Saturday, May 03, 2008

houston, we have a problem.

i can't believe i hadn't used that as a title yet.

there is a cat in my house.

a real live cat. it's about as big as my blackberry. my brother is responsible for its presence in the building. he claims it wandered into the backyard. i have a strong feeling it belongs to the gaybours. they have a cat. it probably just birthed a dozen or so such mini cats and it probably hasn't missed this one yet. or it has and at present it is plotting its revenge. currently kitty cat lives in a box in the garage. during the night when mother is asleep brother brings it up to his room where it makes strange creepy noises. i'm scared to walk down the stairs at night for fear of tripping over it. the gaybours aren't home right now and brother refuses to take it to a shelter like mother insists he should. he also refuses to just make it go the fuck away.

in other news kindly be seeing.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

OM*G. i don't know what to say. please update your safety situation as often as possible. wishing you the very best.

Zeppelin said...

hmm.. for starters, making the kitty cat just go the fuck away, is quite possibly not possible... you know, cos them cats can smell their pish from quite far away... and they have a friggin gps built-in based on pish-scent-signals. so forget about that. maybe talking to the gaybours would be a good idea or worst case scenario - animal control.

an irregular lurker,