Wednesday, May 20, 2009

idol finale

i don't care who wins tonight. i love them both. and they love each other. awwwww. have y'all seen the kiss? what i'm looking forward to the most tonight is seeing noopy. he will be performing with megan joy and no they're NOT dating. i know this because i'm smart like that. i hope he shaves and wears a suit. also i hope megan doesn't totally ruin the vocals. what i'm looking forward to the least is the damn coronation song. i don't think i can listen to it 3 times in 2 days. poor kradam.
edit: so the duet was with alexis not megan. also it was hardly a duet. he got one line in and then alexis joined in, then jason mraz and then the top 13! even michael breathless sarvar got 2 solos and my boy gets one line? poor scott though. i dont think they even attached a microphone to him.

p.s. i did get one part of my wish. he wore a suit right at the end. skinny tie and all. so hot!
and look more kradam cuteness.


??! said...

Will you shut up about the damn show and post about something - anything - else already?

Perakath said...

Prev post was about something else, na?

Is Adam the taller guy in that video? Is he gay?

Pri said...

the riddler: the good news is the show is finally over. the bad news is i'm a fangirl for life. go noopy!!

perakath: three yes's