Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Week

Let’s see what I’ve accomplished this week. Hmmmmmm absolutely nothing really………

This lady at work got fired. Me thinks it was about 6 years too late……….. So we all went out to celebrate (yes I know were evil but if you’d met her you’d get it)

Ooh what else? I ran out of gas on my way to class the other day (I know…… Who does that?) It’s never happened to me before though…………….which is surprising since I’m my dad’s daughter. He has been known to do that all the time…Anyway I was late for class and was convinced I could make it to Boulder with just my sheer will power and mind controlling techniques (I should’ve known better considering it didn’t work on Irfan and Munaf last weekend) …………I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry when my car started to slow down right in the middle of the freeway… I looked around sheepishly and this nice old man was kind enough to help push my car to the side of the road so I wouldn’t you know get run over. And he told me to go to the fire department which was {very conveniently for me} right across the street. They supposedly always have a ready supply of gas for silly people like me. He asked me to turn my emergency lights on which of course he had to ahem locate for me. I kept turning my wipers on (It’s funny now but I was super embarrassed then) ughhhh I hate being the damsel in distress…so anyway I walked over there and I had no idea how to get into the blessed building so I walked around until I came back to the same spot and voila there was a door bell right there with a big sign (please ring only once) and so I did………only once…..and this incredibly cute guy and this other dude (I don’t remember what he looked like) opened the door and I explained my um situation to them. They were like “oh, no problem” … so 'other dude’ went to get the can while cute boy chatted with me about umm gas heeeeeeee and then the conversation moved on to India cause he wanted to know where I was from and then he wanted to know how I spoke English so he was given a crash course on the education system in India and he was amazed they taught English in school when we had all these other languages to learn and so I told him how it was Rajyotsava today and explained to him how Bangalore was now Bengaluru….then ‘other dude’ came back with the can interrupting our wonderful conversation although he did help me fill my car and then he even waited until it started. The weird part though was the whole time I kept thinking of how I could go home and blog about this.?????? I guess it’s cause I’m still so new to blogging…..I really don’t want to turn into this person who stops using her brain in critical situations cause in her head she’s already writing about it………

Hmm what else happened? They killed off Ekko on LOST…… Pri really liked him :(

I made my khatarnaak pepper chicken on Friday………

I found my favourite nail polish in Beauty Brands the other day. I was super thrilled cause it had been out of stock for so long. (‘midnight at linkin park’ I think is what it’s called)

I spoke to two of my friends in Bangalore after a really long time…….one conversation was happy :) and the other sad :(

I told this one guy that I sorta had a crush on him….which is a huge achievement for me (does 00AA11Z ring a bell? No? See me for any clarifications)

So I guess that was my week….. apart from the usual monotonous college and work routine of course…..


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sid said...

sounds like juss another day in priya's life.. hey ....pssst psst.. y don u write about all the baaaaayzz u've had a crush on, n all the stupid things u've dun about it... it'll be fun to read ur take on all o dat. n yeah.. bout u stalking the cricketers.