Monday, May 05, 2008

my sicrit plan to get rich - ridding the world of cats while ensuring there are enough adorable babies around to make up for the lack of cute kittens.

did you hear?

now here's my million dollar idea - instead of celebrities adopting random babies and giving them exotic names they should instead make exotic looking babies and give them up for adoption. you know, to the general public. of course there would need to be some type of a bidding process and all the money could go to charity - a mirror less home for ugly babies with no celeb parents or something. i'm just saying the world could use more good looking babies. don't hate me. i'm just trying to be an entrepreneur. call me, donny deutsch.

p.s. if you're wondering what brought on this wonderful mood i can confirm that it was in fact the rain. it rained all morning and now it's all green and hill stationy outside my house.

p.p.s. we have now been cat free for almost 40 hours. life is good.

also dude tashan wasn't terrible. that u me aur hum on the other hand. good god!


Anonymous said...

exotic looking? pliss to describe...

Me said...

whata idea..

Bikerdude said...

How about farming celebrity babies for body parts? Thank you thank you.

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

great idea, and the celebs should insist that their exotic babies have completely ordinary names: Jane, John, maybe even Ralph. "Gwyneth's son Eugene's up for adoption: Apple cries, but the world's a better place."

Rofl @ the charity idea.

And looks like your tv's back, you're watching Donny on cnbc.

vivek said...

u can replace kittens but can never really replace pussies can u? ;)

narendra shenoy said...

@vivek - I am told that in Alabama, they're replaced by sheep

vivek said...

that's curious indeed.
do they sing baba black sheep, have u any pussy?

Pri said...

kavitha: mosaranna = thayir saadam = curd rice.

Anonymous said...

Scholarly comment on "mosaranna"


Mo - From the Sanskrit root 'ma' meaning 'me'

sar - From the English root 'sir', meaning 'sir'

anna - From the Kannnada root 'anna' meaning 'elder brother'

Thus 'mosaranna' means "I, sir, elder brother".

- Pandit Langhhwayjhachary

Art said...

I started writing again. Well almost.

I guess you're right about the naatak thing. :(