Saturday, June 28, 2008

we're tired, disco and me. YOU entertain us. got any good blogger gossip? or let's pretend the year is 1999 and this is an icq chat room. remember those?

Monday, June 16, 2008

dasavataleharate - some questions for whoever else paid cash money to go watch this crap.

1. why was giant ear-holed ajji clinging to the body of clay faced jaggesh lookalike at the end? does anyone know what that was about? did she assume they were related since they both had chapathi hittu faces?

2. this asin person, will she be giving up her acting career soon in order to marry some type of south indian producer/director? i'm just saying this would be one instance where i would absolutely support the giving up of a career to contribute to marital bliss.

3. wasn't jay leno's appearance like such an awesome surprise? who knew he could act?

4. how many monkeys do you think were killed during the making of this movie?

5. was anyone else disappointed that jayalalitha was played by jayalalitha?

6. how many tamil speaking japanese women do you think auditioned for the role of the hero's traitor friend's wife with the kick boxing talent?

7. do you think jains and parsis everywhere are offended that kamal didn't take the time to stereotype someone from their community?

8. the part about the cancer being destroyed by the bullet, that was by far my most favourite idea stolen from another b grade movie.

9. can i sue funasia cinemas for not informing me prior to entering the movie hall that the movie was in telugu and that it had no subtitles?

10. did anyone else take the day off to recuperate from this movie? no? just me? it's mother's birthday also so i had two reasons.

p.s. guess what today is? the premiere of weeds season 4. i have no idea why but i get showtime now. i'm not subscribed to it or anything but it's working so i get to watch weeds tonight. omg i'm going to die. the excitement is killing me. suck it khal.

alright alright ill record it and mail it to you if you beg.

oh and 'the happening'. loved it. shymalan wasn't in it though which made me very upset. other reasons i was upset - i had to sit on the stairs [carpeted and all with a little bit of pop corn thrown in for decoration/or emergency snack] because there were no seats left, which was why they weren't selling tickets to the show anymore but brother and i being as determined as we were to watch it bought tickets to kung fu panda and snuck into 'the happening' anyway. totally worth it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

you know how at the bottom of a web page it'll sometimes say 'previous entries'? well for some reason every time i see one of those i think it says 'previous entrées' and then i get really hungry. does this happen to anyone else?

also why didn't anyone tell me i was insane to think driving from la to denver and denver to houston would be a fantastic idea? i just mapquested it and turns out i can save 9 hours if i just drove from la to houston. i could just fly to denver on the way to la. see! much simpler. thanks for nothing blaudience.

kp - contact baby vyjayanti and puppy manohar asap. they're supposed to set us up since we're the same person and all. [p.s. do you have a ba type person in your family who can make awesome besan ladoo?]

i hung out with three little kids today for almost 20 minutes and i did not have the urge to pick one up and fling it across the room. not even when one threw a tissue at me. not even when one was like "where are your kids?" and i was like "what? do i look old enough to have kids?" and she was like "yeah." not even then. what the hell is wrong with me? when did i suddenly learn to be patient and appreciate little people? [rbr this does not mean i want to have babies. please do not offer me any sperm.]

overheard at the office

male co worker - so have you gotten it done yet?

female co worker - no. i'm still waiting. maybe in a few weeks.

you should just do it.

yeah. i mean i really want to.

so you're just gonna wait till you're hotter?

hehe. no! [brushes hair to side]

at this point i'm dying to know what they're talking about. i've already come up with a dozen or so inappropriate subjects that they could be discussing. a boob job [not that she needs one] some type of body piercing. i did not however think it was the air conditioning in her car. oh and apparently he said "wait till it's hotter" not "wait till you're hotter."

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

it's 8pm and cnn has a projection

Dear Barack Obama,



disco and pri.

p.s. don't pick her as your running mate. i know they'll try to talk you into it but don't do it. you don't need her. you have disco and me. and olbermann.

Monday, June 02, 2008


i just got back from watching the sex and the city movie. i highly recommend it. the fashion is fabulous. you will want everything. well almost everything.

first of all the blue manolo blahniks were beaUtiful.

i loved them the moment i saw her take them out of the box and i was glad they got to play an important role in the movie. right at the end mother got all excited. she was like ooh do you think he hid the ring in the shoe? it's kind of sad when you have to explain to someone that the shoe IS the ring.

i counted 4 boys in the entire theatre. the one in my row was shhhed by the girlfriend when he snickered at an inappropriate moment. i was curious to find out what he had been promised in exchange for showing up.

our audience was very vocal right from the start. there were lots of oohs and aaahs and awwwwing and gasping at various stages of the movie. 'even HBO presents' got loud applause. mother added to the noise level with her comments. according to her every other outfit was "OUTRAGEOUS!" and "TOO MUCH, MY GOD!". she did say she liked the movie though except for all the sex parts. yes she was made aware of the title before we entered the hall and no she has never watched an episode of sex and the city.

charlotte's little chinese kid was super adorable.

samantha's hot naked neighbour was seriously hot!

i still don't get what's so great about big.

i decided at the end that i could potentially consider marriage [key word here being 'consider'] if it came with THAT closet. and i'm not even talking all her clothes, although that wouldn't be so terrible, but just that closet he built for her.

favourite fashion moments - the giant flower dress right at the beginning, charlotte's dress to the wedding plus all the stunning gowns for carrie's vogue shoot. i cannot believe she chose the vivienne westwood gown. it was my least favourite of the lot.

p.s. i changed my outfit twice before i left the house to watch this movie. then i decided i wasn't wearing enough colour so i decided to take along my printed silk dark green bag. i'm silly like that.

also after watching the movie i was inspired enough to dig out some heels to wear to work tomorrow. i usually wear pointy flats or ballet flats or some type of comfy sandals to work but tomorrow i will be wearing my heels. just for tomorrow. i feel like i owe it to them. them being fashionable people everywhere? i don't know. good nite.