Thursday, October 18, 2007

this is how lazy i am and omg look it's a real live blogger!

so i get home tonight after the show and im too lazy to fry an egg but im hungry right so i look in the refrigerator and i find this Pillsbury cookie dough. they're these tiny square that you put in the oven for some 12 mins and they're done. so i put like four in and i figure 6 minutes should be good. plus i like to time my cooking during commercial time and obama was on leno. anyway i check back at a convenient time cause like who sets alarms right, and it looks all gooey so i keep it in a little longer and then i can smell it. you know that wonderful baking smell, which makes me hungrier so i don't wait the two minutes im supposed to wait for it to cool. instead i transfer it straight to my plate and then eat it with a fork because its still hot.

oh and at the store i almost bought the brownie dough only it said i would need to squeeze the dough onto a pan and i was like fuck that. thats an extra step. then there's the cutting of the brownies into squares. too much work, which is why i went with the cookies. they're good too. i highly recommend them. you cant eat more than three though. too sweet.

so did anyone watch obama on the tonight show? there was this comedian guy on as well and he cracked me up. he goes "this is how liberal i am. i am for gay stem cell research". heh.

so i got to meet my first blogger today. and no she was not an axe murderer, ms brittany you can quit worrying. it was in fact ms. revealed aka the flaffmeister who has got to be the tiniest person in all of the world. and apparently she runs for an hour everyday. then she chugs beer and orders fries. it wasn't even on the menu! so we were at this sort of desi event and we didn't see a single cute desi boy. we looked. even paul varghese turned up looking like a taller skinnier version of tushar kapoor. very sad. plus we think he might've been drunk the whole time. this paul varghese dude has a blog and sometime last week i left a comment on there asking a very important question about the show and the fool never replied. anyway the correct answer would've been No, it is in fact NOT auntyjee appropriate. paul varghese thanks for nothing.

after the show revealed and i stood around the parking lot talking about horse tails and other bloggers and a phd beer pong party and how i really need to go out drinking instead of buying wine from krogers and drinking it straight out of the bottle. so anyway my point is i did almost everything my mother warns me never to do. first i meet someone from the internet. then we stand around talking for a good twenty minutes in a deserted parking lot late at night. and then i come home and eat three cookies for dinner!

p.s as i type this gmail keeps giving me sponsored links from the random bits of information from my text. so far i have:

Keep Pork off Your Fork
Check out our list of the Top 10 reasons not to eat pigs.

Oven Baked Horse Cookies
Formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks


TS said...


??! said... called her tiny. she's gonna kapow you now.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I want oven baked horse cookies. And you met a real live blogger! Meh, I haven't had the privilege yet. I guess thats the price for being inaccessible. Oh well. :|

Su said...

Chugging wine from a botaal :)
You go girl :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i am for gay stem cell research


Revealed said...

And no mention of the way I drove half way around the country to get to the improv theatre. No glancing reference to my obligingly moving from table to table till you found the perfect one. Where is the gratitude in this world? Tsk.

Pri said...

@ts: um i will make an exception this one time because it's you but generally one only replies to real comments.

@??!: oh but she is! you have no idea.

@twip: im sure the oven baked horse cookies want you too. click on the link i provided although it might ruin your hard drive but we're talking horse cookies here so it'll be worth it.

@su: aah yes. you must try too. maybe the next time you have to attend some function at your in laws??

@tgfi: im never quite sure how to respond to an lol comment.
lol back??? OR
im glad i was able to extract a laugh from you loud enough for other people to hear???

@revealed: stop it! it took you fifteen minutes!! and i only made you move once. and aren't you glad we did when we did? otherwise we would've been stuck sitting next to the lame unclejees who didn't get that they were expected to respond to watshisface's questions.

you see this?
you see how we can make inside jokes now?
how cool is that?

Su said...

@ Pri : Awww. My in-laws are damm chilled and non-interfering. And btw, the only function my mum in law expected me to attend got cancelled out cos 85 year old grandmom's kids did not get their green card or something on time. Ha.

Talking about wine, I need it more when my dad comes over and starts bonding with his son-in-law. Only thing my dad calls it ' oine' :)

Revealed said...

Yes, yes all very cool. But when certain people won't reply to certain other people's texts about certain movies involving certain bands named after certain insects, then I don't see how those certain people can expect those other certain people to concur on the coolness of anything! So hmmph!

Pri said...

@su: you're the one always wine-ing about how you are forced to attend to all these "functions" in the middle of the afternoon!

@revealed: um certain people need to check their phones again because certain other people most certainly texted back albeit a little past midnite. oh and certain other people might even have evidence of reply aka the sent text folder.

Bikerdude said...

Very good. Please take brinjal.

"shake"r suman said...

somebody save this blog...
shri shekar " 50 is the new 20" suman.

Karan said...

So I see the Gmail ads have caught on.


??! said...

you still called her tiny. Flaffy, I wouldn't take it if I were you.

Pri said...

@bikerdude: what's with you leaving vegetable comments on people's blogs? it was a cabbage for i love lucy and now this?

@shake r suman: save it from what fool? rbr is that you?

@karen: haanji and where have you been?

@??! im sorry but since when is being called tiny a bad thing?

Brittany said...

I am very happy to hear that you did not die from you Online blogger meeting... I was quite worried for you. I told everyone at work that we may have to assist in the recovery effort (hence the need for the clues as to whom you were with) ((see that I used the word WHOM))

wakaow said...

no this is not rbr or rnr or who ever u think it is.
this is shekar suman.
buy my album.
internet piracy is bad.
shekar suman

Revealed said...

@??!: Y'think I should take it up with her? But she has a point and all. Seems unfair.

Kiran said...

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Your blog is nice. I think you should add your blog at and let more people discover your blog. It's a great place for Indian bloggers to be in and I am sure it would do wonders for your blog.

The Dude said...

sounds like a fun day! i think parents and our elders and the establishment love to warn us about stuff and over the years realisation dawned that while valid to a point, its also true tha sometimes the most fun things are the ones that are meant to be bad for you.
you just gotta pick your moments when you can and go with the flow with an open mind when you cant!
nice blog.

I love Lucy said...

I read your blog.
Your blog is nice.
Bikerdude leaves vegetable comments.

??! said...

eh oh...write will you? two posts in two weeks. shameful. what about gay cousin eh? And then she cribs about me not writing on holidays.

Anonymous said...

Eehhh Pri , and you also write
"my mamma raised no fool" !!!

95 % of crimes happen in parking lots in Emmethika .

Compared to that the interNETS is a very safe place .

So Maree,
Brinjal , Cookies , and Alcohol
should fix you up pretty good .
Stay within the confines of your
"DirectTV " less Apt.

I rely on this daily fix and dont wanna miss it to yet another crim
statustics ..

-truly worried BSK safety patrol

Paul said...

Sorry Priya.

Best way to get a hold of me next time instead of commenting on a blog is email me. I check my blog comments very rarely. Oh and when has it ever been safe to take aunties and uncles to any public event that wasn't some variation on a talent show? Believe me if we all had to perform only material that uncles and aunties would like, (by the way, uncles and aunties don't laugh) I think the show would've lasted 30 minutes total and bored everyone else and completely confused white people.

Email me next time