Sunday, November 05, 2006

Conversations with daddy

Spoke to dad today...the usual sunday night phone call. i hit the tv record button as soon as i heard the phone ringing (i think lynnett gets shot on tonight's episode of DH)........
dad "hi ma? what ur doing?"
pri "hi daddy, watching tv"
dad "how much tv u watch?"
pri "hee hee, what did u do yesterday?"
dad "aiyyo, i ate nice biryani, then i thought oh ill watch good match today. they were playing well in the beginning, those fellows were belting the aussie bowlers u know. ..the way that Gayle was batting i thought they'll reach off some 350 - 400..then suddenly they all started getting out one after the other"
pri: "heee heee....then what else u did pa?"
dad: "oh did i tell u that day i bought two small turtles....i had put in the pond u know.......first few days they were swimming nicely"
dad: "but now i see and they're missing.....i mean i dunno where they went ma... they cannot climb the wall to escape also no.....i dunno maybe they are hiding behind the rocks or something........oh and the fish no they have become so fat....heh hehe"
pri:"heeeeeeeee fat? they've become fat? the fish?"
dad:"ya actually if they were in an aquarium they would look so nice.......but why all that.....who will clean and all? extra work....."
dad:"u want anything from here ma?"
pri:"why pa? what you bought?"
dad:"actually i had bought one tee shirt u know with that bcci round symbol and one more with jammy"
pri:"with jammy? u mean it has his face on it aa?"
dad:"no ma, just at the bottom it has his signature"
pri:"heee oh ok......i dont like jammy anymore pa. send ganguly tee shirt"
dad:"aaha that eediot's tee shirt u want? so silly u are."
pri:"hee hee, ok pa send it."
dad:"aah ok ok. go study now aa.. be a good girl"
pri:"ok. bye daddy"
dad:"bye ma"

u'd think i was twelve......i guess for my dad 23 or 12 no difference.....:)


soupie said...

some of us dont live in america...
Desperate Housewives season 3 hasnt started in the fuckin UK..
dont let the cat out of the bag grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

soupie said...

but lovin-eet the unclie je's comments..
while i was readin it i cud imagine him sayin it na du actin all hee yess dadeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i've had a conversation with mr patrick too. it goes like this:

sid: hello
mr.patrick: YELLOW
sid: hu's this?
mr.patrick: WHO R U I SAY?
sid: u called me dude,
so u tell me hu u r.
mr.patrick: OH!! I THOUGHT U
sid: no
mr.patrick: OK (click)

n 3 hours later i understand the conversation, after priya, daddy's girl calls me n explains what really happened.

sid said...

oh yeah... n how can i forget the conversation with pri's mommy....