Friday, April 11, 2008

what the fuck was i thinking? [play song on the right for special effects]

i did something really brave yesterday. i asked a boy out. and he said yes. it wasn't as filmy as i had imagined it would be [there's only that much drama that can take place over text message] but not to worry i will work on that during the actual date, which will happen as soon as i ask him out again because technically i only asked him if it would be appropriate to ask him out. i didn't actually ask him out. anyway right after he was done with all the awwwing i made him promise not to tell anyone at work and in exchange for some cookies he has agreed to keep his mouth shut.

i will keep you guys updated. i get that this is very inspirational to a lot of folks. if i can do it hey there's hope for everyone. now i have to go find something to wear. ta.


K said...

I is having doubt:

What if in the middle of all this nonsense the waiter from the restaurant where you left your number calls?

Will you try out both to see who is better?

Jest to confuse you ma.

khal said...

Remember bridget jones and the grandma panties.


Hi :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you GO babe!

Anonymous said...


The Bride said...

More to the point... where are you going for D Date.

Pri said...

the bride: probably someplace where we can both get drunk but not too drunk so that later we can drive to his place and hopefully make sexy time. im kidding. i haven't decided yet.

Art said...


tgfi said...

what you wore?

do you care? said...

i ham hort broken i say. what is this being funny-a?
i have giving you my hort for so so long now. what about the porties we went to with drinking beers ?
what about rounds we took on brigades roads, menching on some menchies?
holding hands and watchin porki cricket in pork?
have you forgotted all that this?
i am suiciding now only.
yours faithfullingly
srikantiah shanmugah
missing you sweetu

kavitha said...

no updates?


I LOVE this song ;)
& good on you !

Anonymous said...

How do you think credit crunch affected porn?