Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some questions for my boss

What are you hiding in your office?
Why do you lock your door every time you step out even if its just to rearrange the plant that's not positioned right?
Why do care so much about plant positioning?
Have you always been this annoying?
Do you know what it means to shut the fuck up?
Why do you love dead people's clothes so much?
Can you stop scratching your wannabe beard?
Would you see someone about that adult acne?
Could you not talk to me?
Can you read all the crap i write on the office email?
Why cant you answer your freakin cell phone?
Why haven't you fired me yet?
You know you cant tell jokes right?
You know you cant do accents right?
Can you stop with the hovering?
Do you think its a coincidence your initials are BS?
Could i get tomorrow off?
Why is your wife still with you?
How did you get her to marry you?
Could you fire that annoying slutty bitch who works in the corner?
Have you considered yoga to relieve your stress?
Have you considered cocaine?
Is that what you hide in your office?
Were you dropped on your head repeatedly as a child?
Why do you talk like that?
What's that sound you make at the end of all your sentences?
Did you eat Pad Thai again for lunch today?
Do you know what bhenchod means?
Do you know how ridiculous you sound?
Could i get a raise?
This is a new series called 'Some questions for ...' and you get to pick a person and ask them a bunch of questions you've always wanted to ask them and then you tag someone else.
I tag BM, Kaushik, Once Again and TGFI.


C. said...

LOL, your boss is really a subject for you, isn't he?

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. my first time here and I already like your blog.. :)
I like this series and I might pick up this tag.. :)

Btw, landed here from Lajjo's(TGFI's) blog...

I am the Walrus said...

umm... why weren't dhubhra and deepa tagged?

Kaushik Gopalan said...


The Bride said...

Why am I not tagged? Is it because I don't do anything the last time you tagged me??? Hmph!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i think this emo music on the blog should be "off" by default and turned on only if so desired by reader.

/runs for her life

Pri said...

@ Lahore mein Geeta: Yes he would make a great case study.

@ Hasmukh: Yay you like! And i thought you seemed familiar. You're that spammer from her blog arent you?

@ I am the uterus: Are you dhubhra or deepa? No seriously, i'm still confused who's who.
And abracaDHUBHRA you're tagged too!

@ Unglejee: Good boy!

@ LazyAssDulhan: Um ya!

@ T_G_F_I: You can stop running. Did u do the poll?

Indianoguy said...

Like the new look.. its easy on the eyes

Celestine said...

hey was up I love your site and I think its cool, it realy hows your personality. I just created a site If you would Like to check it out its at

Anonymous said...

Did u do the poll?

I meant to but i can't find an option that says "none of the above", or better still, "the music err. is not my types". :p

Anonymous said...

tag done.
KG, you did this tag before you did mine??? :@

Pri said...

@indianoguy: yay! i amaze myself with my template changing skills.

@celestine: thanks for visiting.

@T_G_F_I: yeah thats not an option! u have to like the music.
and about the tag im so impressed with all u phd types doing it so promptly! good for u!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ajnabi said...

Do you know what bhenchod means?
f#$% man, that was that one #$%^ing question? sexcellent.

La vida Loca said...

some qs apply for my boss as well

Dreamer said...

Apparently girls can be funny too :P

With all due respect to Rogers, I've never met a girl, who is this funny :)

Anonymous said...


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