Monday, January 05, 2009

my list

it's a new year. this year everything will be different. no really. vast changes will take place in my life. by changes i of course mean improvements.

this year i plan to work on my handwriting. no one can read it anymore. not even me. also i plan to eat lots of watermelon and read more. real books. not blogs with no punctuation.

i plan to find a new celebrity to be inspired by this year. most of last year i spent watching obama attempt to begin to change the world. i can't imagine how dreadfully boring 2008 would have been without him and his stunning family.

i will continue to watch lots of movies. even more than last year. thank you netflix and amc and edward cinemas and bollywood cinema 6 and angelika.

if it snows one more time in houston i will fucking move someplace else. that was not funny.

i will help gaysin come out.

i will finally buy some anti virus for my laptop.

i will visit the motherland.

i will feed disco because i love him like a son.


Anonymous said...


Pri... you are funny and inspiring. Write more ok aa?

Susa said...

Gasp! You intend showing compassion for everyone from Disco to gaysin? Whats next, no more bitching on the blog?

Gradwolf said...

oh hope gaysin coming out also inspires Karan Johar to come out....or vice versa..

Prashanti :) said...

hmm nice list out there !!!
Happy new yr :)


narendra shenoy said...

Avuncular (long GRE type word meaning "like a balding and pot-bellied uncle") advice. Don't waste your money on anti-virus software. Those ghouls write the viruses in the first place. Use Puppy Linux (freely downloadable on the net) and run it from the cd you will burn it to. Advantages
1. Detects all your computer stuff automatically and starts working without you having to do Einstein stuff
2.Totally immune to viruses
3. Never crashes
4. Opens and saves doc and excel files
5. Deprives Bill Gates of some revenue. Yeah, like he cares, but soon (in strategic terms) he will hurt. Definitely by the year 2050.

About the handwriting. You are in good company. I have had "slightly illegible" handwriting for as long as I can remember.

Once, when I was in 5th or 6th, my mom decided to ask me my geography.

Peering at the notebook, she asked me "Why have the Russians stopped farming?".
I promptly came up with something on the lines of "They don't have enough water and bullocks to plough the field and moreover most of them eat non-veg, so they have stopped farming".

"This doesn't look like the answer written here." Mom

"I've said it in my own words. Our teacher insists." Me

"No even then it doesn't look anything like what you said" Mom, puzzled.

Turns out the question was "Why have the Russians taken to steppe farming?"

DewdropDream said...

Wait. I thought Disco was a girl. When did Disco become a 'he'??

Anna Bond said...

so, how long has it been since the last motherland visit?

@shenoy: "moreover most of them eat non-veg, so they've stopped farming"
hahaha! such an honest explanation!!

~vagabond~ said...

Holy cow! I just realized that I can feed disco too. All this time I thought about all I could do was drive him crazy by rolling my mouse in circles over his fish tank. And then today I noticed this ugly trash can like thing sitting next to his tank...and holy moves...and i can feed him with it! Erm. Not that I love him like my own son.

PS. My vote goes for the coming out of gaysin. I love him like my own cousin. :P

Princess Fiona said...

first time passerby....i got that disco was ur fish...gaysin??

oh..happy new year! :)

Bikerdude said...

Onnaaf my friends can't write the word minimum without cursing some 5 times. Whybecause he writes his m's like 2 u's and his n's like one-and-of u's. So minimum looks like uuuuuuuuuuu or something.

You follow?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to visiting me???
Is that not potientially resolutionary??

. said...

Eating watermelons severely hampers prospects of becoming white. And obviously, no fried chicken this year. Eat lots of sushi and drink lots of chai.

Pri said...

shenoy saar: will take note of virus advice and omg this is total flashback to 5th std and this one nun who dictated in a thick mallu accent. the combination of that accent and my handwriting made it very hard for me and my poor mother during unit tests.

q. "waadees canada famous faar"

ans. id is famous for ids miliguh and miliguh brodugds.

read that aloud really fast and see if it makes any sense.

vagabond: holy crap! i didnt know that either. this is so much fun. click drag. it does nothing. click drag again. still nothing. disco doesnt seem to care.

princess fiona: hello beta, welcome. gaysin is short for 'gay cousin who deoesn't know he's gay yet'. do a search on my blog for the above phrase to catch up on his life.

bikerdude: boss this is excellent news but watdoesithavetodowithanything i say?

soupie: omg yes. that will be life changing. bitch give me your dates asap.

. eediot. im trying not to become white. also it's not chai. it's chai tea latte. in other news i drink hot beverages with a straw so that disqualifies me right away.

anna bond: too long i say. some 3 and a half years. by the by u r related to vagabond above aa?

dewdropdream: disco kept dying when i first adopted him. he kept coming back in different avataars and colours. he has been male and sickly green now for a long time.

anon: thank you. ok ma.

susa: yes. there's a seperate blog for that. this is the blog where i show my kindness.

gradwolf: gaysin is so much gayer than johar. u have no idea.

prashanti: happy noo year!

Anonymous said...

you be lucky you're not living in minnesot where it snows and snows and then what do you know, it snows somemore. why am I here?

The Bride said...

Have you read The Zoya Factor?

~vagabond~ said...

Anna Bond is sooo not related to me. Poser! :P

Disco's snobbing me. I swear. 8|

Karan said...

motherland = sri lanka?

Pri said...

the bride: no but a few months ago a reader of this blog emailed me and told me to read it because they had and apparently it reminded them of me.

vagabond: why? what did he do?

karan: no uzbekistan.

Prabhu said...

bloggin is not there in ur list? ;)
when is the next one?

Anonymous said...

hey why dont u update your To'do list ma? am sure there more yummier things this time..

frissko said...

"i will finally buy some anti virus for my laptop."

Try AVG anti-virus (free download)...It's been good to my laptop for over 4 years now...

And yeah, happy new year and all that...

??! said...

Chai tea latte? Chai tea latte? Wtf? Hasn't anybody ever heard of redundant usage?

Pri, we lubh you. We have also not commented in a while. Maafi.