Wednesday, April 30, 2008

moving, meeting the new neighbours, losing my cell phone charger and other fun things i did today while you all had another regular old hump day.

we moved today. same complex. bigger place and you'd think that would make it easier but no. it was still excruciatingly painful. okay not so much for me because most of my stuff was still in boxes, you know from when we moved here from colorado oh some 8 months ago. see i knew it was a good idea to put off unpacking.

i like my new room but i hate my closet. it's half the size of my old one which makes no sense cause that room was smaller. i'm still trying to see if mother will switch rooms with me cause her room has the big walk in closet. i want!! what does she need that for anyway? if you ask her she'll tell you for the 113 sarees she has. she counted them in the process of moving. she announced it to me and my brother very sadly. apparently most of her sarees are back home in india and the 113 lying around here just wont do.

in tragic news i missed the directv guys today. they came to set everything up but i was in the old house and they ended up leaving a note on my door. i was pissed cause all they had to do was call me on my cell phone and i would've skipped over here in two minutes. it's been two days y'all, without the tv. it's killing me. last night i felt like a homeless person cause half my stuff was in the old house and half was in the new house and i was like wait which one is my home and normally the answer to that question is simple. wherever the tv is, that's your home right but there was no tv set up in either place and i was sad and confused and i felt all alone in this big bad world. also the internet isn't working yet but i was able to steal the neighbour's internet. don't you love that? ooh ooh guess who i met today? my new neighbours. we were in the garage and this guy walks up and he's all hi i'm r and i'm your new neighbour. he's totally adorable and totally gay. he lives with his "roommate" and his mother. he was all don't worry we're nice people. i also met this other bastige old man neighbour. my car was blocking his garage door but wtf we were unpacking. anyway he claims that he sat in his car honking for ten minutes and no one answered. luckily gay neighbour heard him and came and rang my doorbell which i heard thankfully. he was like okay don't panic but your car is blocking this man's garage and he's threatening to get it towed but ignore him, he's a total jerk. so i run out to move my car and then he starts yelling. so yeah at least now i know which neighbours to talk to. i was thinking of going to go visit the nice neighbours with some cookies in the hopes that they would invite me to watch tv with them. i figured i would complain about how i had missed my directv guys and how i was so miserable. anyway since i have the internet now and i can watch netflix i think i'll manage. oh and the internet i'm stealing does not belong to the nice neighbours. i know this because the network id that said dan's network [that would be the roommate] was locked. so yeah, this is someone else with no password. idiot.


narendra shenoy said...

That bastige! Give him the patented "thumbtacks in the driveway" treatment!

shub said...

"wherever the tv is, that's your home right" hahahaha!
hang in there, okay? The cable will be up soon!

And good you don't live in the desha that I do...someone got an 18 month sentence for stealing his neighour's wifi. Yes, wifi, no typo there.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ shub
someone got arrested for stealing neighbour's internets??? OMG. please put detail ma post on this taapic.

@ pri,
please be careful of khoosad buddha.

Puppy Manohar said...

"i also met this other bastige old man"

Bastige? Is our (baby v and my) influence on popular culture growing?

Thank you,

Puppy M

kavitha said...

gaysin will be happy,no? why no updates on him? :D

Drenched said...

Home is where the TV is.
That's the closest possible thing to absolute truth in the universe.

Gay neighbour, huh? Gaybour? (Gobar?)
When gaysin comes next, you can try getting them hooked up. Very entertaining info it'll be for us all who have regular hump days.

Anonymous said...

"gaysin comes next"? chee chee, what naansense on public blog i say!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Wouldn't it be funny if the no-password network was bastige's?

And I finally know someone that depends on watching netflix online for their movie fix. Maybe that should be their next commercial tag line - "missed directv guys? watch movies online at"

Oh, don't forget for your JS fix, and abc/nbc/ for online episodes of other shows.

Drenched said...

The dirrrty factor is in your mind I say! Mine was just a simble eenglees challenged mishtake. Hmph. (Note that I said 'Hmph' which denotes a grumpy attitude rather than another similarly spelt word which has a chee chee meaning.)

To rephrase my previous comment: "When gaysin VISITS next". I had to scour the net for the correct eenglees version.

Bikerdude said...

Heh mad I say. Give off plate with assorted Indian sweet items to buddha. Full he will melt off I think.

Karan said...


Ignore the mad boys advise. No need to waste good stuff on nonsense people. Buy him a Big Mac or something.

Indian sweets it seems.

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Puppy M

Bad Puppy. Go write 100 times on the board: "I shall not claim pwnership of ideas"


Its an R key.

Baby V.
"there is room at the top" - John Lennon

Pri said...

look you two, i am not about to spend perfectly good cash money on old man cranky pants unless it is guaranteed to put him in a permanent state of comatose. ooh maybe i should cook him something myself with whatever "ingredients" i can find in the garden. muahahahaha!

also karen if that was mean to look like an arrow i have to say it only took me like a half hour but i have finally figured it out.

TS said...

How are you? Graduated to facebook yet? :)

narendra shenoy said...

Back in college, we had a warden who had incurred our displeasure for reasons connected with his fatuous objections to people smoking certain items found in the plant kingdom. The lads collected pee in a bucket and, after it was well matured in a damp, shady place, poured it on said warden when he came for his rounds.

I suppose that is out of the question, as remedial therapy for bastige?

perplexed said...

nice blog u got here:) and i totally agree that home is where the tv is!!

what??seriously? we poured a bucket full of water mixed with paper pieces, and cotton when i was in boarding school....but pee?oh my! that's sad!!but could be fun!!..