Sunday, May 24, 2009

oh jammy.

i've thought about this all afternoon but i can't pick my favourite moment from today. you dropping that sitter or you attempting that ridiculous shot. you know, the one that started it all.


my team RCB managed to enter the finals of the ipl shocking everyone. they followed it up by losing a game no one thought they could possibly lose. they're cool like that. i watched in fascination as wicket after wicket fell. then i watched in even more fascination as the closing ceremony began. i've never watched an ipl ceremony before, opening or closing, so this came as a mild shock. it did however bring the lols at a time when i needed it most. what ensued was this unfortunate improptu live tweet coverage.

nahiiiiiiiin! wtf jammy wtf?

omg president zuma you're adorable and all but dude you gotta talk faster than that. this shit is live.

good lord! someone hand the man an energy drink.

u hear that uthappa? you gotta smack that. one damn six was all we needed.

how much do you think akon would go for? i say we sell pietersen for akon. mallya get out your checkbook.

@aritra_m worst lip sync ever? really? clearly you haven't been watching idol this year. he sure got his continents mixed up though.

look y'all a balloon carrying an angel floating to the omen theme. and now akon crowns miss transvestite bollywood. this is a dream right?

@mallya: also can we sell a couple of cheerleaders for the hairy homeless guy with the giant wheel of fire on his head? he be awesome!

awwww what well coordinated bhumi chakras. and it's only may!

what was that? jai hoe indeed. bitch the least you can do is look sad. your team lost!

apparently this is a moment of great pride for desis everywhere as ipl becomes a trending topic on twitter.

p.s. if for some reason you missed this epic fail of an event you can check it out here here and here.
p.p.s. i found this incredibly genius sentence on this incredibly genius blog and i just had to share it with you.
"The Chargers were charged up and the Challengers just weren’t challenging enough. As a result, the Deccan Chargers beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore today and were crowned champions of the IPLSAE (Indian Premier League, South African Edition)." you can read the rest here.


The Bride said...

So twitter is where we're supposed to get our timepass fix these days, is it? Ok then.

Idling in Top Gear said...

The closing ceremony proves once for all that the IPL is indeed Indian still! While every fan who was there to watch the game was waiting to see their favorite cricketers collect trophies and awards, what happens?! A freaking 30 minute speech by administrators and political leaders who were very keen on giving reacharounds to the other two of the Politics-Bollywood-Cricket Administration triumvirate, followed by lip-synched musical performances! Can't get more Indian than that!

Aside, I'm sure Akon was chosen coz he was born in Africa and apparently spent over a decade in jail like the country's most famous (p)resident!

Collapsedlight said...

If you are looking for death by sarcasm, we can do better when it comes to Sepia Mutiny. Although death by Twitter seems to be working for your blog. Sigh.

Fark said...


The ceremony was just a joke of planetary proportions. Wrote some similar thoughts too.

Towards the end, I couldn't help but feel that there was some level of fixing going on there in some of the games!

Twitter is where the shit goes down?

sanjana said...

Me very sad that RCB lost! :(