Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I see your no updates and i raise you lotsa links that point to your no updates thereby solving my no update problem.

I totally used that wrong no?

Apparently it's perfectly acceptable to cancel an episode of 'Boston Legal' with no prior warning to instead broadcast a live California fire update. However when it comes to 'Dancing with the stars' aah the show must go on. wtf?

angry unsympathetic viewer.


Deep breath. Moving on...

To all the two people complaining about the lack of updates on this blog i have this to say in my defense or in my defence. Which one is it? I am working on that pop quiz i promised. You know, the one about me, to um celebrate me talking about me for a whole entire year.

Now if you want to impress me you will go study. Hard.

This will of course be an open book blog quiz. However much like other quizzes about people on the internet this one will have a time limit. And a prize. A fun one.

And talking about people who don't update their blogs for months together does anyone know what happened to Gounder Brownie? First she disappears. Then she reappears under a different url and now she has gone missing again.

And ATP we love you for your equal opportunity hating but honey you have got to post more than once a month! Go watch a wedding for inspiration or something. Talking about watching a wedding this one lady at work is throwing a 'wedding' birthday party for her 4 year old. Like seriously. And this other co worker now hates me because i mistook her son for her daughter. It had braids! I also thought it was 7. Turns out its only two. Apparently the 07 was for the year the picture was taken.

Other lazy ass bloggers i'd like to take this opportunity to call out include CS. Maybe its time to have mother visit or something. She brings out the funny in you. For the people who have no idea what i'm talking about go read this.

Also TS you lazy fuck. First you write all these pretty stories and after we're hooked you post pictures that you claim you took on your camera phone even though everyone knows you're lying and then you post you tube videos and now a sports post? For the record any sports post that isn't about cricket isn't really a post. Now go write a touching story about a drunk girl in the middle of the road or a drunk boy in rehab who later went on to become a famous musician.

And what is the meaning of this? When people write uncomment friendly posts how are we supposed to clarify our doubts? Plus when they threaten to close their blogs down but continue to blog anyway and then write posts titled FULLSTOP with a no comment feature can you blame us for thinking they're done. Then they come back with some lame one liner that makes sense only to them.

Oh and will someone tell this woman [yes we know you're a woman] that this is not a real recipe. And believe me we know a real recipe when we see one. For example this work of art.

The only person i can't really complain about is KA. I don't know how he does it but he blogs almost every single day. And his posts aren't omg how dare they cancel my tv show or omg look new shoes type posts. They're real posts with big words, sometimes most times bilingual and with pictures and maps and diagrams. How do you do it Krish Attack? How?

I was gonna pick on this fool but he just updated his blog. Something about having an imaginary conversation with a pani puri eating goddess about preserving buildings or something. Dude you lost me at diaphanous. Although that did make me go google it and now i know that it means transparent so yay! But please, make fun of someone no while showing off your ridiculous amount of knowledge on classical music and god knows every language ever spoken in the known universe. Also what is your secret to winning contests you never entered and getting marriage proposals you never asked for?

Oh and BM is back in case you'll weren't invited. Yay. I feel all special. Also BM and the tiniest person in the universe aka possibly my new best Houston friend have this new terribly designed blog where bloggers write guest posts in a non them way? Did i get that right? Go see. Alrighty i have to go finish that quiz i haven't started yet. Muah.


Dusty Fog said...

finally something to read...thank you...: )

Bikerdude said...

Whew she's back. I missed you, missy. Hug.

this fool

Prototype no. 89 said...

why i'm not there?

Spunky Monkey said...

It's true enough.
We read anything you write. Anything.

shub said...

look WHO's talking! err..blogging..or not! as frequently as you used to atleast!

Unknown said...

she cant find co-worker's to bitch about or shoes to buy, yet..

give her some time guys :-)

Unknown said...

she cant find co-workers to bitch about or shoes to buy, yet..

give her some time guys :-)

Anonymous said...

I blog daily? No, I don't. Is my alterego blogging without my notice? Damn, I should have taken notice when a relative recently told me that my new hairdo (euphemism for "lack of saloon visits") resembles Vikram in Anniyan.

??! said...

yes we know you're a woman
oh you do, do you?

TS said...


Ever heard of WORK?

Hmph. And the photos are mine, ALL mine.

Oh, and guess what, P gace me a camea for my budday so now I can actually zoom and stuff. Yay.

TS said...

And F1, that is sacred ok?