Friday, January 05, 2007

Conversations at work

P: Why aren’t you wearing your pink Uggs? They would’ve matched.

B: Cause… They would’ve gotten dirty. They’re in the car.

L: What are the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned?

B: These ones

L: Oh Nike?

B: Mm hmm

L: Have u ever owned an echo?

B: No but I’ve heard an echo

L: Really? Me too. I’ve also seen a rainbow!

B: I’ve heard an echo, I’ve made an echo, but I’ve never owned an echo

L: Have you ever yodeled?

Phone rings interrupting the most fascinating conversation of the day!

Oh and earlier that same day,

I don’t remember what we were talking about (and its bugging me cause I can’t stop thinking about it) but I mentioned the Taj Mahal, Oh wait I just remembered.

L: This snow is making me crazy (or something to that effect). And they’re so bad at cleaning the roads here. I should really move to Westminster. They’re really good about cleaning the roads after a snowstorm.

B: You would really move to Westminster because of that?

P: You should move to India. It doesn’t snow there.

B: Yeah. Totally. You can live near the Taj Mahal.

P: I don’t think it’s very clean there. Too many tourists.

L: So this Taj Mahal place. Do you like go there to visit on Sundays… to like worship or something?

P: Bwahahahahaha

P: That’s like me asking you if you go to the Statue of Liberty to hangout on weekends. It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

B: Why? What are the other 6?

P: Um the Great wall, the Pyramids, the Leaning tower, the Eifel tower. Crap! What are the other two? Is the statue of Liberty one?

B: No. I don’t think anything in America is.

B: Crap. We should know this. This is driving me crazy. I’m gonna look it up

2 minutes later

P: Did you find the other two?

B: No

P: How long does it take? Wait I’ll google it.

P: Wow! Why are there so many? None of these are what we said.

L: Do you think Glenwood springs could be one?

B: heeeeeeeee No Linda. I somehow can’t see that on the list

P: Oh look I found it. The other two are the Statue of Liberty (See I told you) and the Hanging gardens of Babylon

B: Where is this hanging garden of Babylon?

P: Um... in Babylon

B: Oh I thought Babylon was like a mythical place or something

P: Bwahahahahaha, a mythical place? Do you also think Jerusalem and Bethlehem are mythical places?

B: Noooooo. I don’t know

Manager walks in.

B: Can you name the 7 wonders of the world at the top of your head?

M: Um no

P: Did you hear what L asked me about the Taj Mahal?

B: No. Isn’t that like some sort of a government building?

P: OMG no! Okay there was this king who loved his wife a lot. Then she died. So he didn’t want to build just a regular tombstone for her so he built the Taj. It’s his declaration of love for her or something!

L: Ohhhh! Hmmm

We learn so much at work everyday! No?

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