Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i do my part to save national treasures...using twitter.

hehe i'm very proud of myself today. i feel like i'm totally responsible for one of anoop's tweets and i took a picture to prove it. in my quest to become the ultimate noopdogg fangirl i have begun to stalk him on twitter. me and thousands of other tweens. i also stalk his friends and fellow clef hangers cause you never know what you'll find out. one of his friends, the hot black dude who accompanied him to his idol audition recently showed symptoms of the swine flu. i immediately alerted anoop because you know i'm a fan girl. also i was aware that the two of them had spent time together the previous day at the beach. anoop upon seeing my good advice tweeted his friend basically telling him to stay the eff away from him. okay something like that. see pic below.

this whole online adventure has made my afternoon so much fun. also i finally got my clef hanger cds. they only took like weeks to get here. plus i missed them once before and the stupid post office will not redeliver if you're not at home the first time. they leave you this threatening postcard warning you that they will RETURN THE ITEM TO SENDER if you do not act with haste. fuck them.

my mother had to go wait in line at the post office this afternoon to collect it after having forged my signature [with my permission] on the back. she calls me at work.

pri you forgot to sign the silly postcard.

omg mother just forge my signature no.

usshu no no this is us postal service.

ma don't be silly. no one is going to arrest you.


ma please. it's my anoop cd. they will RETURN it TO SENDER if you don't go right now.

aah okay okay. what and all you make me do for you.

thanks ma. you're the best.

i got home from work and the parcel was sitting on my couch. it's adorable and yellow much like 90% of all parcels. and someone wrote my name and address on the front in really neat cursive handwriting. and they spelt it perfectly. and it says university of north carolina on it. i've decided i'm gonna save it till im ninety. and on the inside of one cd there's tiny pics of anoop. i think they're anoop. i can't really tell. it's a big group. yayyyyyyyyy!!! this evening keeps getting better. my mother just announced she has made pineapple acharu and look i have a new follower on twitter. someone named prakash shah who is following 370 people and has 1 person following him back. that's just sad. i will follow him. okay maybe not. he's tweeting about the bollywood strike and how it's having ripple effects across the universe.


The Bride said...

Cannot believe you ordered clef (hanger?) CD! Is it any good?

rads said...

you go girl ;-)

twitter is such a soap opera no? Someone recently tried to pin something with the likes of 'u foll me sometime ago, how come u aren't now and is it not strange?" :|
olordthedrama. something tells me am getting too old for this kinda u-know-what.

k, sorry ranted away, but that 1 follower guy, it's sad. :(

Perakath said...

Perakath: @enthahotness So the new tweets come on top, then, not at the bottom?

Pri said...

the bride: of course it is. it has 'she has no time' on it. also 'ordinary world'. you could listen to these on you tube for free or in your car for a noopgasm. sorry. that was unnecessary.

rads: you should have been like yeah well clearly that was a mistake. now go the eff away.

perakath: bottom to top would be the right order. if you're wondering why they were top to bottom in the previous post it was cause i cut and pasted them that way so it would make more sense. you gotta do that when you're trying to pass off twitter updates as a real post.

??! said...

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! hatehatehatehatehatethatshownow

Prabhu said...

can posts on non-american idol, non-Anoopdoog be expected?

Anonymous said...

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Karan said...

Did you take up the random person's offer to chit-chat?
Reminds me of your shaadi.com profile series.

Preeth said...

Oh it's been ages since I've been to your blog. Good fun like always. Wonder why everyone blogs lesser these days?

Manchus said...

You are a gone case now...actually it is cute stage to follow someone as an ardent fan. It is fun!!

I used to be such a fan of Rahul Dravid, I used to go around his house in IndiraNagar in Bangalore :) And visited the Chinmaya temple more regularly after spotted him there. That was just once of course. Go on girl!! May you reach your destination :)

Anonymous said...

you fucked up loser

Anonymous said...


I recently made a big fool out of myself on your blog. I apologise profusely, I'm just jealous being I'm devoid of all that fame, fortune and attention Anoop gets.

Also, I'm a BIG coward, hence the anonymity.

Kindly pardon.

I'm a troll; keep me hungry. I'm a born dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!