Wednesday, January 21, 2009

obama day

so it finally happened. and it was very special.

it's been a whole year since disco and me fell madly in love with obama so we were very very proud yesterday. i wasn't in washington for the inauguration because due to the fact that it was freezing cold and i dont do boots. or hats. it's why i moved the hell out of denver. also i have a job to report to where they so kindly provide us with heating and lukewarm coffee. more importantly they got a flat screen tv in the building. i'm glad though that when i did get the opportunity to be in the same room as obama i showed up. i can say to my neighbours' grandkids some day - "i was a part of it." sniff.

in related news i approved of the first lady's jason wu gown. i thought she looked lovely. heck i wouldn't have minded if she had worn ten different designers to the ten inaugural balls. i know we're in an economic crisis and all but it's not really a waste of money if the dress is free no so what everybody's problem IS?

and how cute was old man bushy eyebrows with his colourful rhyming prayer? be seeing.

for comedy moment of the day i cant decide between aretha franklin's giant bow or dick cheney in his wheelchair.

p.s. john stewart on fox news' obsessive coverage of bush's journey back home to texas while every one else was watching obama day - "let it go. it's over. if u love an administration let it go. if it comes back to you we're all moving to canada."

p.p.s. if you're new and want to catch up on the love story between disco and obama go here.


The Bride said...

Your blog is making my browser crash. But so determined am I to write this, that I came back. heh.

I didn't like that gown. But it's growing on me. The first couple chemistry was awesome though.

I like that guy's rhyme. But many people found it offensive.

~vagabond~ said...

Did you see?! Did you see?! We dont have a flat screen TV at work (you have a flat screen TV at work and you still work?!) but we all just huddled around the person with the biggest computer monitor at work to watch the inaugaration. :P

Did you see when Aretha Franklin's big bow covered up the entire screen because she and her big head moved right infront of the camera? Oh, and when Dick Cheney got up from his wheelchair to move a box out of the way? Like noone else out of the millions of people there could have done it. He had to get all the way out of his wheel chair to do it. Phah-ha!

Who are these people who dont like the gown? I thought it was cute.

Anonymous said...

dood eww are sooo phenny.

~vagabond~ said...

what this is? why noone is commenting? i am bored. when you are putting up your next post?

The Dude said...

yeah, its good to have that thing out of the white house and out of power!
but I have to say the thing I found REALLY funny was that performance they had with Shakira, Usher and Stevie! Oh man that was like the wierdest thing - Shakira trying to look sexy without her usual gyrating dances and in that full body black suit (fail!) and Usher trying to look like some mysterious,tough,MIB wannabe (fail!fail!!:D) and Stevie just havin a good time! Cracked me up!!!

notapple said...

just dropped in to say hello! your blog being very faaarniee!
totally entertained me during mind numbingly boring days at work.

no new posts?!

Anonymous said...

i'm having a mind-numbingly boring day toooooo.... Pri has no new posts (come out come out wherever you are) and your blog is only open to "selected" ppl - NO FAIR!!