Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Love in Tokyo [my version]

So i have been getting lots of fan mail asking about the whole "Love in Tokyo - my version" thing i keep talking about. Okay, i haven't but i still need to talk about it before i forget the journey that was 'Love in Tokyo'.
The year was 2005. The days - July 31st & Aug 1st. Pri was travelling to Namma Bengluru to celebrate her Huttida Habba [Janam din for all my Delhi friends. What's with so many people in the capital reading my blog? No no don't stop. Its a good thing but i just think its strange.]
Anyway every time I've been on an airplane a nice old person has sat next to me. The keyword here being OLD. I have no problem with old people. It's just that the ones i sit next to are always the ones that talk the most. You know ... about India and its History and culture... blah blah. And if it's a Desi ajji/ thaatha then its "Beta, where you are from? Where you are going? Why? For how long? Alone you will go aa so far? To meet your huzbend? Vo my gaad! You are naat marry? Why? You are want to marry?" etc... So i had come to accept that this was my air fate which is why i was very surprised to see a decent looking guy show up and sit in the aisle seat. I was overjoyed, I had never sat next to anyone under the age of 60 before. Just then super cute boy [who I'd put kann on even at the airport lobby] walks right up, places his bag on top and takes his seat...the middle to mine. I wanted to die. Anyway i looked up and did my half nod and then went back to reading my in flight shopping magazine. Those have to be read at once you know. Even if you're not planning on buying anything. Just as a precautionary measure cause imagine if its the last magazine you'll ever read. You'd want it to have pretty pictures and all no?
The flight was decent. I couldn't get my TV to work so i poked cute boy [gently] and asked if he could help. He got it to work in less than 2 seconds which made me feel all idiotic. I then proceeded to watch funny movie in Japanese. I couldn't really see what cute boy was watching [believe me i tried] but since he was giggling about the same time i was i figured he was watching the same movie. Fate i tell ya. We had a pit stop at Tokyo for a couple of hours but all the airport shops were closed because it was night time. This is something i have never understood. Its a bloody airport. There are flights at every unearthly hour. Why must they close the shops at night? Huh? huh? huh? So anyway we boarded the plane after the break period. Cute boy hadn't gotten off at Tokyo. [Eouu that was not intended to sound like that] Anyway i was thrilled to see him still seated next to me. Unfortunately it didnt look like the plane was ever going to take off. It was a while before they made the announcement. "We regret to inform you that a cat has escaped from its cage and is now missing. Efforts are on to locate said cat and parts of engine wire and other random objects it could have possibly nibbled on." They made us wait in the lobby because it was getting quite warm inside the plane. We waited for some 4 hours. I kid you not. And then they decided to cancel the flight because 'Hello kitty' was still missing and it was now TOO LATE to fly. [Another thing i never quite get.] So at like 11 pm that night we had to fill out forms for a transit visa. I filled out my form diligently but left the hotel section blank. I asked kind Japanese man who looked like he was in charge and he said " know...hirotoh hoteh" I was like "I'm sorry?" Cute boy then cleared the confusion and told me he meant 'Hilton'. I wrote while cute boy smirked. I looked fondly at cute boy's hair while i waited in line. And suddenly it hit me. I was in Tokyo standing with the cutest boy i had seen in a really long time and we were going to spend the night at this Hiritoh hoteh place. I immediately thought of the movie 'LOVE IN TOKYO' thusly the title and i couldn't stop giggling. I giggled for about 5 minutes straight i think. Cute boy turned around a couple of times but i avoided eye contact each time and pretended i had suddenly developed a cough.

To be continued...


wheeze and cough said...

madam i am being asthma patience
i lovings your stories. .. i laff then i koff ... then i wheese and i koff some more.. then i laff again.. feebly..
please not be writing to be continued....
im not be abled to handle the stresses...
i press and press and press the stesses balls.....
please be writing phast phast

I am the Walrus said...

me too! i mean.. not wheezing and coughing.. but it's definitely a cliffhanger... what happened with the cute boi?

Liquid Oxygen said...

lol!!! that had be completely cracked up =)) esp. the cat part... ROFL!

*control yourself!*


Cute Boi said...

So this is what u r up to these days?

I wonder how u r doing now ;) U R a cute gal too...

nikhil said...

ROFL....u had put KANNU on mean..!! ROFL ROFL...!!!!

Shantanu said...

Ha ha, that was hilarious! And I am feeling soo superior (to your Delhi readers) since I can understand the Kannada you liberally use, having spent my childhood there. :-D

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