Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eye Candy

So I've been invited to be a guest writer on this blog. I feel like Shoba De or something. Anyway I was trying to figure out what I should write about and I'm not really in a cricket rant sort of mood or a 'Pri's high on shopping' sort of mood and there's no burning social issue I need to express my opinion on at the moment so anyway I figured I'd talk about eye candy since it looks like all the bloggers here are female. Anyway this is not just random eye candy. ..It's eye candy in the Indian cricket team. Oh and I will try my best to not talk in the third person cause I realise that can be annoying and I get to do enough of it on my blog. So anyway about our men in blue (and white when they're playing the longer version of the game where they all look super cute) I honestly think they are the best looking team in the world.

Let's start with the super hot Zak shall we? Gorgeous and super intense (especially when he does that top down stare thing at the batsman). I get really happy when he does that beautiful leap in the air before he releases the ball. Such a beautiful sight! Ahem so anyway the slight belly does show up occasionally thanks to his love for Mummyjee's biryani but the boy does manage to lose it each time. He looks hotter in person than on TV. Overall I'd give him a 9 on 10.

Irfi : The cute curly haired boy from Baroda. Good body (my friend Kb can talk about it for hours), adorable smile, likes to say 'like' a lot. He gets an 8.5 (yes I will be using decimal points today)

Kumble : The only guy with a moustache I've ever thought was good looking. Gorgeous jaw line, kind eyes; He had that makeover and sported a French beard for a while when he did the Indigo Nation (was it?) ads, looks handsome without a moustache as well – just a very good looking south Indian boy. He gets an 8.

V.V.S : My favourite batsman and the best looking cricketer in my opinion. He gets a 10!!! I kinda sorta think he looks like Nicholas Cage. Don't laugh. Anyone who remembers the Wisden Cricket Asia cover from a couple of years ago with that black and white close up of his face will know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately he has terrible taste in women. (Have you seen his wife?)

Yuvi : The happening (in his mind) Punjabi boy with his love for C grade actresses. He's pretty decent looking when you can't see his chest hair and when he has his mouth shut (sorry Soupie*) and I guess Westside thinks he's pretty hot. They have him doing these cheesy poses in all their catalogues. He gets a 7. Naah let's make it a 6.5. That aloo bun face doesn't deserve a 7.

Kaifu : Very good features and he just has this niceness about him. If you'd seen the boy walking the ramp at Lakme India Fashion week a few years ago you'd be a fan too. He gets an 8.

Murali Karthik : This one looks hot even when he's bald. He's one of the few cricketers with a fashion sense. Likes to wear Capri pants a lot (?) but can carry it off. He gets an 8 as well.

Lakshmipathy Balaji : Hot!!! No. I'm not joking. In person he is very very good looking. Tall, dark and handsome, big smile, extremely good features, great body. He gets an 8.5

I would talk about Rahul Dravid but he's just gotten too old and honestly I still haven't gotten over the shock of seeing his wedding pictures with that oily side parting flat hair look (what was he thinking?) and I just can't think of him as the cute boy (who's poster I had on my wall about a decade ago) anymore.

And if you're wondering why I haven't talked about my favourite cricketer Dada it's because I respect the man too much to scrutinize his look.

I would really like the players i just talked about to be permanent members of the Indian team. There are presently a few players who are lowering the hotness factor in the team and we must do away with them at once! I'm kidding of course, i don't watch cricket to check out the players. I watch it cause i love the game and i always have but the eye candy definitely doesn't hurt.

* Soupie: My friend who wants to marry Yuvraj Singh. She even has names planned out for their kids, Yamraj being one of them (?)



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