Thursday, November 30, 2006

and she went blah blah blah, pause, blah blah blah...

I must warn u...this post may not make much sense.

It's 1:37 am. i should be asleep and dreaming right now, part 2 of last night's dream would be nice... i hate incomplete dreams, they suck!
i made pineapple souffle! it didn't come out great though... not sweet enough. so my friend is visiting from india. I'm super excited...the whole going to the airport to pick up your friend coming all the way from India. It's been so long since i talked to one of u guys and ended the conversation with k, ill see ya tomorrow then... but i got to do it today with A :)
So u guys must've heard that Dada's back in the team. If we were in Bangalore we would've gone out to hanging out in Airlines for some 3 hours straight...ooh ooh it's Pri's first month blogging anniversary! yayyyyy!!! its sorta weird though... i guess i'm not sure yet how honest i want to be... its not the safest place u know...but i think ill get first i was very concerned with how i sounded. u know there are all these people with their super smart blogs with discussions on politics and technology and ooh i dunno poverty elimination...i feel like i sound like a twelve year old! i do, don't i?
so my mum leaves for India tomorrow...for two months!!! so it's going to be just me, all alone...well after my friend leaves and my aunt and uncle tolg...
i'm going to pretend its my penthouse apartment in New York.
its almost December. i cant believe this year is over. i know we say this every year but honestly this year just flew by. i don't think i liked it very much to be honest. i think i was less confused about wgat i wanted to do at the beginning of the year.
i wish i was still 17
i haven't heard from C in a while. i hope she's okay. i guess i could call her.. she'd be at work right now though.
so anyway wats with them naming vvs vice captain? i mean till dravid got injured he wasn't even in the team...
did ull like my pic of vvs? big enough for u? heeeeeeeeeeee yes yes wat can i say. the man is hot!
i went shopping for a gift for my dad today. bought him some Burberry perfume. is it okay to say perfume if its for a guy?
i'm in a weird mood right now. can u tell?
i know its time i should go to bed when my contact lenses start behaving like they're behaving right now.
so we lost again today huh? ndtv says its an improvement though.. only by 80 runs or was it 70? wat have we come to?


kb said...

hehehe mad!! even i was sooo excited wen u came here.... exactly how ur feelin for miki!!!!

SID said...