad would come to pick us up right towards the end of the movie and insist we leave. I'd of course convince him we needed to stay a little while more to watch the end of this spectacular movie.
Anyway Ive gotta go get this junk outta my hair. See ya :)

P.S. Pri's world now has music thanks to Stickam. You like?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here comes the Blizzard!!!

So i get paid to sit at home today and maybe even tomorrow... if it snows enough. There's about a foot of snow outside my door right now and it's supposedly gonna snow a couple of inches every hour for the next 20 hours! I went out to the mailbox and barely made it back. So here's my plan of action for the next 48 hours since i cant leave the house. Sit on my couch with my laptop and watch TV nonstop. I'm not planning to get up unless i really really have to. Thankfully i went grocery shopping 2 days ago and i cooked last night so I'm good to go for the next few days. I wish they would move the Boxing day test match up a few days... okay i guess I'm just being greedy now. Blizzards are so much fun i tell u. BLISS!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Decent, verrry decent!

My aunt has been marking boxes and the bloody marker smells like nail polish remover mixed with rat poison. Okay i promise this isnt going to be another post about how everything smells.
My laptop has been giving me mini shocks and its not static either, these are actual shocks. I dunno what to do. I cant live without my laptop. I guess i'm just gonna have to get used to the shocks.
So anyway i'm totally in love with this 'chak de phattay' song from 'khosla ka ghosla'. If u haven't heard it go to right now and listen to the remix version. It makes me happy. It even has these adorable dialogues from the movie in it. I highly recommend the movie too, in Boman Irani's words "decent, verrry decent".
Why are all of my favourite shows only showing reruns? ughhhh I hate this middle of the season break they all take. How rude!!
So Calcutta is praying for Dada (again) u know i have to give it to these people, they stand by their boy. Ill pray for u too Dada.
I happened to see Sehwag's cousin on TV today . He's sorta cute, well considering his family background i was shocked.
I saw Farha Khan's husband at the MTV style awards (i wasn't invited so i had to watch it on TV) anyway he looks sorta like the gay version of Shoaib Akhtar. I was surprised that she had a husband, i mean weren't there all these rumours about her brother and her? They supposedly lived together and so people were speculating or something (people can be so mean)!
We had our Christmas 'potluck' at work today. Potlucks don't work very well in this country. I mean the delicacies available were: vegetable platters, chips, some weird tasteless cold chicken, really dry cookies, oh and crab cheese wontons (i brought those). I only ate the wontons. heeeeeeeeeeeee. Anyway we had to exchange gifts with our secret santas. (I know, lame!!!) I got a Starbucks gift card. yayyyyyyyy!!! I love it when people know not to buy me stuff and to give me gift certificates or cash instead. issmarrat i say!
MTV Desi keeps showing this Bappi da interview and each time i watch it it's always the same bloody part where he's describing Mithunda's dancing and how his body was really flexible. His exact words "You see, Mithun's lower portion is like a lace, u know just like a lace". I crack up each time i see it. So i was wondering can u imagine being Bappida? Imagine the stares people give him all the time? Especially people who have no idea who the eff he is, like say at an airport, wow can u imagine his security check? It would probably takes hours to take off all those chains and rings.
Can you tell i have absolutely no social life?
I promise to get one as soon as i move to a bigger city ...with lotsa people... who smell nice... and have decent grammar, "Yes", she said, "I'll make friends with them."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An ode to the FLAT BOUQUET!!!

I'm not sure if this exotic creation is found anywhere else in the world. However I think it might be one of India's greatest contributions in the field of floral decoration. If you grew up in India you've definitely gotten a few of these and maybe you've even had the privilege of giving them to someone. Anyway the flat bouquet is one of my favouritest things in the whole wide world...make that one of our favouritest things in the whole wide world. I have this friend, ENTER SOUPIE who also shares with me this deep love for flat bouquets and so i asked her if she would like to join me in this wonderful tribute to the flat bouquet and she was more than excited to do it and so here it is - an ode to the FLAT BOUQUET!!!

No flat bouquet is easy to make:


Gold/silver/any shiny flashy trimming... however gold is preferred.
Cardboard, the cheapest and un-whitest variety
Cellophane paper in pink/yellow/green etc
A tiny card adorned with roses and cheesy candles screaming 'lovely wishes'/'your's forever'/'best wishes' etc in curvy bright RED font
Gladiolas in red and white (mostly)
An adventurous flat bouquet maker may also use yellow, primarily because it's the better looking variety of gladiolas..
Fern - that poky flat ugly thing that looks like mini coconut tree branches
Roses in red/yellow/gulabi pink… wilted, browning at the edges
Sometimes an overly adventurous bouquet maker will use Zerberas… lets say red - the colour of the moment..

Method: (prior experience not necessary)

Arrange the white cardboard into a hollow triangle
Throw a few ferns in
Flatten it, flatten it more
Throw in some flowers in no particular order.. they don't have to match or compliment each other.. in fact they strictly shouldn't.
Now for the part where the most care is taken…
Cover generously with the cellophane paper
Staple staple staple.. nice and tight remember we don't want the flowers to breathe
Use more than the necessary amount of the flashy gold trimming. Make sure you use a pair of scissors to cut the the shiny gold paper into tiny shreds so your arrangement can have movement (at least on the outside)
Use it as piping, cover all edges, corners and any visible space.
Top it off with a large bow made with bright red or gulabi pink ribbon and attach the card.
After attaching the bow use a pair of scissors to curl the ribbons. Do this continuously till the ribbon is now thinly shredded and very very curly.
Finally flatten the cellophane on top of the flowers as much as possible. Sitting on it might also help attain the perfect flat bouquet look.
Drum Roll...............................and you're done!!!

The multi-faceted flat bouquet

1. Weddings: the flat bouquet is often seen pinned as part of the backdrop on the stage behind the Raja Rani chairs.
The above mentioned flat bouquets are made from the leftover zerberas that the 'auntyjees' have discarded as unnecessary in their hairdo's
Auntyjees without flowery hairdo's are often found stealing some while wishing the bride and groom.

2: Funerals: When you're lying there flat out nothing addresses the moment better than a flat bouquet which lies as flat as you.

3.Office parties/birthdays/house visits

4. Has it ever been used in dovving???

Thursday, December 07, 2006

booooooo hooooooo I have the sniffles...

The whole world smells today………….i dunno why……..and I have a cold……..a big one………so my nose isn’t supposed to be able to smell very well….but it insists on working……….working really well and so I can smell every whiff of the stench……I can only not breathe for so long you know so don’t stand so close to me and no we don’t need to hug and I don’t need to know your Christmas plans and at what stage of Christmas shopping you’re at……….just go home and take a long bath or something…….ugh……….i would really like some sweet corn chicken soup right now from Rice Bowl ……did you know you cant get sweet corn chicken soup in this country?……..i dunno why……..the soup here sucks…..i wanna go home and watch a really long movie that will make me cry…yeah that would be cool……..and then I could go to sleep for like 12 hours…….yeah that would make me very happy!