Friday, October 10, 2008

is there such a thing as carom board powder because i swear just now i could smell it on this guy. i wanted to warn him of the possibility of a skin rash but i wasnt sure if he would know what carom board powder was or even what a carom board was. also maybe my family was cheap and used regular powder the whole time we were kids. i might never find out.

raise your hand if you think this is deep enough for a postsecret entry.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

nick and norah's infinite playlist and meeting vip bloggers.

sigh. this movie is very special. it is sweet and funny and smart. the entire cast is adorable - nick and norah, nick's gay band mates, norah's drunk and unbelievably gross best friend, the couple making out in the backseat of the car, the car, the solo dancing idiot, devendra banhart and his equally ridiculous friend at the store, man unwilling to part with turkey sandwich, man at ticket counter, smoking jesus, the music [richard hawley, we are scientists], ny city at night. really. all adorable. but especially nick and norah. they're musical soulmates and they're perfect for each other. i love how all of nick's friends know instantly that norah is the one for their friend and they have accessories in the back of their van to help her shine*. i love the moments in the studio and in the car and in the van and on the escalator.

you know a movie's good when you're smiling for the entire duration of it and you want it to go on a little bit longer. you can watch some clips here here and here but i suggest you go watch the whole thing. and no it's not too young for you. unless you're like 30. :)

in other devastating news i just found out my most favourite billboard is gone. what used to be 'need laser? call 713 R U HAIRY' is now 'pregnant? scared? you're not alone'. sniff. i miss that billboard. it made me giggle every evening on my way home from work. and most importantly it reminded me of koodal karen.

in blogger news i got to meet the very famous puppy manohar. i realized too late that i had forgotten to carry my autograph book with me so he is just going to have to fax me a copy. we ate some decent south indian food while i quizzed him on the whereabouts and other um choices of baby vyjayanti. then kp our designated driver showed us around various side streets of houston that were still without power after the hurricane and were therefore pitch dark and filled with tree debris. after the fun sightseeing we attempted to watch 'burn after reading' from some bucket seats whilst trying not to go squint. all in all a very fun evening. [we link to kp in the hopes that someone will appreciate his genius writing skills]

also i realize it's kind of late to talk about the emmys but someone asked so yeah i did watch and yeah i cheered when tina fey and 30 rock won again. my most favourite dress was heidi klum. not the silver grey red carpet one but the yellow grey one she wore while hosting. she changed like 8 times so you might have missed it but it was beautiful this dress. like a painting. later on i found out it was a christian siriano dress. see.

p.s. movie theater pretzels suck. also do not be fooled into buying the new wrigleys doublemint cute pack. sure it has a cool flap but it don't taste the same. weird and grainy is not the same.

*shine = lift and separate her boobs.

happy fall.