Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Things were perfect for just a few minutes...

I was barely paying attention when Dravid wobbled off the field after his cramp. A minute later I almost choked on my popcorn. There he was. Dada! Leading the team, gesturing wildly at the fielders, ready to fit right back where he belonged. I felt my eyes tearing up and in the background I could hear the commentator say “Who writes these scripts?” It was hilarious. It was emotional. It just felt right. At that moment I realised just how much it meant to me. It’s just such a different feeling when he’s in charge, you know? Like you know he’s gonna make things okay and we're gonna win. I’m not very sure how long it was, maybe seven or eight minutes and then Sachin (our new vice captain?) was back on the field and everybody continued to do what they were doing and the game went on ... almost like nothing had happened.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All about B

B was being all whiny cause she wanted me to write about her. (She’s so self obsessed!)

Anyway B was in the process of moving offices

J: How’s it going back there?
B: I’m breaking a sweat
J: Not used to working are you?
B: Not at work!

And later

B: Look! Look at my picture look! Don’t I look gorgeous?
P: Hmmmm. That’s a really sweet picture actually. It doesn’t look like you at all.
B: Bi**h
P: Hey, do u want me to take a black and white picture of u?
B: Why black and white? Is it cause I’m black?
P: That joke wont work on me…I’m brown.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Starbucks Banter

P is super happy as she gets out of her car cause it’s sunny outside and the snow is melting. P is mad at herself for wearing open toed sandals in slushy weather. P jumps over parts of slush and ice till she reaches the dry pavement now very proud of herself for not messing up her pretty sandals.

Starbucks Dude #1 [who will henceforth (I love that word. It’s so obnoxious) be referred to as D1] in an uber cheerful annoying singsongy voice: “Heyyyyyyyyy!!! How r YOU doing today?”
P: “Um good. Thank you. Can I get a Venti 3 pump white mocha no whip?”
D1: “Suuuuuuuure”
D2: “So Dude, then he like totally committed suicide.”
P collects change, a little startled
D1: “I have to say I was sorta expecting that”
P hopes they’re talking about something on TV
“Yeah dude but still it was so weird. I mean my brother totally knew him”, chuckles D2 crushing P’s last hopes
P grabs her coffee making sure she avoids eye contact with the two heartless creatures.
D2:”Supposedly the body smelled really gross when they found him that weekend”
D1: “Thank You!!! Have a great day!!!”
P: Sure, right after I barf my coffee.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Things I’ve done at work today: (and I’ve only been here 3 hours and 1 minute)

Painted my nails with OPI’s ‘Lincoln park after dark’. (I’m still in love with that colour)
Took pictures of my newly pedicured feet
Took a video of B yelling at S (it turned out pretty good except I still don’t know how to get the audio to work)
Played the ‘win a bag’ thingy at (it’s been a week and I still haven’t won a bag) :(
Showed everyone the adorable tee I bought for A

Yayyyy it’s time to go to lunch!!!

Aren’t you glad you’re not my boss?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

L speaks


P: Hey L, how did your dentist appointment go?

L: Pretty good actually except for this one time when I bit his finger when I thought he was tickling my tongue.
He's a good guy though... i think....he was young.....except that he was a skinhead and i was a little concerned about that for a while.

But I think it was for sanitary purposes.


Cop walks in
D: Oh shoot! Did we not shovel our drive way again?

Cop leaves after finishing his business. (I just realised that sounded really bad. He had actual business)

L: Didn’t he used to be a cop?
P: Yeah he was a cop and then he stopped being a cop for a while and I guess he’s a cop again… cause he was wearing his uniform today.
L: hmmm maybe he’s like a rent a cop.

A few hours later

L: Hey P, a girl just walked in with half a top.
P: Half a top?
C: Yeah, her top didn’t have a back…just a string.
L: I’m sure she must be a pole dancer. She even had really long hair. (Makes hair swishing pole dancer movement)
L: I know this cause I watch CSI

Monday, January 22, 2007

Guru vs. Dhoom 2

(Mani Ratnam vs. the dude who directed Dhoom 2)

Guru: This just proves what a difference a good director can make. You have to be super talented to get Rai to act like that. She looks really beautiful and does full justice to her role. Abhishek is brilliant too. In fact every actor does an awesome job. There’s this blink and you’ll miss it scene with Madavan at his wife’s funeral where he absolutely just breaks your heart. Rai is brilliant in two scenes - one on the train just after she’s been betrayed by her lover (ugh I hate that word) and the other on the road when she realises why Guru really married her. Abhishek is obviously backed by a brilliant script but he is outstanding. And stop saying he can’t act. The boy can act. I’ve been in love with Rehman’s music since the album came out a couple of months ago and Rajeev Menon’s cinematography complements it beautifully. I couldn’t help being reminded of ‘chinna chinna aasai’ from Roja while watching ‘Barso re’. Go watch the movie if you haven’t already. This is no 'Kannathil Mutthamittal' but it still has the Ratnam stamp on it.

Dhoom 2: This one wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I thought Dhoom 1 sucked and the only reason I went to watch this one was cause my friend who had just had a baby some 4 weeks earlier had not seen daylight in well 4 weeks and she really needed to get out of the house and so I was forced to go. (I also wanted to see Abhishek Bachchan and no one had warned me about his new ugly look. Did he pick out his own clothes or something?) And yes I have married friends now …. who have children! I feel ancient. So anyway Dhoom 2 with its cool (at least for Hindi movies) stunts and tricks was quite entertaining. If only Aishwarya Rai’s character was mute, I would’ve enjoyed the movie so much more. I mean she looks pretty good (except for that one annoying gun shooting scene where no one shoots anyone where they forgot to blend in her makeup and she looked like a ghost) but they insist on giving her dialogues and I still have nightmares where I hear that annoying giggle … and the “Like why? Sunehri likes.” Anyway did anyone else think they were gonna steal the dinosaur skeleton from the museum in that last big robbery scene? I have to say I was really disappointed when Hatrick announces that he is gonna steal the coin. The coin? I mean after the whole white powder statue thingy with the reflecting diamond (?) I totally expected more. And don’t get me started on the sidekick with his Baywatch family dreams. WTF was that about?

1st ODI

So we won today and it was fantastic to see all those runs scored. Me loves high scoring games especially when Dada does most of the scoring. Anyhoo i was watching NDTV as always and i still don't get why every viewer who calls in with a question doesn't realise he's on national TV and that this isn't the best moment to tell Jadeja or Siddu what he thinks of their batting and how he is/was their biggest fan and the questions they come up with! No originality whatsoever. I mean does NDTV not screen them first to see if they're able to get out a simple sentence without stuttering? Today this one idiot calls in and goes..."Hallooo? hallooo? aah hallooo Jadeja saar. How u r saar? I am your big fan actually from many many years. So my question today phaar u saar is why is Sachin playing in the middle order when we are all knowing that he is vopening besht? Also saar do u think we will get to see next match live?" Wtf? Is Jadeja the I&B minister? Anyway i did feel bad for the guy who said "Aaj India itne dino ke baad accha khela aur hamaara Dada ka aaj comeback tha aur woh 98 bhi score kiya aur hum ne miss kiya" I also went awwwwww when i saw this huge crowd that had gathered to watch the match on this big screen tv outside some shop. I totally know what it feels like to be cricket deprived. Anyway thanks to high speed Internet and the kind people at i get to watch the games.

This is what Sunny Gavaskar had to say about Dada:

"What can one say about Ganguly, other than the fact that he is silencing all those who doubted he had an international career left. He was superb as he carved the Windies bowling as only he can. If this knock doesn’t prove that there was injustice done to him in omitting him from the limited-overs squad, then nothing will. The way he has returned to the Indian team, it could well be a massive irony if his batting and occasional bowling make India rediscover its winning ways and thus end up saving the job of the person who has tried every trick in the book and some underhand ones too to finish the prince of Kolkata’s career."

No one could've said it better!

You can read the whole article here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eye Candy

So I've been invited to be a guest writer on this blog. I feel like Shoba De or something. Anyway I was trying to figure out what I should write about and I'm not really in a cricket rant sort of mood or a 'Pri's high on shopping' sort of mood and there's no burning social issue I need to express my opinion on at the moment so anyway I figured I'd talk about eye candy since it looks like all the bloggers here are female. Anyway this is not just random eye candy. ..It's eye candy in the Indian cricket team. Oh and I will try my best to not talk in the third person cause I realise that can be annoying and I get to do enough of it on my blog. So anyway about our men in blue (and white when they're playing the longer version of the game where they all look super cute) I honestly think they are the best looking team in the world.

Let's start with the super hot Zak shall we? Gorgeous and super intense (especially when he does that top down stare thing at the batsman). I get really happy when he does that beautiful leap in the air before he releases the ball. Such a beautiful sight! Ahem so anyway the slight belly does show up occasionally thanks to his love for Mummyjee's biryani but the boy does manage to lose it each time. He looks hotter in person than on TV. Overall I'd give him a 9 on 10.

Irfi : The cute curly haired boy from Baroda. Good body (my friend Kb can talk about it for hours), adorable smile, likes to say 'like' a lot. He gets an 8.5 (yes I will be using decimal points today)

Kumble : The only guy with a moustache I've ever thought was good looking. Gorgeous jaw line, kind eyes; He had that makeover and sported a French beard for a while when he did the Indigo Nation (was it?) ads, looks handsome without a moustache as well – just a very good looking south Indian boy. He gets an 8.

V.V.S : My favourite batsman and the best looking cricketer in my opinion. He gets a 10!!! I kinda sorta think he looks like Nicholas Cage. Don't laugh. Anyone who remembers the Wisden Cricket Asia cover from a couple of years ago with that black and white close up of his face will know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately he has terrible taste in women. (Have you seen his wife?)

Yuvi : The happening (in his mind) Punjabi boy with his love for C grade actresses. He's pretty decent looking when you can't see his chest hair and when he has his mouth shut (sorry Soupie*) and I guess Westside thinks he's pretty hot. They have him doing these cheesy poses in all their catalogues. He gets a 7. Naah let's make it a 6.5. That aloo bun face doesn't deserve a 7.

Kaifu : Very good features and he just has this niceness about him. If you'd seen the boy walking the ramp at Lakme India Fashion week a few years ago you'd be a fan too. He gets an 8.

Murali Karthik : This one looks hot even when he's bald. He's one of the few cricketers with a fashion sense. Likes to wear Capri pants a lot (?) but can carry it off. He gets an 8 as well.

Lakshmipathy Balaji : Hot!!! No. I'm not joking. In person he is very very good looking. Tall, dark and handsome, big smile, extremely good features, great body. He gets an 8.5

I would talk about Rahul Dravid but he's just gotten too old and honestly I still haven't gotten over the shock of seeing his wedding pictures with that oily side parting flat hair look (what was he thinking?) and I just can't think of him as the cute boy (who's poster I had on my wall about a decade ago) anymore.

And if you're wondering why I haven't talked about my favourite cricketer Dada it's because I respect the man too much to scrutinize his look.

I would really like the players i just talked about to be permanent members of the Indian team. There are presently a few players who are lowering the hotness factor in the team and we must do away with them at once! I'm kidding of course, i don't watch cricket to check out the players. I watch it cause i love the game and i always have but the eye candy definitely doesn't hurt.

* Soupie: My friend who wants to marry Yuvraj Singh. She even has names planned out for their kids, Yamraj being one of them (?)


Happy again :)

I’m in a better mood today… a much better mood cause its not snowing (which is a rarity these days) and I’m totally in love with my new phone and I’ve been playing photographer all morning with everyone at work….u know so when they call me their picture will pop up and I can get all excited (or not so excited), oh and I just ate a lemon poppy seed muffin….it had gotten a bit squishy in my bag but it was still very edible… oh and also my boss is leaving early today so were gonna have a party….and I just discovered some bubble wrap in my drawer….I see hours of entertainment today!

And in other news i’m currently in love with two songs from Salaam e Ishq. One is this super cheerful Punjabi happy shaadi baaraati sort of song that makes u wanna dance and the other is this really sad dard bhari gaana by Kailash Kher. I should have it on my Stickem player pretty soon so u can listen too. :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This one has no Title

So this past week lots of things happened. Some people had heart attacks. Young people are not supposed to have heart attacks. It was scary and sad but things are gonna be okay. And i finally talked to my dad about that thing i needed to talk to him about and i probably wouldn't have if i hadn't spoken to a friend who talked me into it. Oh and did i mention i had been a bitch to this same friend just a few days ago? Anyway i talked to dad and he took it well. Really well. He was really sweet about it and so its gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay. And i just got done with watching 'What about Brian' and it always makes me cry, always. Today, right now i have no idea what i want to do with my life. I have no clue. I'm 23. I should have some clue. Right? But i don't.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A leetle shopping can be so much fun!

So Pri went shopping today!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!

I bought a new phone. It looks like this:

And then i spent about an hour trying to download a Hindi ring tone. I had to look through tons of M.S Subbulakshmi, Lata Mangeshkar and Anu Malik compilations until i finally found a ring tone appropriate song. (Verizon really needs to update their World music options) Neway I felt very NRI at the end of it all. It's a weird feeling. Oh and to make matters worse I'm joining Bollywood dance classes tomorrow. Ahem i know! But it sounds interesting so I'm gonna check it out.
Ooh and i bought my first 350 thread count sheets today. Its this gorgeous deep red and it feels amazing. I feel very Hollywood celeb and super grown up. Ive never actually bought linen before. I could feel the 450 thread count sheets calling my name. But they were too freaking expensive. And hello remember i had to pay for these myself. No daddy's credit card...I don't feel very grown up anymore.
So anyway i was trying to find a picture of it online for u guy(s) and it looks like they also have 1000 thread count sheets. WTF? Oh well, 350 is all i can afford right now and they make me veryyyyy happy.

Happy Pongal :)

P.S. Why dont any of my links work? What am i doing wrong here?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

They came in a big truck. It took the five men all of ten minutes and it was gone.

When they put up the tree a few weeks before Thanksgiving I was surprised. “It’s a bit early, no?” I heard myself asking. I thought the tree was quite ugly….it just had too much happening on it. And then the comments started. “OMG! You guys have your tree up? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” I had to listen to this over and over and over again. Why people felt the need to point out the nine and a half foot tree standing right in front of us was beyond me. Anyway overtime I got used to the tree and it actually started to look less ugly. This one super mean lady said “Wow! Your tree is up huh? I don’t want to be rude or anything but you can totally tell it’s fake!” That was when I lost it. I mean how rude!!! I found myself defending the tree. “Well I think it’s quite pretty”, I lied.
Anyway it’s been two months and Christmas has come and gone but I’ve gotten so used to the tree. It’s actually quite pretty. And I’m not lying this time. It has this aura about it and it makes the whole place look so much warmer. (Almost makes you forget all the blizzards we’ve been having…well maybe not) But now it’s gone and the room feels so empty. All that’s left is the glitter on the floor. :(

Monday, January 08, 2007

12 Days of Christmas - Desi Style

How adorable is this?

Turn off the music (at the bottom of the page) before you play the video. Rabbi and desi Christmas rap dont really gel together.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Conversations at work

P: Why aren’t you wearing your pink Uggs? They would’ve matched.

B: Cause… They would’ve gotten dirty. They’re in the car.

L: What are the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned?

B: These ones

L: Oh Nike?

B: Mm hmm

L: Have u ever owned an echo?

B: No but I’ve heard an echo

L: Really? Me too. I’ve also seen a rainbow!

B: I’ve heard an echo, I’ve made an echo, but I’ve never owned an echo

L: Have you ever yodeled?

Phone rings interrupting the most fascinating conversation of the day!

Oh and earlier that same day,

I don’t remember what we were talking about (and its bugging me cause I can’t stop thinking about it) but I mentioned the Taj Mahal, Oh wait I just remembered.

L: This snow is making me crazy (or something to that effect). And they’re so bad at cleaning the roads here. I should really move to Westminster. They’re really good about cleaning the roads after a snowstorm.

B: You would really move to Westminster because of that?

P: You should move to India. It doesn’t snow there.

B: Yeah. Totally. You can live near the Taj Mahal.

P: I don’t think it’s very clean there. Too many tourists.

L: So this Taj Mahal place. Do you like go there to visit on Sundays… to like worship or something?

P: Bwahahahahaha

P: That’s like me asking you if you go to the Statue of Liberty to hangout on weekends. It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

B: Why? What are the other 6?

P: Um the Great wall, the Pyramids, the Leaning tower, the Eifel tower. Crap! What are the other two? Is the statue of Liberty one?

B: No. I don’t think anything in America is.

B: Crap. We should know this. This is driving me crazy. I’m gonna look it up

2 minutes later

P: Did you find the other two?

B: No

P: How long does it take? Wait I’ll google it.

P: Wow! Why are there so many? None of these are what we said.

L: Do you think Glenwood springs could be one?

B: heeeeeeeee No Linda. I somehow can’t see that on the list

P: Oh look I found it. The other two are the Statue of Liberty (See I told you) and the Hanging gardens of Babylon

B: Where is this hanging garden of Babylon?

P: Um... in Babylon

B: Oh I thought Babylon was like a mythical place or something

P: Bwahahahahaha, a mythical place? Do you also think Jerusalem and Bethlehem are mythical places?

B: Noooooo. I don’t know

Manager walks in.

B: Can you name the 7 wonders of the world at the top of your head?

M: Um no

P: Did you hear what L asked me about the Taj Mahal?

B: No. Isn’t that like some sort of a government building?

P: OMG no! Okay there was this king who loved his wife a lot. Then she died. So he didn’t want to build just a regular tombstone for her so he built the Taj. It’s his declaration of love for her or something!

L: Ohhhh! Hmmm

We learn so much at work everyday! No?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Look what Pri made at work today!

If you click on it you can appreciate the artist's talent better!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The mystery of the switching paintings

So first the good news. I managed to unlock the bathroom door. All it took was a couple of minutes of poking with a dumdum stick (thank you Linda, she also handed me a paper clip before i left work today to use if the stick didn't do the trick) Oh and a dumdum is like a lollipop in case you were wondering. Now for the not so pleasant news. I'm either losing my mind or theres a mysterious person living in my house who likes to rearrange paintings. We have these two paintings that my brother did of that famous picture of the Afghani girl... you know the one on the cover of the National Geographic magazine. They did this search for her some 20 years later or something and then they put that picture on the cover as well. (By the by the second picture isn't very pleasant. She has a moustache and she looks really pissed) Anyway I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about. Oh and funny story one day we had these visitors at our place and my mum always likes to show off pictures of the family and this one lady actually pointed out to these two paintings and asked if they were our relatives. She thought they were simply gorgeous! Americans crack me up i tell ya. Anyway back to the mystery of the paintings. I am 99.99% sure that the older picture was on the left and the new picture on the right. Sometimes i have been a little terrified when Ive caught my reflection in the painting. No not because I'm terrifying to look at (quite the contrary actually) but just cause i can sorta see myself and this scary woman's eyes. Anyway so i was pretty sure what order these paintings were in. A couple of days ago i noticed they had switched places. Yes switched. I have been staying alone at home for the last month and i hear some strange noises sometimes but i figured it was something outside. Now I'm terrified. Even as we speak (okay as i type) i can feel them (yes i feel like its two of them even though its the same woman at two different stages in her life) staring at me almost like they are mad at me for telling the whole world (okay the two people who read this blog) their secret. So if you guys don't hear from me again please notify the National Geographic channel. I'm sure they'd be delighted to cover this story.

P.S. I just baked a chocolate cake (not from was out of a box) and my haunted house smells heavenly. Why hasn't anyone thought of making a perfume that smells of freshly baked chocolate cake? Or have they? Let me know if you've heard of such a thing. By the by the South African commentators are unbelievably biased. I was super annoyed and yelling at them last night. I mean they wouldn't stop with the whole short ball thing. Poor Dada faced two short balls and okay it wasn't a very beautiful sight watching him get hit on the helmet but he played beautifully after that!!! I wonder if the yelling got to the paintings. hmmm ill be quieter tonight. Alright i have to go try my cake. Pray for my safety. K?

Monday, January 01, 2007

This time i had a real reason to go shopping!

So super smart Pri somehow managed to lock her bathroom door from the inside.... while she was outside. It now refuses to open! Luckily there is another bathroom downstairs but it doesn't have fun bath stuff. So that left me with no other option but to go shopping. I love buying soap and shampoo and body wash and face wash and a new toothbrush and all the other fun stuff! Me thinks i should lock myself out of stuff more often! So i had a nice long bath and im ready to watch the 3rd test match. I smell of Issey Miyake (my Christmas gift to myself... supposedly also sold in Shivaji Nagar as 'Iski Maaki' i was so kindly informed by Irbuzz). Alright i'm done rambling for now so u have a super duper New Year!!!