Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bahadur - the man behind the crotch digging

Name: Bahadur

Occupation: Traffic coordinator par excellence - Airlines Hotel, Bangalore

Sexual orientation: Bi-curious

Hobbies: Has been known to dig crotch in public during daytime; key lota player in Tivoli's night time band called Just nim Ulsoor lake

Favourite tagline: Reach out and touch someone

Chief activity: Controlling the parking situation in the three main sections of Airlines Hotel namely:

1)Lovers & Dowwers section

2) Family & Friends section

3) Narcotic dealers/politicians/pimps and ho's section

so as to prevent persons in one section from mixing with another section.

Friends: Astrologer swami and Assistant waiters

Services: 1) Will do sholam shaab on request

2) Will locate waiters and direct them towards your car

3) Will locate assistant waiters and instruct them to remove glass lotas and chutney/sambhar cups from on top of your car now that you have decided to exit the premises.

4) Will prevent random parkers [who like to make use of Airlines Hotel's free parking while choosing to hang out in Java city, Bangalore club etc] from illegally parking on the premises.

5)Will blow whistle magnificently whilst providing splendid reversing instructions


Anonymous said...

U invited us all from TGFI's blog, right? ;):P
Btw, I wanna see this Bahadur guy.. foto pls... :D

Pri said...

Yes you have come to the right place. This is the new crib for T_G_F_I's annonymous

Bikerdude said...

Ewesless fellow he is. A crow pooped in my tea just as the waiter brought it and he blew his whistle at the crow.

He IS rather touchy feely now that you mention it!

subbu said...

if u look at it.. he has the skills of a air traffic controller

im funny so im hairy said...

i heard that he is going to srilanka to play in the rock band.. lankan park

that girl in pink said...

he he! i'm gonna look at him in a new light now.

bikerdude said...

Boss, youre coming to Aerosmitha concertaa?

Bikerdude said...

Pri said...
Boss aeroplane ticket kalstheera?
Nimige free concert ticket + free date! Enantheera?

Bikerdude said...
Where y'all went men? I thought some Kyatsandra Kormangla you will be sitting.

Hows this for an idea: I'll watch the concert myself and tell you all about it ok? ok.

Ambooj Tiwari said...

Damn, u r funny, alright!!!...take this for the next 100 hundred posts here that i am gonna devour (that is if I can keep my attention span going)...and yup, u inspired me to do a series on Delhi bus conductors (disclaimer: inspiration doesn't exactly mean i will do it, blame it on attention span + motivation issues...only i think, they were 'curiously bi' (...though i would have to take a gal's perspective on this)....and of course the "young man-eating/assaulting aunties' would be another perennial favorite

Sonia said...

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