Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here comes the Blizzard!!!

So i get paid to sit at home today and maybe even tomorrow... if it snows enough. There's about a foot of snow outside my door right now and it's supposedly gonna snow a couple of inches every hour for the next 20 hours! I went out to the mailbox and barely made it back. So here's my plan of action for the next 48 hours since i cant leave the house. Sit on my couch with my laptop and watch TV nonstop. I'm not planning to get up unless i really really have to. Thankfully i went grocery shopping 2 days ago and i cooked last night so I'm good to go for the next few days. I wish they would move the Boxing day test match up a few days... okay i guess I'm just being greedy now. Blizzards are so much fun i tell u. BLISS!!!

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