Thursday, January 25, 2007

L speaks


P: Hey L, how did your dentist appointment go?

L: Pretty good actually except for this one time when I bit his finger when I thought he was tickling my tongue.
He's a good guy though... i think....he was young.....except that he was a skinhead and i was a little concerned about that for a while.

But I think it was for sanitary purposes.


Cop walks in
D: Oh shoot! Did we not shovel our drive way again?

Cop leaves after finishing his business. (I just realised that sounded really bad. He had actual business)

L: Didn’t he used to be a cop?
P: Yeah he was a cop and then he stopped being a cop for a while and I guess he’s a cop again… cause he was wearing his uniform today.
L: hmmm maybe he’s like a rent a cop.

A few hours later

L: Hey P, a girl just walked in with half a top.
P: Half a top?
C: Yeah, her top didn’t have a back…just a string.
L: I’m sure she must be a pole dancer. She even had really long hair. (Makes hair swishing pole dancer movement)
L: I know this cause I watch CSI

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