Friday, August 08, 2008

since watching pineapple express 24 hours ago i have fallen madly in love with james franco. he would make the perfect neighbour don't you think? at least his character in the movie would. the movie itself wasn't extraordinary or anything but that being said i was totally cracking up the whole time. i left the theater feeling a little high. i would not have been surprised to turn around and find somebody smoking a joint behind me. it was that kind of audience. and yes everyone clapped at the end of the movie. the last time that happened was after 'akeelah and the bee' mostly due to mother who stood up, wiped a tear and started to applaud which then motivated the 5 other people in the theater to join in.

talking about mother she went to watch 'mama mia' again today along with her sister and a bunch of other auntyjees, all ardent abba fans. i refused to go with her both times. the first time she was mad because her sister who she was depending on to go with watched it first day first show with gaysin who had apparently booked tickets weeks in advance. i felt bad for mother but what can i say, i have barely recovered from watching mama mia the musical a couple of years ago. i was sitting between my parents, both of whom were singing along completely off key to the lyrics. i was so glad they had dimmed the lights.

also in response to all 8 of your comments - it is my birthday month. bestow me with your wishes bitches. muah.

Friday, August 01, 2008

it's our favourite month of the year. also our favourite day of the week.

i will be back soon. i'll tell you about the ridiculously long drive back. and the border patrol force who interrogated me. also creepy man on roadside laying hands on shiny new car. also shiny new car. and getting your hair washed for 3 bucks. and the lady with the only nail salon in her town. and things i thought i saw in my rearview mirror. and why there's a piano in our garage. and how it's not fair to fine someone when it's clearly obvious that the only reason they took the ez toll was because they were lost. while you wait patiently for all that and more here's what makes him happy.