Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I just wanted to tell you about it. [Hardly a review]

I was flipping channels tonight and managed to catch the last half hour of this Persian movie. Its about these two kids who love shoes. And well they're poor and so they go looking for shoes. [I think. Like i said i watched only the last half hour]. There's a little girl who walks home with her friend after school and she sees that her friend is wearing new shoes. She wants to know where her old shoes are and gets really upset when she finds out they were thrown away. Meanwhile her brother sees this poster about a marathon and the third prize happens to be a pair of sneakers. So he goes to the coach and begs him to let him take part. As expected the coach acts like a big jerk but eventually agrees [once little boy has started to cry and beg]. So the kid goes home and tells his sister about the race promising to give her the sneakers if he wins...something about him having lost a pair of her shoes earlier. During the race [shot very realistically] the boy actually does pretty good. At one point he even reaches third place and this little brat behind him pushes him. I was reminded for a second of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. Anyway little boy gets up and starts running again and he manages to win the race. Of course hes too exhausted to realise he won and the first question he asks the coach when he looks up is "Did i come third?" Hes crushed when he is told he came first. Next there's this adorable scene in the movie where the photographer is taking a picture of him with his medal and he refuses to look up. When he is finally made to look up his eyes are filled with tears. When he goes home the sister sees him in the same old worn out pair of shoes and knowing he didn't win the sneakers walks off. The next part is a little exaggerated where the kid takes off his shoes and the rubber is all torn off and his feet are really bruised and then he puts his feet in a little pond and the gold fish nibble at it. I'm not sure what for. Anyway I'm going to watch the rest of the movie when it repeats tomorrow on IFC so maybe ill find out. It really moved me this sweet little movie. Especially the race sequence where they show the entire freaking race but it feels so real and the kids are adorable. So if you're in the mood for a heart breaking short movie watch Children of Heaven.

edited at 12:44 pm: Oh no!!! i just realised i forgot to set my recorder. im going to miss the first part of my movie. boo hoo!

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Ashwin said...

Is that a metaphor for something? "You're so wrapped up in what you want, you don't realize what you've got... not even when gold fish nibble your feet". Is that it? Man... these movies with morals and metaphors make my head hurt!

But seriously... sounds like a fun movie :) will look it up!