Thursday, October 25, 2007

it is our duty as tv people to help the not so fortunate grad students in their quest to understand emmy winning television shows, namely ugly betty.

warning: long, banterful, a complete waste of time.

me: wats over fool?
revealed: examsssssssssss
me: yay
revealed: whooooooooooo hooooooooooo
me: i totally bunked work today
revealed: omg
me: pretended to have the flu
revealed: bitch
me: heres my question
revealed: are you even slightly sick?
me: can i get over the flu by tomorrow?
revealed: yeah
me: really?
revealed: 24 hour flu
me: 1 one day flu?
um ok
revealed: yes
me: heh
and to ans ure q
revealed: it is a known fact [grin] you will be so off the hook
me: i am not even a lil bit sick
i just had a long day nenne
and i decided i totally hated my job
revealed: ok so tell me this
me: this morning i was like ughhhhh not another day
so i called off at 7:30
revealed: well done
me: woke up direct call
my sleepy voice
totally believable
revealed: [smile]
well done
we saloot your courage
i have question too
what is good on tv today
me: omg
u crazy bitch
its thursday!!!
i cant believe ure asking me this
first of all u should already be watching tv
it all starts at 7
revealed: omggg
me: heres the tough decision
revealed: what what starts at 7
me: nbc or abc?
revealed: i dunno
what is on which
me: ugly betty is on abc RIGHT NOW
till 8
revealed: ok...
and on nbc?
me: but 30 rock
the office
heres wat i recommend
stick to abc
from 7 till 10
ugly betty
followed by greys anatomy
followed by the big shots
then go online to
and watch the office and 30 rock
revealed: hahahahahahahahahaha
me: no no
revealed: sorry [smile]
me: dont loff
revealed: inappropriate laughter
me: this is not a joke
im serious
revealed: ok
me: i take this very seriously
revealed: so we stick to ugly betty
me: sure
but since u already missed 10 mins
revealed: uh oh
me: u could just watch 30 rock in twenty
and watch ugly betty online
the best part
revealed: aaha
me: 30 second ads!
revealed: hahahahah
me: again
revealed: fine then
me: the loffter
revealed: apparently it's a good day to stay at home
me: totally insulting
revealed: sorry
yes totally
and inappropriate
me: omg it totally is
revealed: i am such an asian
me: heh
revealed: more inappropriateness
have you never noticed how the asians laugh the most inappropriately?
me: aah
revealed: and hysterically?
for the weirdest things?
me: and when u say asians
u mean?
revealed: i mean chinks
me: aah
chinese people
revealed: firmly disbelieve that we are asian
we are not asian
we are indian
me: heh
me to
revealed: vairy different
me: too
revealed: [grin]
me: which is why i was all confused
revealed: [grin]
all cleared up now?
confusion disappeared?
me: yes
now go make fun plans for us this weekend
revealed: hokay
me: im not working
revealed: yayyyyyy
we will do something very fun
me: um sure
u make it sound very promising
revealed: [grin]
lemme think and propound plans
me: aah
i gotto go
wilhelmina is planning to destroy mode
revealed: wait
who is wilhelmina?
what is mode?
why are we gasping?
me: um
revealed: why do i not understand this!
me: are u an ugly betty virgin?
revealed: yes
never watched it
me: wat?
revealed: thursday nights babe
me: wat?
oh god
revealed: who has the time?
me: u poor poor student person
revealed: yes
this is true
very poor
so it's about an ugly person?
me: so w is the character played by vanessa williams
u know her no?
revealed: yes
me: mode is the name of the fashion magazine
they all work for
revealed: hokay
me: singer/actress.former miss usa who posed naked thereby shocking the world
revealed: hah
who are all these old people?
me: heh
i have no idea
but that girl with the boobs
revealed: weird
me: is ugly betty's sis
revealed: oh!
me: they're in her house
revealed: bizarrely
who is little boy?
me: thats ugly betty's little gay nephew
revealed: ooh
me: who just lost his daddy
revealed: awwwwwwww
me: so hes trying to be like his daddy
wearing his leather jacket
revealed: awwwwwwww
me: and flirting with girls
but totally gay
this is ub's boss
revealed: who is smart boy in suit?
me: not smart
wait they'll show ub's non boyfriend in a while
now he is smart geeky boy
totally hot
revealed: ooh
me: this is daniel's mother
revealed: how old is betty person?
me: who escaped from prison
revealed: she is evil, no?
i can see she is evil
me: she killed her husband's ex mistress
revealed: woah
me: who happens to be the receptionist's mother
father we r still trying to research
this old man is ub's dad
he loves watching mexican soaps
hispanic soaps
latina soaps?
revealed: ub lives with these guys?
me: these people
are her family
her sis
her dad
her little gay nephew
revealed: so she lives with them?
me: yes fool
who would u be living with if ure name was ugly betty
revealed: zank you simple questions get such complicated answers
who is blonde bimbo?
me: ok this is ub's boss' sister
she was formerly his brother
revealed: ooohhhh
me: then he died and came back as a girl
but then he lost his memory
revealed: excellent
me: so now he doesn't know why he has boobs
but he's totally enjoying it
revealed: hahahahahaha
me: ok this is who i need u to concentrate on
in purple sweater and red tie
revealed: nooooooo ewwwwwwwwwww
me: do u recognise his asian friend?
revealed: no
who who
asian friend is cute
me: from harold and kumar?
revealed: oh
me: no?
i think
revealed: never saw white castle
me: u dont think ub's non bf is cute?
hes sooooooooo cute
revealed: no
not at-tall
me: hmmm
but you're doing a phd
revealed: yes
hence the allergy to geeks
me: wat kind of boys r u into? she asked being very non generalizing
revealed: no?
would never date a guy from grad school
me: aah
revealed: how sad would that be
me: yes
oh and thats ub
i dont think i introduced her to u
revealed: hahahaha
knew that one
me: really?
you're smarter than i think u r
this lady with the british accent
is betty's friend
also tailor at mode
wannabe designer
revealed: wow
just got into hot water
poor leddy
me: oh no
he's leaving
revealed: yeah
very tragic
me: who the eff is leddy?
revealed: men are such dickheads
me: heeee
revealed: the wife
who was not single
me: huh
r we watching the same show?
revealed: the blonde british chick
with the husband
me: aah
revealed: yes!!
me: which husband?
revealed: she just got caught by hubby
me: she's married
revealed: apparently!
me: really?
revealed: she was all like you're a creepy stalker
me: see you're distracting me
revealed: and that chappie was like no i'm your husband
and she said crap
and closed her lappy
saw it all, i did [grin]
me: i dont pay much attention to the not so important characters
revealed: tsk tsk
me: esp when im busy with my scene by scene commentary to YOU
revealed: [grin]
me: damn
revealed: awww but it is so amazingly sweet of you
me: i didnt even know she was married
im not doing the same for the next show
revealed: [grin]
me: greys anatomy is serious stuff
revealed: i watch grey's
me: oh thank god
revealed: [grin]
me: who is this fool?
in brown
who wears brown from head to toe?
revealed: dunno
poor chap
i'm rooting for him
me: dont u love poodle over here in the purple bow tie?
revealed: burn
me: heh
the crazy bitch is playing all by herself
revealed: yeah poor baby
me: oh yay look its the non boyfriend
oh and not to ruin it for u
revealed: yay
me: but he's totally gonna propose to her this episode
i know
from like commercials during the week
revealed: omgggggggggg
me: heh
do u need to sit down for this?
revealed: already lounging on sofa
me: did he just say bird flu?
revealed: cant sit up
yes [grin]
me: haaah
so cute
i need to use that the next time i call in
i had the bird flu
revealed: why are they avoiding each other?
you cant have the bird flu! your bird can have the bird flu
me: cause he totally sperminated this other non important character
revealed: he's cute
me: first we thought she was faking it
but turns out the bitch is really sperminated
see i told u he is cute
revealed: yes yes
me: ooh uncomfortable confrontation
revealed: awwww
me: r u listening to this
he says when someone asks u out to drinks and a movie its a date
revealed: yes totally
me: um
revealed: hahahahahah
no drinks for you then
me: u weren't asking me on a date right?
revealed: nuh uh nevah mentioned alcohol, missy
wonly movie
doesnt count
me: k
good good
this is their father
revealed: the foppy jackass shoulda apologized
me: wilhelmina is trying to marry the budda
she wants to own mode
revealed: oooh flashback
me: don't u love it?
revealed: why is she dressed as the maid?
me: no no she's trying to be all motherly
revealed: very housewivesish
me: notiss the silver mini underneath
revealed: yeah thought she was being like slutty maid
rich slutty maid
me: oh and lady with lesbian hairstyle aiming for her forehead is the mother
revealed: yes
me: original mother who killed former mistress
revealed: i say go mom
me: yay
revealed: [grin]
me: u get ads no
revealed: yes
me: good
revealed: absholootly
many many
me: im tired
revealed: hahahahahaha
from bunking work all day?
me: hmm u think they'll show bm's fav commercial?
revealed: yeah i hear that can be very tiring
what is bm's fave one?
me: the depression one
revealed: that's her fave?
me: 'depression hurts'
revealed: why is that her fave?
me: i think
revealed: heh
me: heeee
she mentioned it
in her therapy post
i think
revealed: heh
don't remember
me: u dont?
but it was her last one before she left the blog world
i was traumatized
revealed: hahahahaha
i undahstand
me: i read it over and over again
no u dont!
revealed: ok
but i could
if i tried really hard
till my head hurt
me: dont u hate furniture store ads?
waste of time!
revealed: yeah totally
cos it reminds me that i dont have anything in my dining room
me: heh
revealed: not a stick
me: which is okay
revealed: and they'll go for only 1200
and i'm like yeah! that's my salary
me: cause who ever uses the dining table?
unless u have visitors?
revealed: hahahaha
fact once we get a table we're going to miss the space
me: why r u getting a table?
revealed: so we can call people home for dinner
me: like who people?
revealed: hahahaha
me: you're students
revealed: go daniel
like grad school people
me: why r they all celebrating christmas?
revealed: were people too yknow
me: um sure
revealed: tradition, baba
me: but its october fool
revealed: the maid is marrying the dad?
me: yes
revealed: dang it
me: were u not paying attention this whole time?
revealed: no no i wasnt
me: did her jail friend just say "lets go to italy"?
that was so random
like why italy?
revealed: yeah
well why not
italy's a place
people go there
me: why r these old people still here?
revealed: they're asleep
me: ooh the cops
revealed: everyone's in trouble
shes annoying
me: she always wears these cool alien inspired clothes
i like it
revealed: heh
awww give him the chance
me: good god her flashbacks r so vague
revealed: no no
very clear
mean dad
yells at sons
me: heh
ooh i think nows the proposal
revealed: he isnt cute but he's cute
me: he's very cute
revealed: hahahahahaha
me: oh no!
revealed: he's not dhakkan
me: so he isnt really proposing
revealed: awww
me: damn u random lady in the restaurant
revealed: burn again
hahahaha they tricked you
me: damn u fake ads
revealed: these damn tv people
me: they did!
revealed: sold their souls to the devil
me: playing with my head
revealed: yeah!
me: sob
revealed: we should do the mom thing
me: huh? wat?
wat mum thing?
revealed: and stand outside their windows
with rifles
me: aah
revealed: at least you can
and then i'll come and say
let's go to italy
only we cant cos i cant afford it
damn mom who can afford italy
me: u mean 'the ex wife with lesbian hairstyle who killed the ex mistress' thing
revealed: yes
think it's very cool
me: ok
and instead of italy
we could go to olive garden
i heart their tuscan garlic chicken
revealed: ooohh
me: and their tiramisu
only they lie
revealed: yeah we could
olive garden rocks
me: that dessert has no alcohal in it
revealed: they dont lie!
damn em!
this is why we should go to italy
me: or
revealed: bet the italians put real alcohol in their tiramisu
me: we could pour a couple of spoons
or shots
of our favourite alcohol onto it
revealed: tsk no! i will not compromise
me: let it soak it all in
revealed: i ask for tira misu i should get tiramisu no?
not fake AA tiramisu
me: yes
i knoW!
stand up stand up
stand up for your rights
revealed: oooh housewives ad
me: dont u hate the new one?
shes so mean
revealed: yeah
hate her
hard as nails
me: and she wont share her recipes with poor bree
i love bree
revealed: yeesh
i have no love for bree
me: and shes done somehting mean
revealed: or new york
but that's just me
me: to her daughter
like wiped out her memory
or something
revealed: yeah! obviously
me: why dont u like bree?
revealed: bree's too orange
me: wat does new york have to do with it?
and by ny do u mean the place
or the reality tv star?
revealed: cos apparently tons of people have love for new york
who knew?
me: she is not too orange
revealed: is so
me: no one does orange like bree
uh duh!
new yorks so cool
or they make it seem like that on tv
revealed: yeeshhhhhhhh
me: and in movies
revealed: hahahahahaha
we are talking reality tv?
me: and we all know how much i believe in the crap i watch on tv
no just any tv
revealed: i am talking reality tv
and i'm talking midget man
and big fake boobs
me: notiss how the contents of their fridge are so tricolour
revealed: hahahahaha
me: ooh confrontation
kids gonna cry
he looks desi no?
oh blah
they miss the father it seems
revealed: totally desi
it was an awww moment
me: he showed up in like all of two episodes
if i don't miss him they cant possibly miss him
revealed: omg
me: i barely remember wat he looks like
wats with the music?
revealed: psycho
me: oh they're watching it?
revealed: yes yes keep up!
me: sorry
why wasn't he superman
or spiderman
way cuter than that other fool
revealed: omggg
he is awfully uncute
me: make up your mind will u
don't quit mode
we like u
revealed: but betty doesnt
oh she's back
me: ooh other option se says
revealed: omggggggg
me: ooh they're kissing
revealed: i have never kissed someone with braces on
me: where did that come from?
revealed: wonder how it feels
me: bwahahaha
revealed: get a roommmm
me: well all u have to do is kiss someone sitting next to u in class tomorrow
revealed: hahahahahahha
me: where was the scene of him in his underwear
like from the ads
geek boy in undies?
revealed: omgg we should totally see dan in real life
me: did i miss it
hes so funneh
revealed: yeahhh
me: omg we did it
revealed: let's go saturday
did what?
me: we watched ugly betty while gtalking simultaneously
yes lets
revealed: hahahahahaha
course we did!
and yayyyy (for dan plan)
me: i might be putting this on my blog
revealed: hahahahahahahaha
me: just fyi
revealed: blog fodder
me: heh
revealed: i have no blog fodder
me: awwww
put it too
revealed: hahahahaha
me: but see something like this
revealed: yeah maybe i will
me: is so not your blog
its totally my blog though
revealed: very true
very true again
me: heh
revealed: this is new show?
samantha who/
you have seen? not yet started?
me: i need to go pee and find a snack before greys anatomy starts
revealed: hahahahaha
go go
me: i saw part of it
revealed: i need to cook
me: i have to go watch it online
um okay
have fun with that
revealed: [smile]
thank you

this just proves that you dear reader will read just about anything.


Bikerdude said...

wtf! Sumamrize in 3 short snappy sentences please!

??! said...


...and I actually read through that too. sheesh.

The Bride said...

Ok... I have proved that I am not the complete loser I thought I was... by NOT reading the whole bloody thing.

Indianoguy said...

OMG! You are brown version of a blonde

??! said...


wats over fool
why you talk like Mr.T? you like Mr.T? you like big gold chains, and fat rings, and funny hairstyles?

Spunky Monkey said...

I totally read the whole thing.
Wow. I MUST have insane amounts of time on hand.

Preeth said...

I concur with Bikerdude - wtf? I think you really do have flu.sometimes it gets to the head.take care.take lemsip.take rest.

The Bride said...

Ok I am a loser. I came back and read the rest. What does this say about us?

Pri said...

to all you jobless idiots: i am not surprised at all that you read this ridiculousness in its entirety. however look on the bright side -

1. you were not the only one.
2. nowhere else could you have possibly gained this much ugly betty knowledge in such a short period of time.

@the bride: you my dear always read my gtalk conversations even when they are about things you have absolutely no interest in. this one being about ugly betty i had no doubt you would read it completely.

@??!: i don't talk like mr t. but fool is something i picked up from a miss gabriella and it refuses to die.

@indianoguy: wtf does that mean?

KayB said...

oki i didnt read the entire thing! i'd like to preserve whatever sanity i have left!
correction- Cristina is does not have a british accent.. she has a Scottish one. Remember i wanted soupi to get a scottish accent like her's since she is the one living closest to Scotland. and she was married, but ran away without telling her husband!
im truly your friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

agree with indianoguy

Betty said...

Sweetheart, cristinas accent is actually scottish. im an ugly betty fan to the death too! :-)