Saturday, January 16, 2010

there was this blog i used to read years ago. like say 2005? 2006? i don't remember how i had found it but it was really funny. it was about this boy who lived in the us. he was studying i think and he couldn't cook but he'd try and there was this accident, i want to say with a pressure cooker? and he had roomates. i wish i could remember more. this was back in the day. i knew like 4 blogs. em, filter kaapi, lazy geek and tea kadai. does this sound familiar to anyone? help me find this blog. i dont know why but it's suddenly become very important. kthnxbai.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

lots of exciting things have happened since i last blogged.

i now take vitamins. like every day.

after half a dozen people, no one else at the office has gotten pregnant thank god! this is the best thing that could have happened because seriously i thought we were jinxed.

i have managed to alienate more family members. yay for me!

i have gotten over my obsession with fiesta brand oven roasted cornflakes and now i eat things that are not cornflakes along with things that are.

gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet came out. i know! not to me yet though. i'm supposed to pretend i don't know. he came out to my other cousin who was visiting. he just randomly told her on the way back from the airport and she was like what?? apparently he's known for 5 years which is odd because i've known for at least 8. i'm so happy for him though and this means i officially have a gay person in the family which is very exciting.

also american idol is back! yay. also back are the manipulative back stories. just in the first episode they showed us hallelujah girl with the 4 brothers with down syndrome, girl whose favourite grandma has alzheimer's, boy who had cancer and boy who broke both his arms when he fell out of a tree. now for me, hands down, boy who fell out of tree won that round. he had really bad teeth though but i forgave him because i imagine it must be really hard for him to hold a toothbrush. plus he got points for still smiling a lot, and he could sing!

my favourite simon comment from episode 1 - "you sing like a 3 year old girl and you're dressed like latoya jackson with a beard." all true.

happy 2010 everyone. stay happy this year. drink lots of orange juice and bounce a lot.

p.s. the spam comments have gotten ridiculous lately! i think i might have to get word verification. ugh! i know. and i realize sometimes they can be tricky but you can always say pass or something and you get up to five tries i think so you'll be okay. i'm confidant in your abilities to read and understand gibberish.