Friday, December 15, 2006

Decent, verrry decent!

My aunt has been marking boxes and the bloody marker smells like nail polish remover mixed with rat poison. Okay i promise this isnt going to be another post about how everything smells.
My laptop has been giving me mini shocks and its not static either, these are actual shocks. I dunno what to do. I cant live without my laptop. I guess i'm just gonna have to get used to the shocks.
So anyway i'm totally in love with this 'chak de phattay' song from 'khosla ka ghosla'. If u haven't heard it go to right now and listen to the remix version. It makes me happy. It even has these adorable dialogues from the movie in it. I highly recommend the movie too, in Boman Irani's words "decent, verrry decent".
Why are all of my favourite shows only showing reruns? ughhhh I hate this middle of the season break they all take. How rude!!
So Calcutta is praying for Dada (again) u know i have to give it to these people, they stand by their boy. Ill pray for u too Dada.
I happened to see Sehwag's cousin on TV today . He's sorta cute, well considering his family background i was shocked.
I saw Farha Khan's husband at the MTV style awards (i wasn't invited so i had to watch it on TV) anyway he looks sorta like the gay version of Shoaib Akhtar. I was surprised that she had a husband, i mean weren't there all these rumours about her brother and her? They supposedly lived together and so people were speculating or something (people can be so mean)!
We had our Christmas 'potluck' at work today. Potlucks don't work very well in this country. I mean the delicacies available were: vegetable platters, chips, some weird tasteless cold chicken, really dry cookies, oh and crab cheese wontons (i brought those). I only ate the wontons. heeeeeeeeeeeee. Anyway we had to exchange gifts with our secret santas. (I know, lame!!!) I got a Starbucks gift card. yayyyyyyyy!!! I love it when people know not to buy me stuff and to give me gift certificates or cash instead. issmarrat i say!
MTV Desi keeps showing this Bappi da interview and each time i watch it it's always the same bloody part where he's describing Mithunda's dancing and how his body was really flexible. His exact words "You see, Mithun's lower portion is like a lace, u know just like a lace". I crack up each time i see it. So i was wondering can u imagine being Bappida? Imagine the stares people give him all the time? Especially people who have no idea who the eff he is, like say at an airport, wow can u imagine his security check? It would probably takes hours to take off all those chains and rings.
Can you tell i have absolutely no social life?
I promise to get one as soon as i move to a bigger city ...with lotsa people... who smell nice... and have decent grammar, "Yes", she said, "I'll make friends with them."


sid said...

of vegetable platters, chips, some weird tasteless cold chicken, really dry cookies and crab cheese wontons of course u had what was cheesy fried food.

sid said...

don make fun of bappi da... u looklike his twin.

sid said...

around here, POT-LUCK has a whole new meaning.