Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All about B

B was being all whiny cause she wanted me to write about her. (She’s so self obsessed!)

Anyway B was in the process of moving offices

J: How’s it going back there?
B: I’m breaking a sweat
J: Not used to working are you?
B: Not at work!

And later

B: Look! Look at my picture look! Don’t I look gorgeous?
P: Hmmmm. That’s a really sweet picture actually. It doesn’t look like you at all.
B: Bi**h
P: Hey, do u want me to take a black and white picture of u?
B: Why black and white? Is it cause I’m black?
P: That joke wont work on me…I’m brown.


Anonymous said...

Wow I would love to meet B. She sounds like a great person!

Pri said...

@Anonymous (alias B): Sure she does. In your head.