Wednesday, February 20, 2008

places i go

guess where i was last night? at a political rally. i know!!! but this one was actually fun. and i got to see obama. he looked totally hot on the big screen tv but from where i was sitting some 10 feet away he looked like an ant. anyway i have decided that his smile reminds me of nelson mandela and just for that i think he deserves a hundred delegates.

here's what i really went to see at the rally: women fainting all over the place and celebrities.
i got nothing. there were a couple of television reporters i didnt recognise. they waved to the crowds and some guy behind me said "oh look it's that fool from channel 13 news" and that's how i knew.
i was most disappointed though about the lack of fainting women. every time obama said something i would scan the crowd but no fainting. just lots of dancing and "obama i love you's" and "yes we can's".
before obama came on we were forced to listen to this b grade band in their glittery sequined shirts. they were absolutely terrible and were quite rightly being ignored. then finally they lit up the entire stadium and played the will i am song on the big screen and the crowd rose to their feet and started singing. people were crying and waving their arms. total paisa vasool!! then everyone thought they saw obama so they started screaming but as the boy behind me pointed out it was just some white dude.
then obama finally appeared just as they announced that he had won the wisconsin primary. at that point it felt like an earthquake. twenty thousand people jumping up and down in the same room can do that. every word he said was greeted with applause and more screaming and "amen's" and "hell yeah's". i swear this black woman two rows down was in some sort of trance. she kept waving her arms and making moaning noises. she was my primary candidate for fainting but the bitch kept going. anyway the two and a half hour wait was totally worth it. he said his stuff and then they played 'i'm a survivor' by destiny's child and we were done.
oh and it only took me an hour to get out of the damn parking garage. but it was still totally worth it. i'm sure i stuck out like a sore thumb. people must have assumed i was hispanic or something and i was the only hispanic person i saw, so there.

overheard at the obama concert err rally:

woman with large ass trying not to step on people's toes while she attempted to walk out of the crowded aisle: pardon my backside to you sir. sir pardon my backside.

girl 1: you see that nigger over there in the green shirt with the cap?
girl 2: yeah.
girl 1: i was dating him last week. he stoopid.
girl 2: mm mmm mmmm he is fine!
girl 1: girl shut your mouth. did you not hear what i just said? he stoopid.

at the concession stand: will you hold my place while i go pee? i cannot have a full bladder when barrack starts speaking.

at concession stand: 4 dollars for water?? when obama is president he will bust your ass. YES WE CAN!


Indianoguy said...

WTH! How did you get in?
You saw Barack...THE Barack...good for you.
I am planning to go to Obama rally when he comes campaigning here.

BTW, did you take disco with you?

Anonymous said...

pardon my backside to you sir. sir pardon my backside.

hahaha! I'm totally going to these rallies when I get to Amreeka! When are the darn presidential elections?


PS. Hi Pri!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

LOL @ "Obama concert" - that accurately describes the rock star effect he is having. I suppose this is what JFK's rallies must have been like.

Anonymous said...

so are you a citizen so you can vote?

Silvara said...

heheh sounds like it was total joyfulness

Amreekans are funny :)

The Bride said...

Were you sitting there thinking - ooh this is great material for the blog... come on, admit it!

The Bride said...

Were you sitting there thinking - ooh this is great material for the blog... come on, admit it!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Pardon my backside! ahahahahaha!
fun came it looks like.

traveller said...

Good fun eh? I too want political concert now :(

Bikerdude said...

Gaaaahahaha. OMG this is your best one ever!!

Loved the Mmm-mm-mm. The receptionist at my hotel taught me how to do it and when I did, it looked so ridiculous she offered to pay me to not to ever goose-neck again.

La vida Loca said...


Anonymous said...

uh-oh. flashback.


Nits said...

Hahah - too funny. Like your blog. I went to Univ of Denver so liked your Denver posts and well...all the rest!

lalit said...

i thought ull write about the cricketers being sold like meat in india...
M.S Dhoni rs 6/kg
Ishant sharma rs 3.8/kg


Lalit Modi

Priyanka said...

Lol.. Pardon my backside.. :)
Can't stop grinning at this one..
This must have been fun to be at and amazing material for the blog too..
Loved your post..

frissko said...

4$ for water?!! That's crazy....In political rallies in Tamilnadu you get iced buttermilk (called ice-more here) and sometimes even rose-milk free!

Dreamcatcher said...

You're tagged!

TS said...

Mein bhi jaoonga.


narendra shenoy said...

Me smilin

Greatbong said...

Awesome post ! I was deliberating whether to go and hear Obama when he came to UMCP. Now after reading this post, I felt I was there.

Pri said...

frissco: wahat rooavsaa?

lalith jee: sorry to disappoint you sir. next time i will mention celebrity auction. ok? ok?

dreamcather: no no no!!!!!!!! damn you. okay fine.

kangna: hi kangana!

the brid: yes fool. i even took notes on my blackberry.

indianoguy: sadly disco wasnt allowed. and i gotin by going to his website and askign for an evite.

nits: thank you. and hellojee welcome. kindly take yuver seat.

bikerdude: oh god. i can imagine!!

anon: nope. not a citizen. not voting. just fascinated by it all.
narendra shenoy: yeah i can see. the best part about having a picture eh?

greatbong: thank you kind sir. it would be my pleasure to go tons of places for you. where would you like me to go next?

Ashwin said...

Only you can have fun at a political rally