Saturday, May 03, 2008

fascinating little stories [code for - crap i think of when there's no tv]

the other day i was bored and i didn't have anything to do except unpack boxes. this was before i figured out i could steal the internet from unsuspecting neighbours. anyway i found this box of stationery with new notebooks and pencils and a box of dried up pens. i sharpened a bunch of pencils for a while. it was very calming. you should try it. then i started trying out all the pens and i ended up writing some 6 pages of absolute nonsense but it was very therapeutic, actually physically writing something. plus there's no backspace button so it's exactly how the thoughts flow out from your head. unfiltered and mostly gibberish. it was pretty cool. i would show you guys if i had a scanner. it's not like you could read it anyway, i have terrible handwriting.

my nose hurts. it's like someone secretly injected it with something when i was sleeping. it hurts when i touch it.

i found out the cat does not belong to the gaybours. i don't know how to get rid of the thing. anyone in the area want a kitty cat? it's tiny and black and i'm sure a lot of people will find it adorable. ooh i did get to meet the "roommate". not so hot. also i realized there's no way i could go watch tv with them. not with all those cats. and it's not like anyone invited me.

monday is when the directv people are supposed to show up with that extra receiver and the international dish. i'm going insane thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong. there's like this evil force out there that is hell bent on keeping me away from my directv. is there a puja for that? let me know asap cause we just got back from the indian store and we have fresh coconut.

there's this open space between the garage and the back door where you can sit. and it's breezy and there's a step and for some reason it reminds me of bangalore. just that patch. i plan on sitting there a lot, in the evenings when it's cooler. see this is why we have to get rid of the animal . i'm not about to share my special space with a whiny kitty cat.

i think i'm done for now. thank you for listening.


hello kitty update - gaybour came over to see the cat, fell in love with it and took it to bottle feed it special pet milk. brother wasn't here when it happened. now we're trying to come up with a believable story for him. so far we have -

a: it saw something and took off. sadly this happened right as bastige was driving into his garage and ......... sob..... i'm so sorry for your loss.

b: its mother came looking for it. she asked that you meet with her later.

c: a little boy rang the doorbell crying. he said he had lost his cat. we returned it of course.

d: it accidentally got into the washing machine....i'm so sorry for your loss.

e. it looked hungry. i tried to feed it mosaranna. it threw up instantly and jumped over the neighbour's fence.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

whew. glad to know cat has left your surroundings. i am sure that was quite traumatic. thanks god you had colour pen and paper therapy. so when can we see scanned versions of it? in office you must be having no? please put ok.

also what kind of sharpener? that one which you manually turn or that fancy mechanical sharpener in which you stick pencil in hole and it goes whirrrr.?

theSilentMan said...

another story you can tell..
f. you showed it the gaysins photo, it puked and died instantly !

Bikerdude said...

(a) Do not stick sharpened pencils up nose

(b) In order to combat (a) do not stick eraser end of pencil up nose. We all know what happened to Lincy Jacob (Std II). The rubber did some travelling through his alimentary canal, but he got it back though after a day or two and reaffixed it to his pencil.

(c) If you feed cat/dog mosranna continuously, it will become very ferocious (this is true fact) and attack brother who will instantly dislike it and thus you can get rid of the above.

(d) Hae so lovely about jagli steps to read book. Enjoy ma ok? ok.

Art said...

gaybor. You crack me up!

Priya said...

it's only a cat! ever had 2 pesky pigeons in your balcony, dirtying up the entire place with poop? no? well, I have. :-(

count your blessings, Pri! or maybe you should DHL that cat to me - I can get rid of the pigeons! one two bird thingie :-)

The Bride said...

What is wrong with a little pussy? Ok gross, but I had to say that.

narendra shenoy said...

In the words of the great Geoffrey Chaucer
I love little kitty
Her coat is so warm
And if I don't hurt her
She'll do me no harm

(Canterbury tales)

Epiphany said...

Could you please borrow the cat back and try the washing machine thingy? I wonder if it will act drunk after the washing m/c finishes drying it! hmmm...

kavitha said...

who or what is mosaranna? :|

bombaygirl said...

You are a riot.