Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

Dad's will be dad's......constantly worrying about their daughters...
I was 16 years old when i went to my first concert. It was ahem a Bryan Adams i said i was 16 and i absolutely loved 'please forgive me' and that other super mushy song from Robin hood... anyway i remember going to my dad a week before the concert and saying "Daddy, there's this concert i want to go to.......with my friends"
Dad:"For what?"
Pri: "Pa, it's a Bryan Adams concert. He's never come to Bangalore before."
Dad:"Some eediots and all will come to sing and ull want to go. No need, go help ure mother or something"
Pri: making sad face "ure so mean"
Dad: "aa aa ok ok how much is the ticket?"
Pri: "umm 500 rupees......i think"
Dad:"Why so much? My gaad. aa ok ok.. take. now go study or something"

During the week this was all i talked about... how we were all going to have such a cool time, how we were going to be out after sunset (the concert was scheduled to start at 7pm and pri being out of the house alone after 6 was a rarity), how we were going to memorize all the songs we didn't already know word for word, what we were gonna wear.....what were we gonna wear???????? So pri went to dad again,
Pri: "Daddy, i need money to go shopping"
Daddy: "for what?"
Pri: "for the concert pa.........i told u nooo........"
Daddy:"oho why they wont permit u inside if ure not wearing new clothes is it?"
Pri: "No pa, chumma i need no"
Daddy:"hmm ok take, now go cut cucumber and bring for me go"

So we all went shopping the next day and ended up buying the same freakin top from Benetton in different shades. It was this V neck top with three fourth length sleeves (very Rachel from friends) by the by mine was pink..........
A few days before the concert i could hear them testing the speakers.... u see i lived pretty close to palace grounds where the concert was going to be held. The first time i heard it i remember calling my friend "Soupie can u hear anything? It's music!!! and it's coming from palace grounds!!!" a few squeals later i went back to my room and fell asleep listening to the random Kannada music they were playing............

The day of the concert i remember getting ready hours in advance...but after all the excitement it turned out to be quite blah. Well after all it was Bryan Adams singing like he had something stuck in his throat....."please forgive me.....i know not what i do...........please forgive me .........i can't stop loving u...........dont deny me...........this pain im going through........please forgive me yada yada yada............" ughhhhhhh
Anyhoo it was still pretty fun checking out all the cute boys and watching one of my friends who was slightly high (she claimed it was from inhaling the smoke from guys smoking pot next to us) make a fool out of herself and of course not to miss the lalle hodifying couples holding each other swaying to the music.....Barf!!!
Anyhoo when i got home it was past 11 o'clock and i expected my dad to be fuming but he wasn't.
Dad:"How was it ma? U had fun aa?"
Pri: "Ya pa. It was nice."
Dad:So did they serve any snacks or refreshments?"
Pri:"It was a concert pa....i mean there was food but u had to pay for it"
Dad:"How silly, 500 rupees they took i thought atleast they would've given u some snacks....anyway i hope atleast u got good seats"
Pri:"Pa! It was a concert. There r no seating arrangements. U have to stand"
Dad:"OH MY GOD!!! what a waste of money"

Pri (sniggering) goes to scope for food in the kitchen........
A few minutes later on NDTV they're showing a little bit of the concert coverage... Dad yells from the other room "Priyamma!!! what is this? so much crowd! people are falling on top of each other.......i hope you were not in the middle of all this"
Pri:"No daddy, my section was very um well behaved!"

So that was my first dad story.......lots more to come.
heeeeeeeeee My dad's a riot!!!


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