Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Entertainment Update!

So Asha Bhosle has a new album featuring Brett Lee, Urmila and Sanjay Dutt! wtf? Did she just pull random celebrity names out of a hat?

I know this is lame but I watch Nach Baliye. What was with the drama in the last episode? Swetha and everyone else weeping. You'd think her husband was dying of some strange disease or something. He's just been advised rest for a month! So Hiten and Gauri survived another week. Those two can't dance for nuts seriously it's unbelievable how bad they are. When i was in India I'd be so upset that i couldn't vote for American Idol 'Voting for residents of USA only' and now it's worse. I watch Nach Baliye and it says 'Voting in India only'! Yes like i said I'm lame.

And on 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki' they actually took the trouble to explain why Parvati still looks young. Plastic surgery anthe..for no rhyme or reason.

Oh and the city on 'Heroes' which is supposedly 'Madras' looks like some scientific experiment gone very very wrong. Lots of Tibetian looking people and Hispani people and the occasional lady with the ginormous Bindi roam around with blank expressions on their faces... the streets are filled with surma wearing flower sellers?? I crack up everytime they show ahem 'Madras University'!

I watched 'Nacho Libre' last weekend. Pretty funny. Not to miss the love letter with the big kiss little kiss big hug little hug. Jack Black was awesome and his weird boxing partner reminded me of that alien monkey from Lord of the Rings!


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Your previous template was much better.. this one is so difficult to read.

Pri said...

Well i think it's pretty...
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