Sunday, November 16, 2008

life as a blind ish person is not easy. i have red eye. i woke up saturday morning and just had it. my left eye was all itchy and watery and generally annoying. i had to not wear contact lenses all weekend. now any normal person would pop on their pair of glasses except i haven't worn mine in a long time. in fact i haven't seen mine in a long time. turns out in the process of moving i had managed to crack one side and then not bothered to replace it.

i spent my saturday in bed. it was easier than you'd think. i woke up every now and then to put eye drops in my eye. very soothing they be. i even made it down the stairs to the kitchen. it helps when you know where everything is. then i wandered over to my couch where i listened to the tv for a bit. turns out my hand knows the remote like the back of my hand.

sunday though i couldn't survive. around late afternoon i had to come up with a temporary solution. some way to be able to watch 'desperate housewives' and 'brothers and sisters' later that night. i popped my contact lens into the one good eye and then managed to locate my pair of cracked glasses. then i was magically able to get the cracked piece to fall out completely so that one side was now completely glass free, all this without injuring myself. then i was able to wear my glasses because due to the fact that the side of the glass that still worked was also the side of my infected eye. at this point i was wearing glasses on one side and contacts on the other except my glasses were so old the power was kinda low. so i could sorta see but not very well. i tried watching tv through my new invention but it was very uncomfortable. i eventually took my glasses off and watched tv with one eye shut. it's harder than you think. i wished i was one of those people who used eye masks to sleep in. that way i could have just cut one eye out and been like a pirate. i also thought about putting cotton over one eye and taping it down with my 'finding nemo' band aids. after all this thinking i got tired. also it had been more than 24 hours since the infection had started. i decided my eye didn't look as red as it did yesterday so i went ahead and put my contact lenses back in. as we speak it's not burning or anything so yay.

i know you're all dying to come up with mean one liners and horrible punny titles to this post. go right ahead. i'm looking at you shenoy saar.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a part of what was promised..

ill get right to it. the new coldplay cd, well it's not really new but it's the last one that came out. anyway i like it and all.. it's just that every time i listen to it something bad happens. twice i have gotten lost while the cd was playing, leading to two different toll violations. another time i was almost haunted. mostly all the bad things that have happened have been driving related but last tuesday i didnt want to take any chances so as i backed my car out of the office parking lot and the evil cd started to play i stopped and did the right thing. i changed the music to something more how you say [?] hopeful and then proceeded to drive home. and that's how obama won.

okay also i helped people decide who they needed to vote for. like my mother. and people at work who don't watch the news. my mother watches the news [mostly anderson cooper because he comes on right after her lifetime movie is over] i just help break it down for her. also i helped clear any doubts she had about emails crazy ladies from her church kept forwarding her. then i registered her to vote and did a dry run with her before she went down to the polling place. there was some confusion about choosing democrat the whole way and then clicking on obama's name for president and those two things cancelling each other out. anyway by the time she and her sister went out to vote they were well trained. yay them!

at work there was this one fool who was convinced she would be arrested if she showed up to vote because of her unpaid parking tickets. first i told her she was stupid to believe that. then i gave her a lecture about setting a good example for all four of her kids. it worked. she went. she was unable to provide me with her 'i voted' sticker so i dont know for sure but ill take her word for it.

so see obama people, i did everything you asked me to do. and more. so please stop sending me email. it's all done. we did it. unless the president elect wants to see me personally i dont need updates. i get those from olbermann. also from that maddow girl who i might have a tv crush on.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

coming soon -

disco's reaction to the obama victory and what this means for liberal fish everywhere.
how disco thinks he might be related to jesse jackson.
how disco's mommy thinks she contributed to the victory.
dada's last test :(
vacation stories etc..

this fake post is an attempt to encourage bloggers everywhere to come out of hibernation. or just come out.
yes we can!

happy birthday ananda enanda.