Monday, January 22, 2007

1st ODI

So we won today and it was fantastic to see all those runs scored. Me loves high scoring games especially when Dada does most of the scoring. Anyhoo i was watching NDTV as always and i still don't get why every viewer who calls in with a question doesn't realise he's on national TV and that this isn't the best moment to tell Jadeja or Siddu what he thinks of their batting and how he is/was their biggest fan and the questions they come up with! No originality whatsoever. I mean does NDTV not screen them first to see if they're able to get out a simple sentence without stuttering? Today this one idiot calls in and goes..."Hallooo? hallooo? aah hallooo Jadeja saar. How u r saar? I am your big fan actually from many many years. So my question today phaar u saar is why is Sachin playing in the middle order when we are all knowing that he is vopening besht? Also saar do u think we will get to see next match live?" Wtf? Is Jadeja the I&B minister? Anyway i did feel bad for the guy who said "Aaj India itne dino ke baad accha khela aur hamaara Dada ka aaj comeback tha aur woh 98 bhi score kiya aur hum ne miss kiya" I also went awwwwww when i saw this huge crowd that had gathered to watch the match on this big screen tv outside some shop. I totally know what it feels like to be cricket deprived. Anyway thanks to high speed Internet and the kind people at i get to watch the games.

This is what Sunny Gavaskar had to say about Dada:

"What can one say about Ganguly, other than the fact that he is silencing all those who doubted he had an international career left. He was superb as he carved the Windies bowling as only he can. If this knock doesn’t prove that there was injustice done to him in omitting him from the limited-overs squad, then nothing will. The way he has returned to the Indian team, it could well be a massive irony if his batting and occasional bowling make India rediscover its winning ways and thus end up saving the job of the person who has tried every trick in the book and some underhand ones too to finish the prince of Kolkata’s career."

No one could've said it better!

You can read the whole article here.

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