Monday, November 13, 2006

Things about Pri you didn't know [and after you're done reading this you'll wish you never knew]

Bishen Singh Bedi’s son is a model and he also hosts a cookery show . I realise this isn't in any which way related to me but i still think it's important you know.

When I was in the theatre watching ‘Hum aapke hain kaun’ there was a bomb hoax during the interval. [Yes yes isn’t it incredible how much brave little Pri had to go through at the tender age of 11?]
The first time my mum saw my dad she thought he was the plumber.
I have never watched Sholay from beginning to end and I don’t care.
Anil Kumble is the only man with a moustache I have ever found good looking.
I have been pulled over 4 times since being in this country and have gotten tickets only twice.
There actually exists a Doordarshan for NRIs and I get it.
I hated going to ‘Doctrine’ class in school because the ‘Moral Science’ class for non Catholic studens was wayyy more interesting. [They had cool debates on controversial topics and lots of free hours......the whole time i was being taught the seven Holy sacraments by the evil Mallu nuns.]
I win lots of radio contests. My recommendation on this one radio contest helped to singlehandedly increase sales at the Bangalore planetarium by 50%. [I have no actual proof of the stats I just quoted.]
I think Waheeda Rehman is the most beautiful Indian actress ever.
I dreamt that Rajeev Gandhi had died a day before he actually died [I’m not lying I promise.]
Some of my career choices in no particular order were teacher, first female cricket commentator [before that West Indian b*t*h beat me to it], sports writer, Miss India, advertising genius, actress.
At the one and only children’s summer camp I ever attended they taught us Yoga, Calligraphy, Tai Chi, Bhajans and Philosophy.
I learnt the Gayatri Mantra from watching Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi.
I found out about Sushmita Sen winning Miss Universe while watching TV at an Iyengar Bakery in Chickmanglur where my cousin and i were waiting to pick up our tutee fruity bread.
Ooty Chocolates are my favourite chocolates in the world.
My Spanish teacher looked like Tom Selleck.
My grandfather believed my mum was a reincarnation of her aunt.
I have a niece who is part American, Finnish, African American, Burmese and Srilankan. My computer thinks I spelled Srilankan wrong,
Barkha Dutt makes me feel incredibly stupid but I love her.
I fall in love with random famous people as soon as I’ve watched them on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.
I was bitten by my own dog and he then died………..of rabies. [No. This isnt why im such a bitch.]
I love white carnations ooh and pink ones and sometimes yellow ones.
I learnt Bharatanatyam for six years.
I made friends with a duck my parents had brought home and then one day it was missing…….I didn’t know I had eaten it the previous day for Easter.
The first poem I ever wrote was about Chennai.
I insisted my mum make the exact same outfit Juhi Chawla wore in ‘Jaadu teri nazar’ for me.
I don’t throw up……like ever.
I absolutely love break chocolate and crackel [I think that’s how it’s spelled] from the kaaka angdi near my house.
I cried when Saakshi’s dad in Kanyadaan [this soap I used to watch on Sony] died.
I wrote this entire list while watching Sooraj Bharjatiya talk about his last five movies in detail……….in great detail on MTV Desi………. Did you know that he was the brain behind the ‘chi chi chu chi chi chu’ line in the ‘Wah Wah Ramji’ song???????????? Huh? Huh? Well now you know!

:) This was very enjoyable for me and I’m so sorry you had to read all of it :)


siddarth said...

u owe me 10 bucks($). my eyes started hurting after i read this naansense. u have to pay me for this. i cant even comment on this..

sid said...

n by the way, i knew all of this... n i know more... u want me to reveal ur dark secrets.... hahahahaha hahahaha (ravan laugh)

Pri said...

aah u wouldn't dare. i know way more about u then u will ever know about me..

siddarth said...

ok lets ve a bet on that... n i'll embarass u on ur blog... sounds good to me... is that a deal??