Monday, December 25, 2006

Ghane Baalon ka Raaz

I oiled my hair today after like a decade. My mum will be so proud! This whole oiling the hair thing isn't done in the Amreeka you know and so the only hair oil available is our very own Parachute coconut oil sold exclusively in the Indian store, probably manufactured sometime in the early nineties. But you know the one I'm talking about....the one in the dark blue bottle that smells gross. That's what i smell of right now and its extremely nostalgic. My mum and dad would insist on my hair being oiled at least once a week. I simply hated it. But it happened every Friday evening and then Saturday would be the 'head bath' day. I loved 'head bath' days. It was also the sleep late day and go to cousin's house with ajji day. So much fun. We'd play cricket in the street with the neighbourhood kids and play 'kalla police' until one cousin always ended up crying and ruining the game for us cause by then of course aunty or uncle would demand we play something else. By around 4pm aunty would make us all go inside and wash our faces. Then we'd all line up for Horlicks or Bournvita and sit on the chaape ready to watch the weekend movie on Doordarshan. And then dad would come to pick us up right towards the end of the movie and insist we leave. I'd of course convince him we needed to stay a little while more to watch the end of this spectacular movie.
Anyway Ive gotta go get this junk outta my hair. See ya :)

P.S. Pri's world now has music thanks to Stickam. You like?


Dude Hyderabadi said...

Aha ! Good old days ! I remember it very well coz I got the oil not only on my head but all over my body !?
Me: Daddy...It feels sick.. why u doing this to me ?
Dad: U're a kid., u know nothing, we're grown ups n now shut the hell up.
Sweet memories !

Cool that u added sound., but this is like a videogamy sound., not so pleasant., get a nice midi file or a song player :)

SpaceMonkey said...

Same pinch on the Doordarshan movie. Sniff. Nostalgia is to be owwerwellming.