Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This one has no Title

So this past week lots of things happened. Some people had heart attacks. Young people are not supposed to have heart attacks. It was scary and sad but things are gonna be okay. And i finally talked to my dad about that thing i needed to talk to him about and i probably wouldn't have if i hadn't spoken to a friend who talked me into it. Oh and did i mention i had been a bitch to this same friend just a few days ago? Anyway i talked to dad and he took it well. Really well. He was really sweet about it and so its gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay. And i just got done with watching 'What about Brian' and it always makes me cry, always. Today, right now i have no idea what i want to do with my life. I have no clue. I'm 23. I should have some clue. Right? But i don't.


I am the Walrus said...

Hey Pri... Just wanted to share my philosophy: It is SO ok to not have a clue in your life... at least until you're 30... After you hit that point, you need to get a hold of yourself. :o)

I also wanted to thank you for commenting on our blog page. You have earned our respect to become a guest blogger. We will send you our information, so please go ahead and write a blog with the topic of your choice.

Best Regards,

P.S. I am a female... I must have been in a sarcastic/oblivious phase while I posted that comment... Oh, and I love cricket too.

Pri said...

Wow! I'm honoured. I have blogger friends??? Yay!!!

I am the Walrus said...

yea dude! So send us your e-mail info to And blog away!