Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Co-workers gone wild

Okay remember Dull girl C? You know the one i thought i had gotten rid off? Well the thing is she hasn't quit the company. She just works at a different department. She still emails me all day everyday on the office email. I still have nothing to say to her. She has nothing to say either but still manages to fill up a decent sized paragraph all perfectly punctuated and spaced nice and neat. It drives me insane. Anyway we have this annual lunch thingy with the CEO on our respective anniversaries with the company. Unfortunately for me C and i both started working around the same time and so we always have to go to these things together. This time i got lucky (or so i thought) and was not invited on the same day she was. Yesterday C noticing my name was missing on the list sends me a frantic email saying i had to immediately inform the person who committed this heinous blunder. I tell C i should probably wait to see if i get an invitation for another day. Today C emails me saying i should act fast because one date is almost completely booked. Then she wants to know if she should email the person in charge and request for us to be assigned on the same date. Again very politely i tell her not to say anything because i hadn't gotten an invitation yet. Next thing i know C says shes going to send an email anyway and two minutes later i receive a copy of the email. I don't know whether to bitch slap her or run her over with my car. [That reminds me i really need to get my car washed. I havent washed it in over 4 months. Dont judge me. It was because of all the snow. Now it looks like it just survived a bomb blast. This weekend ill take it in for sure] My concern is that 'lady in charge of lunch thingy' probably thinks I'm really greedy or even worse she probably thinks C and I are best friends. Me thinks she might even arrange for us to sit together. Ughhhhhhh!!!!

Then there's this other dude who i like to call Retardo [not just because his name rhymes with it] who i would like to throw something at. Preferably something sharp [pun intended] So the boy has been told over and over again how certain things are not to be done but still does it. I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried leaving helpful notes. I have explained [in great detail] everything [with demonstrations] over and over but he does not get it. Ugh!!!!!!
Fire him already!!!

And then there's L and B who i love so very much who make the work day go by so much faster. And no I'm not just saying that because i know B reads my blog. Anyway earlier this week i made them watch these videos which they enjoyed very much but for some reason both of them thought the people in the video were Indian. For the record the 'people' shown in the video happens to be just one girl [she's multi talented] and she's Korean. Now i could see them confusing a Korean person and say a Japanese person. But an Indian person? How do you confuse a Korean and an Indian? If Sandra Oh on Greys Anatomy and the Indian girl (Parminder Nagra?) on ER switched places for an episode would they not spot the difference?


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Britt said...

In my defense she doesnt look Korean and Im from Oregon ( where there is prob 1 indian family in a 100 mile radius) what do I know LOL I think you need to tell C how you really feel or next thing you know youll be a bridesmaid in her wedding, wearing some atrocious taffeta number.