Thursday, November 09, 2006

Conversations outside a Delivery room

and by delivery room i mean a hospital delivery room know... where babies are born... except i'm not sure if that is where the delivery will take place cause the last time i was in there they were just getting ready to do some sort of um inspection.... so i left and now i'm not quite sure what to do with myself so anyhoo i've found this nice little break room where i'm setting up my laptop and getting ready to do my homework... after i check my email and orkut messages of course.
Ooo super looks like the hospital does have wireless connection although i wonder if using it to orkut is okay...hmm.. oh well it's too late... a few minutes later i feel a tap on my shoulder and S1, S2 and auntyjee walk in.... "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! so what's happening?"
Pri:"umm i'm not really sure.. they're doing an inspection but the doctor said it was almost delivery time..."
S1: "Oh wow!!! so where's T?"
Pri:"He's inside too..."
S2:"hee hee i hope he doesn't faint this time..."
Auntyjee:"kya hua? doctor ne kya bola?"
Pri:"sab kuch theek hain aunty.. don't worry"
Auntyjee:"I was soooo worried u know beta.. from morning..i can't see her in pain..."
S1:"Yaar khaane mein kya hain?"
S2:"Abe andar bechaari baccha paida kar rahi hain aur tumhe abhi khaana hain?...vaise mein Chipotle se kuch leke aaya hu aur daroo ka stock bhi hain.."
S1:"to de na yaar...Priya, tum kya homework kar rahi ho?"
Pri:"i dont really think i can get anything done...i just brought it with me you know... in case were still here and it's morning...but i think i'll just go home and do it"
S2:"Kya homework hain? Can i see?"
Pri:"Sure, i have to do some sorta critical analysis of what this one philosopher thinks of this other dude's theory of what caused dinosaurs to become extinct... feel free to help"
S2:"Aren't you doing Finance?"
Pri:"Yes... but i need a bunch of non business classes in order to graduate."
S2:"Oh! This is harder than Ms also. hehe hee"
Pri:"So did you guys bring anything for entertainment purposes? This could be an all night thing you know..."
S2:"Entertainment purposes? hmmm hey you want to learn French? There's this new website where they teach you.. it's cool"
Pri:"um sure.. we have nothing better to do anyway..." looks over at auntyjee...."Aap theek hain aunty?"
Nervous looking aunty:"Haan.. pata nahi kya ho raha hain andar..."
Pri shakes her head....wonders if she should hold aunty's hand.......decides against it...
S1:"Chal yaar moo to meetha kar sakte hain.." looks longingly at week old Indian sweets....
Pri:"hee hee eat eat...even though it's a bit early"
nurse enters delivery room......comes out......goes in again.....second nurse enters....
Pri:"hmm there are like 3 or 4 nurses in there now..."
S1:"Wooow did u see that? nurse ek chota sa weighing machine leke gayi andar...You guys think delivery is over aa?"
Auntyjee closes eyes tight..starts praying...
S2 sniggering....mouth still full of sweets
S1:"Hey looks like nurse hamaare liye darwaaza thoda khula rakhi hain.. chal sunthe hain"
We walk towards the door and can actually hear mommy to be screaming....Pri doesn't think she should be listening to this...auntyjee starts chanting....S1 rubs S2's shoulders....receives strange look from Pri
10 minutes later screaming gets louder...aunty is now furiously chanting....everyone looks nervous.....S1 claims he has heard a baby screaming...
Pri:"Dude that didn't sound like a new must've been some other random kid"
10 minutes later we do hear a baby cry... Pri feels like she's part of a movie set....
Auntyjee's eyes fill with tears. lots of cheering and badhai hos and then shouts of shhh i want to hear what the doctor is saying..
5 pounds 11 ounces... 19 and a 1/2 inches long.... has her mum's eyes...
Proud dad comes out looking a bit dazed. "Guys, i can't believe what i just saw"
Lots of hugging takes place...
Auntyjee wants to go in so is taken in while the three of us wait for our turn
S2:"Chal yaar, champagne kholte hain.."
Pri:"yes yes"
S2 opens bottle carefully as S1 warns him not to aim at microwave..
S2 opens bottle and pours three glasses.
S1:"Arre where are the bubbles yaar?"
S2:"hmm i dunno... i think you get bubbles only if you shake it a lot before opening"
S1:"No no, you get some bubbles atleast in your glass"
Pri:looking at label on bottle"um guys this isn't champagne......S1 why have you bought cognac? heeeeeee heeeeeeee"
S1:"Oh my god! really? no wonder no bubbles....hmm how to drink this? chal lets open the wine"
20 minutes later were allowed to go see the mum and baby.... They both look great...The baby is being monitored and there are some random numbers that keep blinking......
S1:"Aich. Why is her weight going on increasing so fast? Is it the air or the more she breathes her weight goes up aa?"
S2:"abe stooopid it's the time!!!"
S1:"oh hee hee"
S1 to baby's mummy "So are you ready for next one now?"
Baby's mummy glaring:"Will someone get this idiot out of here?"
T:"After what i saw today i think we have to wait a while before the next one.."
Baby's mum:"After what you saw???? What about me???? What about what i went through????"
S1 S2 gulping down more wine.....looking at Pri "So who's next now? "
Pri:"Hmmm first find me my cricketer chef orphan boy...and then wait 15 years..."
S1 S2:"Oh my god... this is never going to happen...looking at baby's mummy "I guess it's gonna be you again"
Baby's mummy:"TTTTTTTT take these two out of here NOW!!!"

hmmm Good times :)


siddarth said...

were u typing this while it was happening? sounds like a live update.

Pri said...

yeah this was good practice for my life as a commentator...
and most were mental notes ... typed a few hours later.