Monday, January 01, 2007

This time i had a real reason to go shopping!

So super smart Pri somehow managed to lock her bathroom door from the inside.... while she was outside. It now refuses to open! Luckily there is another bathroom downstairs but it doesn't have fun bath stuff. So that left me with no other option but to go shopping. I love buying soap and shampoo and body wash and face wash and a new toothbrush and all the other fun stuff! Me thinks i should lock myself out of stuff more often! So i had a nice long bath and im ready to watch the 3rd test match. I smell of Issey Miyake (my Christmas gift to myself... supposedly also sold in Shivaji Nagar as 'Iski Maaki' i was so kindly informed by Irbuzz). Alright i'm done rambling for now so u have a super duper New Year!!!

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small_town girl said...

i find this post funny. but i disagree at some points. one bein yuvi not hot.if balaji is handsome, yuvi deserves super handsome. and i have a thing for ..ahem..chest hair. and vvs?i wil never agree on him,dravid or kumble. dada's arrogance is too sexy no?in my list, brett lee would finish first any day.. and why no comments on sachin?