Wednesday, January 21, 2009

obama day

so it finally happened. and it was very special.

it's been a whole year since disco and me fell madly in love with obama so we were very very proud yesterday. i wasn't in washington for the inauguration because due to the fact that it was freezing cold and i dont do boots. or hats. it's why i moved the hell out of denver. also i have a job to report to where they so kindly provide us with heating and lukewarm coffee. more importantly they got a flat screen tv in the building. i'm glad though that when i did get the opportunity to be in the same room as obama i showed up. i can say to my neighbours' grandkids some day - "i was a part of it." sniff.

in related news i approved of the first lady's jason wu gown. i thought she looked lovely. heck i wouldn't have minded if she had worn ten different designers to the ten inaugural balls. i know we're in an economic crisis and all but it's not really a waste of money if the dress is free no so what everybody's problem IS?

and how cute was old man bushy eyebrows with his colourful rhyming prayer? be seeing.

for comedy moment of the day i cant decide between aretha franklin's giant bow or dick cheney in his wheelchair.

p.s. john stewart on fox news' obsessive coverage of bush's journey back home to texas while every one else was watching obama day - "let it go. it's over. if u love an administration let it go. if it comes back to you we're all moving to canada."

p.p.s. if you're new and want to catch up on the love story between disco and obama go here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


anyone watch anoop desai on american idol? macchan boy was wearing awkward length shorts, some silly checked shirt and hawai chappals to his audition but he can sing. i would attempt to find a video link for you but it might be too early and i'm sure our good friends at sepia mutiny will have an in depth analysis on simon's comment soon followed by a poll on what percentage of brown people were offended. he said "your look is very geeky at the moment. you look like you just got out of a meeting with bill gates or something ... you know, very i.t.." i predict the boy will be hot after a mini makeover and he'll probably do okay if he picks the right songs and covers them hairy legs.

anyone watch the other idol? indian idol? i watch mostly for javed akhtar. he is most hilarious and he always looks in pain.

some gems from this season's auditions -

boy has just sung decently. is about to be sent to the next round when he says sir sir mera ek khud ka composition bhi hain....

javed akhtar: khatron me mat pado! jao.

fool singing: kaaton ne foolon ne mujhko bulaaya........

javed akhtar: aapko nahin pataa ke fool bevakoofon ko kehte hain or phool flower ko? yeh aap foolon ki raani gaa rahein hain. kya gadhon ki raani hain bevakoofon ki rani hain? kiski rani hain woh?

contestant has been singing completely out of tune for a whole minute when javed akhtar interrupts him to say:

mein ek baat ki guarantee de saktha hu aapko. ke yeh tune jo hain, shankar ehsan loy ki, jab tak aapne 'mein hu don' nahin kahaan tha tab tak woh bhi nahin pehchaan paatein ke yeh woh gaana hain. maine likha, magar main bhi pakad nahin paaya tha.

besura boy is howling while making strange tornadoesque hand movements.

javed akhtar: main ek baat notice ki ke aap sirf ek haath se gaate hain.

nervous looking boy enters room.

javed akhtar: kya sunaanewaala hain aap?

boy: gaana sunaunga

javed akhtar: haan aap gaane hi sunaayenge. mausam ka haal to sunna nahin hain hamein. yeh bataayiye ke gaane mein kya sunaayenge?

boy: jo soch rakhaa hain woh

javed akhtar: soch rakha woh hi sunaayenge? bahut matlab aap information aise dete hain jaise kanjoos udhaar detaa hain, badi mushkil se.

boy asks javed akhtar for ashirvad.

javed akhtar: zaroor zaroor mera aashirvaad hain. bhagwaan aapko sur mein le aaye.

p.s. this masakali song is lovely no but wateetees?

last season's indian idol post if you're super bored.

Monday, January 05, 2009

my list

it's a new year. this year everything will be different. no really. vast changes will take place in my life. by changes i of course mean improvements.

this year i plan to work on my handwriting. no one can read it anymore. not even me. also i plan to eat lots of watermelon and read more. real books. not blogs with no punctuation.

i plan to find a new celebrity to be inspired by this year. most of last year i spent watching obama attempt to begin to change the world. i can't imagine how dreadfully boring 2008 would have been without him and his stunning family.

i will continue to watch lots of movies. even more than last year. thank you netflix and amc and edward cinemas and bollywood cinema 6 and angelika.

if it snows one more time in houston i will fucking move someplace else. that was not funny.

i will help gaysin come out.

i will finally buy some anti virus for my laptop.

i will visit the motherland.

i will feed disco because i love him like a son.