Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy again :)

I’m in a better mood today… a much better mood cause its not snowing (which is a rarity these days) and I’m totally in love with my new phone and I’ve been playing photographer all morning with everyone at work….u know so when they call me their picture will pop up and I can get all excited (or not so excited), oh and I just ate a lemon poppy seed muffin….it had gotten a bit squishy in my bag but it was still very edible… oh and also my boss is leaving early today so were gonna have a party….and I just discovered some bubble wrap in my drawer….I see hours of entertainment today!

And in other news i’m currently in love with two songs from Salaam e Ishq. One is this super cheerful Punjabi happy shaadi baaraati sort of song that makes u wanna dance and the other is this really sad dard bhari gaana by Kailash Kher. I should have it on my Stickem player pretty soon so u can listen too. :)

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