Saturday, April 07, 2007

Watching 'The Namesake' with 'the visitors'

Mother weeps from beginning to end of movie. Feels the need to point out obvious scenes and dialogues to her sister sitting next to her. Mother is concerned and enquires loudly if the "so many foreigners" present are able to follow the movie.
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet laughs at appropriate moments [even at gay joke *gasp*]

After the movie:

Random friend lady who tagged along for weekend trip squeals at the sight of snow [supposedly her first sighting] and insists on her photo being taken next to the car while holding a ball of snow. More squealing follows when she discovers snow is in fact cold.
Random friend lady reacts to the movie : "Oh oh oh wattay byuuuuuuuuuuuutiful movie. I was want to show my daughter first but then suddenly they show off the naked scene and i was like oh no how i show my daughter now? She is only a 15 year old."
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet shows off knowledge of Mira Nair films. Makes comment about 'the sex scene' in all her movies.
Mother ponders again if the 'so many foreigners' present understood all the Indian jokes. "Nobody laughed when the American girlfriend called the boy's parents by their first names and when the nurse was struggling to fold the Saree."
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet thinks this is a good time to bitch about the movie going experience in Bangalore and how expensive multiplexes are getting.
Aunty tries to recollect the name of the "other Indian lady" who makes Indian-English movies. Someone thinks her name starts with D.
I offer 'Deepa Mehta'.
Aunty insists its Deepthi Naval. I don't argue.
Mother of course has to say everything that has to be said. "No no Deepthi Naval is an actress. She used to act with that short fellow always no. Remember?"
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet wants to make stop at liquor store to pick up wine.
Mother insists on telling everyone her liquor store story. "One day i was making cake and i wanted some rum for my cake. So i went to the liquor store but i was very embarrassed. Ive never been to a liquor store you know. So anyway i went in and there were two ladies at the counter so i was like Abbhaaaaaa thank god and i asked them off for the rum. I explained it was not for drinking purposes and only for cake. Then i came outside hoping nobody i knew saw me and mistook off why i was coming out of a liquor store but then suddenly"................... laughs uncontrollably for the next ten minutes unable to complete her story.
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet cant take the suspense anymore: "You come out and then? and then?"
I kindly inform everyone [very proud of myself for not laughing even though gay cousin has just said "come out"] that mother had walked out of the store and then slipped on a patch of ice.
Aunty makes joke about how people must've assumed mother was in fact a big drunkard. Mother who has barely gotten over her first laughing fit bursts into uncontrollable laughter all over again. Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet giggles and holds tummy.

p.s. I loved the movie. It's shot beautifully. Tabu is brilliant and the music is brilliant. I'm so going to go see it again.

This post marks my first century. *Lifts bat and waves at crowd* [Three's a crowd right?]


kb said...

hhehe i love your family pri... cant wait for your wedding...hhehhe just imagine, the whole family together... and im sure they wont be approving the "man" you wud have chosen!!
goto watch de muvi!
"whistle" clap. clap clap whistle...yipeeee.... jumping up n down on my chair... yeah you scored a century!!! congrats... hope you get some advetisement contract!!!heheeh

Pri said...

Advertisement contracts??? Nahinnnnnnnnnn! I refuse! Our poor cricketers arent allowed Endorsement contracts [as per BCCI]The bastards have a problem with our boys making money also paapa. I cant imagine life without cricketers on TV. I would never have heard of Nippo battery if it wasnt for the Jammy ad about long lasting energy. Now that i think about it it's actually pretty hilarious cause Jammy looked most energy less in it [needed intravenous drips as Soupie would say.

Anonymous said...

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Pri said...

shanmuga the stalker is back!
Kb pliss to be taking notiss of his contact information.

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Drama Queen said...

Hahah!! You girls are insane..
Have you watched Provoked yet?? That is something I need to watch too.

soupie said...

har..har har.haw haw!!
I might use the words "Its the BESTEST" when the blog concerns the antics of the x-tended family...
With ref to aunty je's accidents pre, Kindly refresh our memories of the "auto topple " incident!
Pri's family da da da dan(tick tock)... pri's family da da da dun...
The song's puuuuuuuuurfect. You already ahd a cousin "IT"

sowmya said...

heya pri me is watching namesake with my mummyji and is feeling the much embarrassment while seeing the tabu's first nite scene...

Ashwin said...

Nice movie... a bit slow... but nice... I usually like movies starring Kalpen :)

Ashwin said...

And a hundred posts!

Awesome!!! :)

the shiva said...

ure blog makes up for my missing SNL tonight...actually sounds very similar to what i might have seen there...:)

and yes i have to mention the obvious..u write really well...somehow i never bump into the really nice blogs on my own...sigh...and ya is ure cuz really gay or is that one of those things u wished could happen in ure life to make it more dysfunctional? long as im lead to the promised blogs, i shall follow moses or pakya or someone named pri there...

btw do u write the comments as well? ( na they just follow the patterns in ure blogs, so that makes me think u do ( though it would be weird to manufacture ure own comments..:)))

how i came to know about the namesake being screened here, i think it has to do with me being completely irritated that nothing good ever happens to me, so i stretch myself to find out if i can find myself some luck...and it pays off once in a while...and it doesnt the other 99 times...

in my mind, discomfort leads you to paradise....

btw after a comment that stretches as long as exactly one episode equivalent of the bows and arrows of ramanand sagar's ramyan i have to ask...

who are thou?

the shiva said...


Pri said...

@Shiva: Wow that has got to be the longest comment in the history of blogging. Nope i take that back. A while back i had written this post on marriage and this one very kind man decided he wanted to tell me his entire life story from the time he met his wife and about their professions and social activities etc... it was quite hilarious. And no i dont write my own comments. Im not that pathetic [yet] I just happen to have incredibly insane friends who talk just like me. Back in college many people who weren't part of 'the group' remarked that we all spoke at the same time and we all sounded exactly the same. Oh and i live in Denver. Does that answer all your questions? And how am i like SNL? Thanks for calling my blog one of the nicest. *sniff*

Sanju said...

100 posts... Wow. I dream of doing it sometime in my life.
Hopefully cool write ups from bloggers like you should inspire me too.

Keep it goin!!!

aariana javed said...

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aariana javed said...

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